Best Loadouts for Aruni in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Looking to get familiar with the Operation Neon Dawn star Aruni? Dive into our guide to get a hold of some of her best loadouts

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Best Loadouts for Aruni in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

The ex-Royal Thai Police officer Aruni lost her left arm and leg after an explosion of a bomb she was trying to defuse. While Aruni’s police career ended after the incident, fortunately for us, she joined the Rainbow Six Siege roster. With her laser gates and prosthetic arm, she is able to block entry points, carve out holes and make a ton load of site setups to can catch the attackers off guard.

Not only that, but her weapon gear consists of Mozzie’s P10 Roni and Dokkaebi’s marksman rifle, which are pretty overpowered to begin with. So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of her best loadouts in rainbow six siege that will help top up the scoreboard and rack up some kills for your team!

Best Rainbow Six Siege Aruni Loadouts

Here are some of the loadouts for Aruni in rainbow six siege that will definitely help you make those openings for your team to capitalize on.

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Best Rainbow Six Siege Aruni Loadout For Holding Site

If you’re someone who’s responsible for holding the site for your team, here’s the loadout for you:

  • P10 Roni with Vertical Grip, Flash Hider, and Holographic Sight

  • PRB92 with Muzzle Brake

  • Bulletproof Camera

The P10 Roni is a great gun if you’re looking to fight close combat with your enemy. The best way to play Aruni is by either locking down the site with her laser gates or anchoring the site. Or you can choose to play inside the site, whichever you prefer.


While the P10 Roni had low recoil before, developers of rainbow six siege have drastically nerfed and increased its recoil. So it is best to use a Vertical Grip along with a Flash Hider on it, so the gun doesn’t spiral out of control.


A Bulletproof camera is also a worthwhile addition to your gear since it can provide you with intel and you can place your laser gates in that direction accordingly.

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Alternative Aruni Rainbow Six Siege Loadout For Holding Site

If you’re not a fan of the P10 Roni due to its low magazine and high recoil, you can also try her DMR. Here’s the loadout for it:

  • Mk 14 EBR with a Vertical Grip, Muzzle Brake, and 1.5x

  • PRB92

  • Bulletproof Camera


The Mk 14 EBR is quite a great substitute for the P10 Roni and is maybe even more destructive than the smg. With the 1.5x paired with it, there’s no force that can reckon with you if you’ve got good aim. If you run out of ammo in a gunfight, the PRB92, with its decent damage, might just help you to get that kill in.


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Best Aruni Loadout Rainbow Six Siege For Roaming

You can play Aruni as a roamer even though her official role says anchoring. But you’ll have a hard time doing so with her Roni due to its low magazine. However, if you still want to be stubborn, here’s the loadout you can try:

  • MK 14 EBR with a Suppressor, Vertical Grip, and 1.5x Scope

  • PRB92 with Suppressor

  • Barbed Wires

Since the Roni isn’t preferred, you could try using a Suppressor with both your guns to be sneaky and not let the enemy know where you’re hiding. A vertical grip will work best to make your gun kick as lower as possible since a suppressor increases the recoil.


Since you’ll be outside the site mostly, you can either place your laser gates around the site or take one of them with you for intel. Place it somewhere you’re roaming around and see if enemies try to go past it. Also, make sure to place your Barbed Wires either on the site for intel, or you can place it on the point of entry as a roamer to impede your opponents and take them down.


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Best Aruni Loadout Rainbow Six Siege For Mid Range Combat

Here is another loadout for Aruni’s P10 Roni that is still used by many of its player bases. While it isn’t preferred that much ever since the gun had its recoil reworked, you could still try it out if you’re willing to.

  • P10 Roni with Extended Barrel, Vertical Grip, and Holographic Site

  • PBR92

  • Barbed Wires


Since rainbow six siege doesn’t have the mechanics of bullet drops, it compensates it by reducing the damage of the weapon at long-range fights. The Extended Barrel is used for that purpose and deals great damage in mid to long-range combat.

Since the Roni doesn’t have many bullets to work with, having a secondary like PBR92 is essential to switch to in case your bullets run out. Use the Barbed Wires for intel and impede the enemy with them to turn the tide in your favor.

Tips and Tricks To Play Aruni

If you’re looking to get familiar with her mechanics, here are some methods and tips, and tricks that the Pros use to play Aruni and utilize her utility to the maximum:

Surya Gate Trick

There’s a quite famous trick that you can do with Aruni’s Surya Gates that can deny hard breach utility. Keep in mind that it is site-specific and won’t work every time, not to mention how risky it can be.

Suppose we’re on 2F, and you’re about to reinforce the Wall that connects Attic and Big Tower. Before you do, use her prosthetic arm to open up a rotation quickly on the soft wall. Then deploy your Surya Gates on both sides of the wall, come through the rotation, and reinforce the wall. As long as you’re sitting hugging the wall, both the Surya Gates will get deactivated.

Once you hear anyone trying to open up the wall (Thermite, Ace, or Hibana), get away from the wall. The Surya Gates will get activated and, as a result, destroy enemy gadgets.

Don’t Mistake Her Surya Gate As A Barricade!

Aruni’s Surya Gate cannot stop attackers like Castle’s Barricade or a normal barricade would. They’re meant to eat up enemy util and get you the extra chunk of seconds you need to reposition yourself. So if you deploy a Surya Gate at a window, keep an eye on that location still since an enemy can just waltz in through it as well.

Placement Of Surya Gate

The ideal placement of Aruni’s laser gate is where you know the enemy will come from. An example of this is Coastline’s Kitchen window when you’re defending 1F or the Window adjacent to the default plant at 2F in Oregon. You can also place her laser gate at locations where you feel your team is most vulnerable.

Repositioning and Reactivating Of Aruni Gates

You can also reposition Aruni’s gates after you’ve deployed them since it doesn’t take a lot of time to do so if you know an enemy isn’t coming from the direction where you originally placed them. Similarly, her laser gates can be reactivated after 30 seconds if they’ve been deactivated, so don’t hesitate to do so.

Remember that enemy gadget such as C4 or Impact Grenades can also deactivate Aruni gates. Likewise, you can also use Maestro’s Evil Eye to reactivate them if they’re in its range.

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