Hottest Characters in Tower of Fantasy

If you're a fan of rating anime characters, then you're in for a treat. Here are our updated top picks for the hottest characters in TOF!

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Hottest Characters in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a 3d shared open world filled with beautiful characters, male, female and everything in-between. Following our top hottest female characters of Tower of Fantasy article, TOF 2.0 was released and so we wanted to make an updated list.

Hold on to your nucleuses, because here are our top 10 picks for the hottest characters in TOF.

Spoilers Ahead

1 /10

Tsubasa / Weapon: Ice Arrows

As featured on our previous list of hottest female characters in TOF, Tsubasa once again makes it here.

She's a strong character desired in more ways than one by the TOF community for her damage buffs, arrow rain moveset, and of course, a cute and hot look simultaneously.


Being a starting cast of Tower of Fantasy, Tsubasa still is very much relevant in TOF 2.0 due to her Sharp Arrows team damage buff and perhaps more importantly, her very thick and nappable thighs. As they say, thick thighs saves lives, and Tsubasa's got just the right amount.


The only reason Tsubasa isn't ranked any higher is because of the dog, why doesn't it appear in game?! We were promised a puppy companion in her Simulacra Art, truly a tragedy for players worldwide.

2 /10

Crow / Weapon: Thunderblades

The first male on the list is our resident edgy boy, Crow. This very skilled buttbuttin is very reminiscent to Killua from Hunter x Hunter, who also possesses lightning speed and lightning elemental powers.


In game, Crow is an amazing PVP and solo PVE unit, able to deal insane amounts of damage in when striking from the enemy's backside. If you're not careful, he'll be behind you in no time to drill through 75% of your health, leaving you gasping for air at what just happened.


Just like his flashy appearance in his A3 form, Crow has a flashy aerial playstyle. Players who main Crow are specialists and enjoy expression of skill in video games. With his unique moveset and creative outfits, Crow fits right in as the first male character on our list.

3 /10

Frigg / Weapon: Balmung

If there is one character in TOF that makes gamers go: "Mommy Mommy" uncontrollably, it's Frigg. Her height, her high damage, her commanding gaze can make just about anyone bark.


Standing at 190cm tall, Frigg's official height is 6'28. Which is taller than the 5'7 global average height for men. We're not trying to insinuate anything here, but she would most likely tower over you and dominate with ease.

Beneath her cold exterior is a vigilante seeking the truth behind the Omnium Plague. She'll side with anyone to achieve her goals and so, she does become a prevalent and formidable force in game.


During combat, Frigg is quick on her feet and highly evasive. She can dish out attacks while blink-dashing, all while remaining extremely safe. The only people who are unsafe are the ones facing her, but who's really complaining here?

4 /10

Zeke / Weapon: Gun & Blade

Next up on the rankings is the best big brother ever, Zeke. Currently he's not in the gacha pool, and yes, he's not a playable character - but oh how we wish you were playable.

Design-wise, there's no denying that Zeke is a badbutt. Wielding a sci-fi glock and GIANT scimitar, Zeke is capable of fighting at any range. As a bonus, his stylish ponytail and being a skilled sword user can bring back nostalgic memories for fans of the Dragon Ball series.


Zeke is a mature and pragmatic man who's out on a mission to save his loved ones. The most important thing on his mind is saving his younger sister, Shirli; who was exposed to excessive radiation and must be treated if she were to possibly survive.


Zeke's determination to save his sister is admirable - literally risking his life everyday to fight for her future. This makes him a much better brother than this writer ever could be. Truly the best Onii-Chan in the Tower of Fantasy world. A 10/10 lad.

5 /10

Nemesis / Weapon: Venus

Now that we've introduced you to the big brother, it's time for you to meet his little sister. Nemesis is Zeke's younger sister, formerly known as Shirli before her transformation into an Android.


She's the first character you meet in game and is the quintessential girl next door. Although she now has robot parts, she's too adorable to not make our list.

As the much more innocent Shirli, she would always wear cute pins and ornaments. Despite turning into a deadly weapon, Nemesis still attempts to retain her past self as Shirli by wearing these pins. Contrasting her cuteness is her capability for destruction, which must be kept in check as she is quite unstable. This makes things rather spicy as you'll never know when she'll lose control.


