How to Refund God or Skin Purchases in Smite (Easily)

You might have misscliked and purchased a god or skin you don't want and now you want to refund that god or skin? Well, that's a bit tricky.

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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How to Refund God or Skin Purchases in Smite (Easily)

The reason that that is tricky is that you can't refund a purchase. That's the policy of Hi-Rez studios. But, there might be hope yet. Hi-Rez might be willing to accept a ticket request. Here's how you can go about that.

How to Refund a Purchase in Smite

As we said before, you can't just refund a purchase like that, it isn't that simple. Hi-Rez doesn't employ a money-back-guaranteed policy, so you'll have to go through the long route of submitting a ticket. It's pretty simple to do that though. Firstly...

  1. Go to Hi-Rez Studios Site:
    Once you're there, in the upper left corner you should see a "submit a ticket" button, right next to their name.


  1. Only once you've clicked on that button, can we move on to the next phase.
  2. Fill out all the Boxes Given:
    Be as detailed as you can possibly be here. That's in your best interest if you want to get your money back.


  1. After you've done all that, simply submit the ticket, and the staff over at Hi-Rez Studios will take a look at your request. Speaking about that. You might also be curious about which cases will most likely warrant a refund - So let's take a look.

In Which Cases Will Hi-Rez Refund a Purchase? 

You have to have a very good reason for submitting a refund request, so something like "I don't like what I got" is straight out of the question. But here are some actual situations that warrant more attention.

Someone made a purchase that you didn't authorize

Maybe you have a child and they bought a god or a skin without you being aware of it. In those cases, the support team might take your plea into consideration. But seeing as they have a "no-money-back" policy - it's highly unlikely. 

If on the other hand someone has hacked your account and is making purchases through it, then yes, that is a more serious concern and will get Hi-Rez's attention.

It was an accidental purchase

Accidents can happen, although an accident like this is highly unlikely. Maybe you misclicked, or you were playing around and made a mistake. Regardless of what happened, accidental purchases might warrant a refund. 

An error on the game's part

This one is highly unlikely as well. But, seeing as video games are just a form of software, bugs can happen. If it ever happens that the game has registered a god or a skin to your account that you weren't aware of, then notify Hi-Rez immediately. 

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