How to Detonate Hibana's Pellets in Rainbow Six: Siege | Tip & Tricks

Looking to open up angles and spread chaos among enemy lines? Check out our guide to see how you can effectively use Hibana’s pellets.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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How to Detonate Hibana's Pellets in Rainbow Six: Siege | Tip & Tricks

Hibana is one of the four operators, alongside Thermite in RB6, Ace, and Maverick, with the ability to open up reinforced walls. While her hard breaching gadget, the X-Kairos, can open up angles on walls, she’s preferred to create short lines of sight or hatches. Dive into this article if you’re looking to ace the mechanics of her pellets.

How To Detonate Hibana Pellets Rainbow Six Siege?

Once you've planted some pellets on a wall, you can click the mouse middle button (default control) to detonate them and open the wall up.


Breaching walls with Hibana is slower, and the explosion impact is way less than what Thermite and Ace offer.


The X-Kairos has a total of 18 Pellets loaded in it, out of which you need 12 to open up a hole from which you can easily pbutt through. It also can throw six Pellets at once, so you’ll need to shoot twice to deploy all 12 needed to pierce through a wall.


How To Open Up Hatches With X-Kairos Hibana?

When it comes to opening up hatchets, you require four pellets to open up a reinforced hatch and two if it’s still soft. So don’t use all six in the X-Kairos’ mag since you’ll be wasting the extra two, which might come in handy elsewhere. Remember that the X-Kairos Pellets aren’t as strong as Ace’s Aqua Selma Breacher or Thermite’s Exothermic Charge, so you have to be efficient with them.

If you’re not new to Hibana, you’ll come across players who’ll try using something called “Impact Tricking” which is basically defenders throwing their Impact Grenade vertically to destroy her Pellets when they’re in the phase of detonating. While there’s no way to avoid it, here’s how you can minimize the damages.

How To Open Up Hatches If Defenders Are Impact Tricking?

Deploy and detonate two Pellets. If the enemy defenders throw an Impact Grenade, repeat the same procedure until they run out of them. A single defender can have two Impact Grenades only, so the most they can do is destroy four of your Pellets, which would've been 12 had you not countered their strategy.


If you didn’t know before, the total number of Pellets the X-Kairos deploys could be reduced by pressing the “B” key on your keyboard. Depending on your needs, you can change them to four or two Pellets. To open hatches and avoid impact tricking, you’ll need to change the X-Kairos to two pellets per mag.


So a good practice is always to use two-two Pellets each time to open reinforced hatches. You’ll get familiar with this trick as you climb up the ladder in Siege’s rank ladder since almost everyone uses it to buy time for their team.

Things To Be Careful About When Using X-Kairos

Apart from being Impact Tricked, you must be careful about deploying them. Unlike Ace’s and Thermite’s gadgets, Siege doesn’t have any sort of option to pick them back up again, so you have to be careful about accidentally using or fat-fingering your X-Kairos. They'll disappear if you throw them on an unbreachable surface, such as the concrete walls in the game. Conversely, they’ll stick to soft walls and hard walls.


One other thing to keep in mind about deploying them is not accidentally deploying them on top of each other since they’ll get wasted that way too. A red marker appears when aiming with the X-Kairos launcher that shows you where the Pellets will land. Use that to ensure you deploy them with enough space in between.

Also, ensure you don’t deploy both sets of six Pellets too far away; it’ll leave a vertical line of the reinforced wall in between. While you could shoot from it, you won’t be able to go inside the wall from that same hole.

Comparison Of X-Kairos With Other Hard Breaching Gadgets

Let’s take a look at how the X-Kairos Pellets differ in providing value to other breachers in Rainbow Six Siege:

X-Kairos Vs. Aqua Selma Breacher

The Aqua Selma Breacher from Ace's loadout is a cylindrical shaped thin gadget that detonates twice to create an opening enough for a person to pbutt through. You also don’t need to activate it; it explodes on impact. Ace has three Selma Breachers, and you need two of them to open a reinforced hatch. The Aqua Selma Breacher is also able to destroy enemy shields.

X-Kairos, however, cannot break any shield is a more cost-friendly option when opening up hatches. A Selma can also open up the same amount of size in a wall 12 Pellets would create.

X-Kairos Vs. Exothermic Charge

An Exothermic Charge is the best option to open up a reinforced wall since the explosion is mbuttive and the hole created is double or triple the size of what Pellets offer. You can also use Thermite’s charge to open up hatches, whether soft or reinforced, using 50% of its utility.

While the X-Kairos doesn’t match the power of the Exothermic Charge, it excels in the aspect of opening up hatches. Where Thermite can open only two hatches, Hibana can open three, and that too from a range, preventing the danger of getting nitro’ed by the enemy.

X-Kairos Vs. Breaching Torch

The Breaching Torch is probably the most complicated breaching gadget to use. While it can create holes, open up hatches, and break shields, its primary role is to create a line of sights that can be used to take out anti-breaching gadgets. Despite being a common part of Maverick's loadout, the operator himself is not as viable and always has another hard breacher to support him.

To conclude the debate, while Hibana isn’t the best operator to open up a wall, she’s optimal if you’re looking to create off angles or open up hatches due to the time efficiency and margin of error she can provide you with.

While using Hibana’s Pellets isn’t something so challenging, you need to make sure you follow the tips and guidelines mentioned above to make the best out of her. Her weapon and three-speed make her quite versatile to use and mixed with a bit of teamwork, she can provide deadly value to your team.

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