Nevertheless, she constantly fights an inner battle to keep herself in check, so you can't help but to root for her. Beyond that, she does have a slender and mess figure which gets many fans to ogle over her. Exhibit A: reddit post about how she's the best waifu in TOF.

6 /10

Tian Lang / Weapon: Powerbreak

Let's face it, Tian Lang is really just a Kpop idol who snuck into the world of TOF. Normally, I'm not one for the Kpop aesthetics, but let's be objective here... the mad lad breakdances while he fights dangerous creatures. Yeah, there's no way he isn't being included here.


Tian Lang is an intelligent researcher from planet Vera. He's dripped out, has a beautiful set of eyes, and did we mention he breakdances midbattle? He's shown to be goofy and friendly from the trailers, so he's probably a fun guy to hang out with as well. In other words, Tian Lang is near perfect. We're grateful he's only fictional and exists in the virtual world.

So far, Tian Lang is only a china-exclusive. The good thing is, he'll eventually come to Tower of Fantasy global, so start stockpiling your red nucleuses if this breakdancing idol sounds like your cup of tea. We recommend pairing him with other Volt characters, such as Nemesis, Samir, or Crow for an optimal team.

7 /10

Valkyrie / Weapon: Lightning Spears

Valkyrie is a fairly hidden pick that'll be surprising to most readers. You might not even know who this character is. Players who've played far enough would have encountered Valkyrie as the final boss of Aesperia.


Here's the thing: Valkyrie's super hot. Like melt your face off kind of hot.

You encounter and fight Valkyrie atop of the Tower of Fantasy in Aesperia. Immediately, you are greeted with a memorable boss fight and cutscene of Valkyrie basically pummeling your face in.

The fight is quite different from other encounters in TOF, as it even involves a bullet hell segment and unique weather conditions to fight under.


Despite being an evil villain, Valkyrie has provided us with a lot of fun, and that's what really matters in a soulmate. For that we're able to look beyond her travesties and put her high up on the list. Let's just hope she becomes playable one day.

8 /10

King / Weapon: Scythe of the Crow

King, the coolest sunglbuttes man on planet Astra. If anyone could pull off the douchebag look, it'd be him. Women want to be with King, men want to be him.


King doesn't wear shades to hide his face, he wears them to shield your fragile ego. True to his name, King is the ultimate champion of underground Arena fights; never even close to losing a match.

King fits well on a Flame resonance team, filling the roles of Shatterer and DPS all at the same time. If you plan to roll for King, you're in luck because he can be obtained using Gold Nucleuses. But when you get him to Awakened 3 star, there's where the real fun begins...

9 /10

Lin / Weapon: Shadoweave

Lin is the hottest female character in Tower of Fantasy, her personality, her fighting abilities, and her looks just make a whole package come together. Currently, she is the MUST-HAVE waifu in Tower of Fantasy, much thanks to her unique "Abberated" element which allows her to adapt to any team.

With Lin's abilities being so team-play oriented, you just know she would be the type of partner to take good care of you. Besides being well dressed, proper, and still rocking a great figure, Lin is the type of mommy who won't dominate you but would soothe you. That's what most of us are looking for, right?


A wise saying goes: "Never date someone you're not attracted to." Lin brushes these doubts aside with her swimsuit skin which shows off her robust and usually hidden figure. For those reasons, Lin was, and still is, the ultimate Waifu in Tower of Fantasy.

10 /10

King / Awakened 3 star / Weapon: Scythe of the Crow

If looks could kill, you'd already be dead. Yes, King is the prettiest man in Tower of Fantasy, so mess that he makes the same list twice. This beast of a fighter straight up transforms into Sephiroth in his awakened form, looking like a harbinger straight out of hell.


With his new demonic look, you might ask if King is even human. Well, one thing's certain: he's no ordinary human. If you managed to awaken King to 3 stars, you might as well just play through the rest of TOF with the skin. Because let's face it, your main character OC is never going to look this good.


With gorgeous hair like that, at this point female players don't just want to be with him, they want to be him. King belongs on this list twice and you know it.

So do you agree with the list? Let us know who were your favorite characters here!

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