Tower of Fantasy Download Size: System Requirements & More

The download size for Tower of Fantasy (Global) along with the main system requirements you need to play it on PC / Mobile.
Tower of Fantasy Download Size: System Requirements & More

Tower of Fantasy is an Anime shared open world MMORPG where you can create your own personal fighting style. But we all know why you're playing: WAIFUS and HUSBANDOS, baby!

If you want to play Tower of Fantasy on your PC or mobile, you'll definitely need to save some space for this game. The game takes place in Aesperia, a vast alien world where a catastrophic disaster occurred has thrust the entirety of the planet into chaos. Not unlike its counterpart, Genshin Impact, ToF is filled with exciting open world exploration, unique characters, and weapon movesets to unlock. That alone should tell you how large the game's file size can be.

So let's talk about Tower of Fantasy's basic system requirements and download size!

What is the download size Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy’s download size ranges from 12GB to 25GB for just the base game on PC or mobile. However, that space alone isn’t enough, keep reading to find out just how much space you actually need.




25 GB


12 GB

PC Space Requirements

The Tower of Fantasy download size is roughly 25GB (slightly lower than Genshin Impact and much lower than Dead By Daylight) on Windows PC. Considering that you can even leave earth to visit a distant planet in the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 game update, the space required to support the game in the future could go up to 30GB.

As a general rule of thumb, you should keep at least an extra 10GB, or 10% of your PC memory open, otherwise your PC will perform very, very poorly. That's just how Operating System OS works in general; it needs a little bit of extra space for computing power. When running the game from game clients like Steam or Epic Games, you’d also need an additional recommended 1GB. Overall, we recommend having at least 41GB of free space (including future updates) for Tower Of Fantasy.

Mobile Space Requirements

The Tower of Fantasy download size is roughly 12GB on Android or Apple iOS. As a rule of thumb, you should keep 1GB extra free space on your mobile to run smoothly. Overall, we recommend keeping at least 15GB free on your mobile device to play Tower of Fantasy.

That’s everything you need to know about the Tower of Fantasy download size! But even if you have enough space on your PC- ToF may not run as intended for you to play with the best fps in tower of fantasy. This is even more important if you prefer fast gameplay styles for your waifu. So let's talk about which minimum system requirements you need!

Level Infinite Tower of Fantasy System Requirements (Minimum)

Before you download the game and start playing, you must know the Tower of Fantasy system requirements. This is really important because if you don’t meet the requirements, the game won't run smoothly to show off your waifus. Here are the Tower of Fantasy minimum system requirements:

OS (Operating System)

Windows 7/8


Intel Core i5 or equivalent



Graphics Card

NVIDIA GeForce GT1030


Version 11

Recommended Tower of Fantasy System Requirements

These are the recommended specs by Steam for you to have a pleasant gameplay experience. You’ll average around 60 FPS with these settings. So with our recommended ToF download size and Steam’s recommended specs, the Tower of Fantasy game should run smoothly:

OS (Operating System)

Windows 10 64-bit


Intel Core i7



Graphics Card

NVIDIA GeForce GT1060 6GB


Version 12

How do I download or register in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy (Global) is Free-to-Play and available for download on PC and mobile platforms globally. You can download the game via the official site or from Google Play / Apple App Store for mobile devices.

Registering for an account comes after your download. Simply launch the game and you'll be greeted with a login and sign up screen. To quickly create a linked account with Facebook or Google, tap on the icons at the bottom. To create a brand new account with publisher Level Infinite, click on Register.

Tower of Fantasy may launch on Steam and Epic Games Store down the line. So one can only speculate how many new players will be joining the game's vibrant living world and doing battle in the PVP arena.

That’s everything you need to know before you download and run Tower of Fantasy! Everything plays a crucial part in the game’s system, from its download size to the system requirements.

Nevertheless, don't forget to just slow down and appreciate the game's immersive open world experience. The world truly comes alive when you and your waifu discover Tower of Fantasy’s mysteries and compelling backstories.

Your quest for adventures doesn’t end here, downloading is only the first step - choosing the best server for you and your friends online is also important. With the best setup, you’ll be embarking on a great fantasy adventure in no time!

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