Best Loadouts for Ace in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

Want to master one of the few Hard Breachers in the game? Find out the best way to customize Ace’s loadout to help you carry your team in your Ranked games.

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Best Loadouts for Ace in Rainbow Six: Siege | The Ultimate List

From a quiet but historic village to enlisting in the Norwegian Armed Forces, Håvard “Ace” Haugland is an Attacking Operator added to the Siege roster back in Operation Steel Wave. Being the last Hard Breacher added to Rainbow Six Siege, he furnishes an explosive kit that can crack open any bomb site and its reinforced surfaces when used correctly. If you’ve played with R6 Hiban and her denotative gear, you’d probably get used to Ace pretty seamlessly since his Hard Breaching utility is similar to hers in multiple ways.

While your role on the team will be pretty straightforward, knowing the best loadouts to best complement your playstyle along with some general tips and tricks can skyrocket your rank. So whether you’re looking to main Ace or just give him a shot in Unranked before Ranked, we’ve got a bunch of essential loadouts we’ve come up with to help streamline the learning curve for you. With these, you should seldom need an Ace operator guide as long as you've completed basic training.

Best Ace Loadouts

So without much further ado, let’s dive right into the nitty gritty of it. With Ace, your kit will mainly revolve around your role as a Hard Bracher, tearing through reinforced walls, and here are the different flavors you can explore with him.

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Best Loadout for Breaching

Now, you’re probably wondering what we mean by ‘Best Loadout for Breaching’ since Ace is all about breaching regardless of what loadout he equips. Well, let us clarify. With this loadout, you’re essentially counting on being the only bombardment utility your team will need. Taking that into account, it’s pretty obvious what your responsibility will be here; Stay alive at all costs.

Site executes become infinitely more difficult when your team runs out of breaching utility without even having gotten onto the site, so it’s absolutely imperative that you stay back and prioritize your life. Once you can break down your opponent's reinforcements, you’re free to fall into whatever secondary role you like.

Here’s what you’ll want to go with

  • AK-12 with a Muzzle Brake and Holographic Sight along with a Vertical Grip

  • P9

  • Breach Charge


Unfortunately, 2.5x scopes on AK12s are a luxury only R6 Fuze's loadouts can enjoy. Regardless, elaborating on the intricacies of the loadout, the AK12 will give you the best coverage across all kinds of gunfights. Equipping the Holographic only increases this weapon's capability to be a potent generalist. At the same time, the Vertical Grip will give you the best bang for your buck in terms of reducing recoil.

Finally, we’re going for the extra Breach Charge despite having multiple charges for our Hard Breaching utility. This way, the rest of the team can prioritize smokes, claymores, and drones to improve on the remaining aspects of the game.

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Best Loadout for Front Line Combat

Now, if you think yourself to be a genuinely selfless team player, we’ve got you a loadout that’ll put your claim to the test.

After using up his S.E.L.M.A charges, Ace is essentially as good as a Recruit. Once you consider that, you realize that your other teammates' lives are more important than yours. This is because they have more impactful utility once yours has been spent.

So if you feel like you’ve got the guts to be the first man in, we’ve got just the right way to deck you out.

  • M1014 with a Red Dot and a Laser
  • PMM pistol
  • Breach Charge


Before we get into the loadout details, let’s just issue a general disclaimer before you try this loadout. You’re going to get caught in a lot of traps. As in, a loooooot of traps. So unless you’ve got an anti-trap Operator on your team, you probably want to stray away from this loadout.

If that warning hasn’t deterred you, here’s how you’ll want to play this loadout. Once you breach to open the bomb site, you’re going to rush in to swing onto close angles with your shotgun. Having the laser-equipped has the added benefit of drawing attention toward you while also reducing the pellet spread for close-range gunfights. If you’re able to accomplish one of these two things: Getting a kill or drawing gunfire toward you so your teammate can get the trade, you’ve pretty much done your job.

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Best Ace Loadout for Recoil Stability

The AK12 is a gun that comes with a fair bit of recoil, and if the vertical kick is something you struggle to catch up to, having the right attachments can be crucial.

If you’re looking for the best way to customize your rifle to produce the most negligible recoil, look no further. This will help you get the upper hand in gunfights and help you manage your spray when multiple hostiles approach you.

  • AK12 with a Flash Hider and Holographic Sight along with a Vertical Grip
  • PMM with a Suppressor
  • Claymore


The Vertical grip is hands down the best attachment for recoil control, better than the Angled grip. While it doesn’t help your ADS time, unlike the Angled grip, you’re much more able to control the upwards spray pattern after equipping it.

The same can be said for the Flash Hider when you use it on the AK12. Amongst the four muzzle attachments, it shows the most significant improvement in vertical recoil. The combination of these two attachments, alongside the minimal zoom given by the Holographic sight, makes for an incredibly stable rifle. You can use this loadout whenever you feel like getting into team fights since it has fantastic mid-to-close range attributes.

As far as an Ace operator guide goes, the most important part of Ace’s kit is Unique Ability, and you must deploy it every attacking round. Most Ranked games revolve around having a good Hard Breacher who does their job, so the key takeaway for any of you who plan on playing Ace is never to risk your life until your S.E.L.M.A’s have been deploy

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