Are There Bots In World Of Tanks? Detailed Discussion

Find out all the info about bots in World Of Tanks!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Are There Bots In World Of Tanks? Detailed Discussion

One of the questions puzzling the WoT players is whether there are bots in the game, especially after World Of Tanks expanded to consoles and mobile devices. So today, we'll go deep into particulars and uncover all details about bots in World Of Tanks, whether they are present or not, and if so, what kind of bots there are.

Are There Bots In World Of Tanks?

Yes, there are two types of bots featured in World Of Tanks; those implemented by game developers to make each low-tier match full when there aren't enough players and those used by cheaters.

The former type of bots have a similar skill level to players with Tiers I to V, and they can only control Light, Medium, and Heavy tanks within their tiers. Furthermore, these bots can occupy no more than 7 empty slots for each team and are only added after 20 seconds of queue time if there's no real human player.


Speaking of the latter type of World Of Tanks bots, they can be used for automated actions, including auto-aiming, tracking the targets, etc. Usually, they come in the form of software and can be configured to prioritize low HP tanks, show various details, and much more.


There are three most commonly present types of bots intended for cheating in World Of Tanks, including:

  • Smart bots: As the name implies, these are the most complex types of bots designed to simulate actual players' actions, like movements and various tactics.
  • Silly bots: These are less sophisticated bots explicitly designed to stay in the base and shoot the enemy tanks within their range. They can also move to the preset routes but are much less competent than their smart counterpart.
  • Clickers: Essentially, these are the basic macros used for actions like launching the WoT client, entering the battle, and idling. Clickers are used to earn credits and experience and nothing else.

All three bot types have one thing in common: they are powered by an algorithm, and the more sophisticated the algorithm is, the smarter the bot will be.

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Are There Spam Bots In World Of Tanks?

Unfortunately, there are spam bots featured in World Of Tanks, just like all other types of bots found in nearly every online free-to-play game.


These bots will send automated messages to players using the general chat, and they usually promote gold selling (how to get free gold in WoT Blitz legit way)or scam websites. The good news is that these types of bots are only found in low-tier matches because they can't advance to higher tiers since they get reported and banned very quickly. The bad news is that this doesn't stop these spammers from creating new accounts and carrying on the spam.

How To Identify Bots In World Of Tanks?

While you can detect AI bots with no effort, this is not the case for bots designed for cheating which are much more challenging to recognize. For instance, AI-controlled bots will always have zero recorded battles in their history, and their name will be a full colon ( : ) with the addition of a historical admiral name.

As for the other bots, you'll need to observe and look for the apparent leads, like abnormal behavior and movements, spinning the turret around, shooting aimlessly, and such. These are most likely the "silly bots" we mentioned before, which are more manageable to detect.

However, detecting the "smart bots" can be problematic because they are designed to behave like real human players. Therefore, there are no specific clues to look for in their case, especially since they can even play better than most human players in some cases.

Do Bots Make Or Break The World Of Tanks Experience?

Given what has been previously said, bots can make and break the World Of Tanks experience. The AI-controlled bots are a valuable addition to the World Of Tanks because if it wasn't for them, most of the low-tier matches would be played between a few players without any balance.

This way, they fill out the empty slots, but they also assist the real players and can even determine the match in some cases, thus improving the gameplay.

On the flip side, bots oriented toward cheating undoubtedly impair the gameplay experience due to crookedness and because cheaters aren't eager to assist their teammates, master the skills, and study the vehicles.


On top of this, cheating in World Of Tanks will surely dishearten all actual players who spent hours learning how to play the game, learning about tanks, trying out various tactics, and putting so much effort into the game. To put it briefly, cheaters take all the fun from World Of Tanks, and even though Wargaming is putting so much effort into removing them, bots will probably always be part of World Of Tanks, especially since it's a free-to-play game.

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