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[Solved] How to Fix Tower of Fantasy Error 7812021 Quickly

Are you stuck with the error message 7812021 in TOF? Here are 3 solutions to this tricky problem.
[Solved] How to Fix Tower of Fantasy Error 7812021 Quickly

Being one of the most common bugs in TOF, players are left wondering how to fix Tower of Fantasy error code 7812021, which is game breaking bug that prevents any sort of gameplay.

For PC Users skip to solutions 1 and 2.
For mobile users, skip to solution 3.

With this bug, players have reported that TOF can actually be launched, only to shut down immediately after the logo appears.

What is Tower of Fantasy Error 7812021?

TOF can't be launched properly when this bug is present. Unlike error code 2618 in TOF, this isn't a Tower of Fantasy server issue but rather, an issue with reading the local files.

Error message 7812021 reads: "Verification of some files failed (7812021)" and appears when you try to repair game files.

This bug may prevent you from repairing game files, and that's why it's frustrating to fix for many players.

Solution 1: Update, Repair, or Uninstall using TOF Launcher

For PC users, you can use TOF's game launcher to update, repair, or uninstall Tower of Fantasy game files. Though it's not a perfect solution, you should attempt all 3 options to essentially reset the game files for Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Launcher Settings

To access this solution, you have to login through the TOF launcher and follow these steps:

  • To Update Files: Click on "Update" if the option is available
  • To Repair Files: Click on [Game Settings] and click on [Repair]. This may not work due to error code 7812021 being present.
  • To Reinstall Files: Click on [Game Settings] and click on [Uninstall], then reinstall Tower of Fantasy from Steam or from the official Global TOF site.

After each attempt, make sure to restart your PC before launching TOF again, so the solution can be tested using a clean state. If this did not work, try the next solution.

Solution 2: Modify DirectX Control Panel to include TOF_Launcher.exe and QRSL.exe

Another potential fix is to directly modify the DirectX settings (from your Graphics Tool Diagnostics) on your PC operating system. While this can be daunting, as long as you follow each step closely, it can be done in under 5 minutes.

Modify directx properties so it can detect TOF files better.

For this to work, you need to check if "Graphics Tools" installed.

  1. Press Windows Key + I.
  2. Click on [Apps].
  3. Right under [Apps & Features], click on the [Optional features] option.
  4. Search for [Graphics Tools] and install it if you don't have it. Otherwise, exit the window.
Graphics Tools on Windows PC can be found in 'Optional Features' under your 'Apps & Features' settings.

Now for the second and most crucial part, modifying your DirectX properties. Follow these steps to activate this potential fix for Tower of Fantasy:

Your DirectX Properties Window should look like this image portrayed. If not sure, revisit Step 5-7.

  1. Press Windows Key + R.
  2. Type dxcpl into the box to open [Microsoft DirectX Control Panel].
  3. Tap on Edit List.
  4. Type in QRSL.exe and TOF_launcher.exe and add them to the list.
  5. Now, under Direct3d/DXGI Debug Layer, toggle [Force On]. Next, under Device Settings, for Feature Level Limit select the option [11_1].
  6. Toggle [Disable Feature Level Upgrade] and hit [OK] to confirm changes.

Once your settings have been set, restart your PC to ensure these changes. If the problem persists, you should reinstall TOF and relaunch again.

Solution 3: For Mobile Users, Clear Data and Restart TOF

For Tower of Fantasy players on mobile, the solution is quite simple: You simply need to reinstall or re-update the Tower of Fantasy app.

We'll go over how you can re-update the Tower of Fantasy game's files to bypass error 7812021.

Mobile re-update Tower of Fantasy

To do this on Android, follow these steps below:

  1. Find Tower of Fantasy's app settings.
  2. Tap on [Storage].
  3. Next, tap on [Clear Data] to remove all previous updates for TOF.
  4. Start the app and update the game to the latest version.
These are the current bug fixes the 7812021 error in Tower of Fantasy.

If you are still unable to launch Tower of Fantasy, the only way is to wait for a new solution to emerge, or wait for the developers to address this bug in the future.

For other bugs to troubleshoot, check out how you can fix error ID 4/7 in Tower of Fantasy.

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