Are There Bots In Rainbow Six: Siege? Most Important Facts

Find out all the info about bots in Rainbow Six Siege!

Updated on Aug 17, 2023
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Are There Bots In Rainbow Six: Siege? Most Important Facts

If you've been asking yourself if there are bots in Rainbow Six Siege, we have the answer for you. In this article, you'll discover if there are AI bots and/or despicable bots developed for cheating, so let's get the show on the road.

Are There Bots In Rainbow Six Siege?

Yes, AI-controlled bots are featured in Rainbow Six Siege, and players can encounter them in Situations and Training Grounds game modes. Unfortunately, there are no AI bots in PvP modes, which are usually made as substitutes for the players that quit or get disconnected. Furthermore, the multiplayer modes consist of entirely PvP elements, and these AI-controlled bots are the only PvE feature of Rainbow Six Siege. If you found this article intriguing, have a look at those revealing if there are bots in Escape From Tarkov, New World, and World of Tanks.

How To Play Against Bots In Rainbow Six Siege?

As we mentioned before, there are only two ways you can play against bots in Rainbow Six Siege. The first option is called Situations, which are basically small missions that allow newbies to understand how the game works. These missions include various scenarios in which players can try out weapons and gadgets or simply play for fun all by themselves.

The second option is called Training Grounds, a game mode in which players must eliminate the terrorists, creating an experience equivalent to multiplayer modes. Additionally, players may choose the difficulty level, and depending on the selection, the number of enemies and designated time will be different.


There are three different difficulty levels, including:

  • Normal: 22 enemies, no time limit
  • Hard: 26 enemies, 12 minutes
  • Realistic: 30 enemies, 15 minutes

On top of this, there are three game modes in Terrorist Hunt - Protect Hostage, Extract Hostage, and Disarm Bomb, which are pretty self-explanatory.

Are There Third Party Bots In Rainbow Six Siege?

While there are no bots designed for the purpose of auto-aiming or wallhacking in this game, there are so-called "AFK Farmers," which are essentially players who use specific scripts (or macros) so that their in-game character doesn't stay idle and gets kicked due to inactivity.

Rainbow Six Siege features an auto-kick for all the players that remain inactive for over 30 seconds, and this is how AFK farmers evade this feature.


Officially, using scripts or macros for bypassing the kick is not illegal and doesn't violate any of the rules of Rainbow Six Siege, but that’s not the point - the point is that these players simply don't do anything useful. Usually, they make their team lose the match because of one less player. 

Do Bots Make Or Break The Rainbow Six Siege Experience?

Bots featured in Rainbow Six Siege can surely make the gameplay experience more exceptional due to their intelligence, particularly on the highest difficulty level. Believe it or not, even the professional players use these AI bots to warm up, try out irregular strategies, or merely improve their muscle memory or reflexes. 

That's why we can easily say that bots in Rainbow Six Siege aren't there just for show because they can be quite beneficial and are even more useful than most of the actual players you'll encounter in PvP game modes.

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