What is the Level Requirement for Ranked in Rainbow: Six Siege? | The Final Answer

Looking to start Rainbow Six Siege and rank up with your friends? Dive into this article to know the prerequisites required to hit the big leagues in no time!

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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What is the Level Requirement for Ranked in Rainbow: Six Siege? | The Final Answer

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that requires not only exceptional game sense but it tests your creativity along with teamwork. You’ll need eyes on the back of your head if you’re going to want to win those essential clutches for your team. If you’re going to start playing ranked with your friends, you’ll need to build great coordination with your team to pull off those wins.

What Is The Level Requirement for Ranked?

You can begin playing ranked in Six Siege when you’ve reached level 50 in the game. Before then, it will be locked, and you’ll need to grind those levels, either playing unranked or casual. While you’ll be able to play ranked when you’re at 50, it is much appreciated in the Siege community that you learn some of the mechanics that will be discussed in this article.

Instead of just playing these non-competitive modes for the sake of unlocking rank, it is recommended you hone your skills so you don’t feel like a burden on yourself as well as your team.

What Are The Ranks In Rainbow Six Siege?

Before we discuss the rank requirements Six Siege requires, let us first take a look at all the ranks that can be achieved in the game:



Copper V


Copper IV


Copper III


Copper II


Copper I


Bronze V


Bronze IV


Bronze III


Bronze II


Bronze I


Silver V


Silver IV


Silver III


Silver II


SIlver I


Gold III


Gold II


Gold I


Platinum III


Platinum II


Platinum I


Diamond III


Diamond II


Diamond I




These ranks are labeled from lowest to highest and can only be achieved by playing the Ranked mode in Siege. The rank distribution helps others understand how hard it is to achieve a certain rank in the game.

The players circulating around the Copper and Silver ranks are the ones who’re relatively new to Siege, while the Gold ones can be said to be the ones who likes playing the game casually. As you tread towards from Platinum to Diamond and Champion, competition starts to toughen up between the most dedicated players in the game.


How Do I Get My First Rank?

Now that we’ve established a basic understanding of the rank system of Six Siege, let’s talk about how you can achieve your first rank in the game. Like most of the games out there, Ubisoft has set some ground rules before you can get introduced to the competitive mode in Rainbow Six Siege.

While this may be annoying for people who love having smurf accounts, it’s a way to ensure that new players have a basic understanding of the game before they start queuing up for ranked.

Reaching Level 50 In Siege

Levels are different than ranks in Rainbow Six Siege and represent how much time you’ve spent playing the game. You might have a higher level than the top player in your region, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got a better rank.

New players in Siege are required to reach level 50 before they can finally begin playing ranked with their friends. You can gain XP by playing Quick Match, Unranked, Deathmatch, or any event mode available in the game.

10 Placement Games

After you’ve reached level 50, you’ll need to play ten placement matches before you can land yourself a rank. These games are essential, and it is recommended to try winning as much as you can since they are the deciding factor of where you lie in Siege’s rank system. The game uses these games to calibrate your skill level and place you where it feels best.

Fastest Way To Reach Level 50

These tips are guaranteed to help you rank up in R6 quickly and be better in no time. Think of it as the bare minimum you need to play ranked. Let’s discuss them briefly so you can better understand how the game works.

Map Knowledge

The first and foremost thing you need to polish is your knowledge of every map inside the ranked pool. Since you won’t be provided with any sort of minimap, you’ll have to learn each one either by playing it on training grounds or by going into custom games with your friends. Having great map knowledge will let you hold off angles the opponents won’t expect.

So while you're leveling up, take the time inside your unranked and casual games to explore the map each bit at a time so you won’t feel totally overwhelmed inside the actual rank games themselves.


Pick a Role

If you’re going to play ranked, you should be familiar with what you will play with. You need to pick a role and keep spamming it until you’re the best at it. Siege’s five-man drafts are divided into different roles for attack and defense. If you love fragging, then pick agents that are three-speed and whose utility is attack focused.

If you like to stay behind and hold angles, then being a hard breacher or support is the way to go. Either way, dive into games and see what role complements your playstyle.

Don’t Peek On Defense

Many people have a bad habit of being overly aggressive and peeking when they’re not supposed to, especially while defending. While being confident in your gun skills is great, overconfidence isn’t. So try to hold the sites and only peek when necessary, so you don’t give the enemy an early-man count advantage.

Don’t Act Without Intel

Siege is a game of intel, and acting without intel in the game would get you killed in a matter of seconds. That is why the game gives you two drones instead of one due to there being a plethora of spots where the enemy can be hiding and waiting for you to act before they sneak up behind and annihilate you.

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