How to easily show ping in Tower of Fantasy

The download size for Tower of Fantasy (Global) along with the main system requirements you need to play it on PC / Mobile.
How to easily show ping in Tower of Fantasy

Ping is one of the most important aspects to consider in multiplayer games. Having low ping is a combination of good internet connection and server selection.

In an action-heavy MMO like Tower of Fantasy, (New World or World of Warcraft) you generally want to get under 150ms for a decent experience. Dodging is a huge component of combat in the game, so you'd really be struggling if you have 200ms or more. For PVP, this is even more important; ideally, you should have less than 50ms.

So how do you check ping in Tower of Fantasy?

How to show ping on Mobile Tower of Fantasy

Mobile users have it easy in ToF when it comes to checking ping. All you have to do is simply enter the game, and your ping will be automatically displayed on the top left corner of the screen.

If your ping is displayed to be above 150ms, you may struggle with lag, so try to pick another server or region with less than 150ms for a better experience.

How to show ping on PC Tower of Fantasy

At the time of this article, you can't check your ping on the PC version of ToF. That may have changed at the time you are reading this, but if that isn’t the case, you’d have to rely on the mobile version of the game to reliably see your ping.

You can download Tower of Fantasy on mobile and check your PING in-game on the same wifi to estimate what ping you have on PC. This is unless of course, if you use a wired connection, which reduces ping by ~10ms. Just shave off a small amount from your mobile PING to estimate your ethernet ping.

Alas, to do this your device must meet the minimum download size requirements for downloading the game.

Which server to choose in Tower of Fantasy for low ping?

If you're playing Tower of Fantasy with friends, you'll probably want to play on the same server with a low ping. Plus, characters are also server-locked, so picking the right server to start a new game definitely is important.

So which server should you pick in Tower of Fantasy?

Regardless of PC or mobile, you should pick the server closest to your region with the "HOT" server status.

Tower of Fantasy is a social game with many group activities and world-bosses, so playing in populated servers will really enhance your gaming sessions in ToF. At the same time, avoid joining servers with the "Queue" status, as they are too populated and you may run into "Unable to Connect to Server" errors during peak hours.

There are five regions to choose from: Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia. Just pick one in your area and you should have less than 150 ping.

For players in Australia and Russia, your best bet is to go with Asia-Pacific servers. Here, you will find a melting pot of mostly Japanese and Southeast Asian players. The lag and latency should be serviceable, and can be improved if you're using wired connection.

What ping should I have in Tower of Fantasy?

  • High ping: Above 200 ms

  • Passable: 150 ms - 200 ms

  • Decent: 100 ms - 150 ms

  • Good: 50 ms - 100 ms

  • Best ping: Under 50 ms

Other things to consider

If your game still lags, it might not be a ping issue but rather a graphics settings problem you’re facing. Fear not, all it takes is displaying your FPS counter to detect any issues there. Anything under 30FPS should be considered poor performance.


So there you have it, you can show ping reliably by playing Tower of Fantasy on mobile.

For a decent, lag-less connection, make sure you join a server closest to your region for your Tower of Fantasy adventure. It's really that simple!

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