How Much Renown Can You Get per Win in Rainbow Six Siege?

Renown, being Rainbow Six Siege's main currency, is often what stands between you and skins/operators. So how much renown can one gain from Siege's gamemodes?

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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How Much Renown Can You Get per Win in Rainbow Six Siege?

In Rainbow Six Siege, all unlockable skins and operators are locked behind a paywall. In order to overcome this paywall, Renown and R6 credits are the two currencies in the game that can be used to pay for the aforementioned items.

It’s important to remember that while R6 credits require you to spend real money on the game, Renowns remain a farmable fictitious alternative.

How Do You Earn Renown?

With such high price tags on every operator and skin, players can get overwhelmed as the game doesn't explain how its currencies work. Even though Renown can be farmed rather easily, the process is relatively lengthy. Depending on how much Renown you need, it can take up to a few days worth of grinding to reach your desired amount if you don't make use of any Renown boosters.

How exactly is Renown obtained? Well, Renown is rewarded at the end of every game mode. Furthermore, the amount of Renown you will receive will depend on multiple factors surrounding the match, such as rounds won, match outcome, and type of Seige game mode.

Game Mode

Renown Estimation


100 - 250


320 - 400


320 - 400


90 - 100


200 - 600

Terrorist Hunt

100 - 150

How Much Renown Does Quickplay Give?


Quick-Match is the simplest way to get Renown as the matches are short and faster (maximum five rounds) compared to other game modes. Matches last around 10 to 15 minutes on average and reward you 100 Renown to 250 Renown based on several factors. These factors include whether you won the game or not, how many rounds you won, your score, and your performance during the match.

Due to the nature of the game mode, it’s possible to spam a lot of Quick-Matches during the time it would take to finish one Unrated or Ranked game. Moreover, playing with a capable squad could benefit you the most from Quick-Match when it comes to purely Renown earned per hour (roughly 1200 Renown/Hour, according to my testing).

How Much Renown Does Unrated Give?


Slowly rising to popularity, the relatively new game mode of Unrated gives you the experience and quality of Ranked-play without worrying about a competitive ladder ranking. Going up to 9 rounds, Unrated maximizes the Renown you can earn from a single match, netting you around 320-400 Renown for a win and 150-200 for a loss.

While the game mode offers almost twice as much Renown (in comparison to Quick-Match), it also requires almost twice as much time to play out fully. Therefore, some can argue it to be a win-lose situation as, in some cases, it might be more beneficial for players to spam Quick-Match instead.

Meanwhile, for those looking to chill and play some laid-back Rainbow Six while simultaneously farming Renown, this is the game mode for you, as you can earn up to 900 Renown per hour.

How Much Renown Does Ranked Give?


Ranked is similar to Unrated as the format plays out in the same way. The only distinguishable factor is that Ranked has a competitive ladder system, and as such, you can expect the Renown gains to be comparable to Unrated. In other words, you similarly obtain around 320-400 Renown for a win and 150-200 for a loss.

With that said, Ranked serves as a nice pbuttive farming routine for those looking to climb up the ranks while earning decent amounts of Renown per hour (900/Hour).

How Much Renown Does Deathmatch Give?


The newest edition to the Seige playlist, Team Deathmatch, offers a fast-paced PvP experience that lasts only 5 minutes. The amount of Renown you can earn from deathmatch is roughly around 100, which is the lowest of all available game modes. In my opinion, this is understandable as a match of TDM in R only lasts 5 minutes at most - the game can be ended much faster since the requirement is only to reach 75 kills.

What are Renown Boosters?


Renown Boosters are a type of consumable in R6 that increase the Renown you earn per game by 100%. There are also variations to these boosters, where multiple types of Renown boosters last for different amounts of time.

Not only that but having a teammate with an active Renown booster also increases your Renown earnings pbuttively. The stats for Renown boosts are as follows:

  1. +100% Renown Bonus for self

  2. +10% Renown Bonus for teammates

  3. +50% For a full team with active boosters

  4. Boosters stack up to a total of +190% bonus Renown Earned if you're in a 5 stack with 5 active boosters

How to obtain Renown Boosters?


Renown Boosters can be purchased in-game with R6 credits that cost real money but there are other ways of obtaining Renown boosters such as

  • Uconnect Challenges which sometimes reward players with Renown boosters ranging from 1 day to 7 days

  • If you own the Battle Pbutt, then it rewards you with multiple Renown boosters throughout the full length of the pbutt

  • Participating in Event-Based Challenges also reward players with Renown boosters

  • Amazon-Prime members gain monthly Renown Boosters as part of the loyalty reward system


Are there Bonus Renown Per Win?

Boosters aren't the only way you can earn bonus Renown in your Rainbow Six games. Ubisoft offers a challenge system that rewards players with some bonus Renown for reaching milestones in their games. This neat feature substantially increases their Renown gains per win upon accomplishment. There are two types of challenge systems

The Ubisoft connect challenge system:


Players can access this by pressing the Shift key + F2 key at the same time, which opens up a menu with different options. In the challenges tab, you can find the Milestones you must reach to win the bonus Renown at the end of your gaming session.

Rainbow Six Siege Community challenges:


The community challenges are global challenges that every player pbuttively contributes to. The rewards range from Renown to Renown Boosters, both of which increase your Renown earnings per win. There are daily and weekly community challenges.

Can You Get Renown in Non-PVP Game Modes?

Contrary to popular belief, PvP isn't the only way to earn Renown in Rainbow Six Seige as the game offers a variety of offline game modes where you are awarded Renown at the end of the match.

Currently, there are two active PvE game modes where players can earn Renown.



Situations are a set of realistic scenarios simulated in the game where your target is to proceed with caution as you would in real life and complete the required targets. These targets are presented by stars, with each star rewarding 200 Renown.

This is the fastest and most efficient way to earn Renown in a limited amount of time, as all the situations are easily doable with a relatively huge payout attached.

Terrorist Hunt/Training Ground


As the name suggests, Training Grounds (formerly known as Terrorist Hunt) is a PvE game mode where you go around killing teams of terrorists to defuse a bomb and/or rescue a hostage. It is a fast-paced game mode with bots; therefore, it's relatively easy to finish, and upon completion, you are awarded up to 150 Renown.

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