How To Lean In Rainbow Six Siege | Visually Explained

Looking to understand the mechanics of peeking in Rainbow Six Siege? Read our guide to get your hands full on some of the things you need to do while leaning.

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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How To Lean In Rainbow Six Siege | Visually Explained

While Rainbow Six Siege has been out for quite a while, many people say that the leaning mechanism in the game hovered them towards purchasing it. Since the concept was new and had never been introduced before, it attracted the likeness of many people who’ve now spent countless hours mastering it.

So if you’re looking to get better and rank up in RB6, our article here will act as a stepping stone for you to be an expert at the foundation of the game: leaning.

What Is the Lean Peek in Rainbow Six Siege?

The lean peek in Rainbow Six Siege is a mechanism that allows you to get some more view than you normally would of the side you’re leaning into. It’s the same as you would aim down with a weapon in real life, where you would tilt to a certain degree of angle onto a side. Peeking is vital in taking gunfights since you’ll have more vision of the enemy than if you don’t lean.


How To Lean In Rainbow Six Siege?

While all you need to do is press the Q or E button on the keyboard to lean left or right respectively, there’s more to it than that. While leaning does help you, it can aid the enemy if you’re not doing it right. One of the critical aspects of a good Siege player is to know when to lean and when to not.

On a side note, as far as console goes, the way to lean over there is to use the left analog stick - rotate it to the right for leaning right and rotate it to the left for leaning left. Furthermore, an important distinction between leaning on PC and console is that console players can not lean without ADSing.

Peek Diagonally

Always peek diagonally at an angle to maximize your chances of winning a gunfight. If you’re hugging a wall and try to slow peek at an opponent holding an angle opposite the wall, he’ll see your body before you do and have ample time to react before he even comes into your frame.


Jiggle Back And Forth

Even if you want to hold an angle opposite the wall you’re standing at, the best way to do it is by constantly jiggling a little back and forth. If you’re stationary, you’ll probably lose the gunfight due to peeker’s advantage, which happens due to the difference between ping, which you can see in RB6. You can reduce your ping by using the best VPN for RB6.


(In the picture, the Jaeger won’t see you unless you move considerably to the left while you’re able to see him as soon as you move out)

Peek From Where You Are Expecting The Enemy

Always peek from the side you’re expecting your enemy to charge from. So, for instance, if you’re holding an angle of a door and you know the enemy will be bound to peek at you from the right side, then lean to the right. If you lean in the opposite direction, it will give your opponents a split-second advantage over you, which can be enough to finish you off.

Conversely, if you know someone is to your hard right behind a wall, then lean left. That is because the person expecting you to charge him will probably be leaning left. If he isn’t, that makes him a straightforward target to be finished off.

Peeking At Someone Who Is Rappelling

If you know someone is rappelling at a window, the best way to see him before he does is by going under the window and proning. This will hide most of your body while you can see their body. Be sure not to make much noise since they might clear you out otherwise.



Laying down to a bit of left or right on entrances can also help you gain an advantage over opponents. This trick usually works best for defenders since the attacker’s vision gets blocked by their scopes while ADsing. Although this isn’t something you should rely on, it sometimes works for you.


How To Quick Lean/Quick Peek?

A quick lean is the same concept as the standard peek in R6S, but faster. It allows you to get intel if an enemy is holding an angle on you or if there’s someone hiding in a corner, which can be handy in clutch situations. Learning how to lean quickly may feel overwhelming initially; however, it is a great tool to have at your disposal.

Knowing how to quick lean will improve your gameplay and might even help you climb the ladder in Siege’s ranked system. You’ll see enemies doing that a lot as your MMR increases, so it is only fair to do it back. Here are the key combinations you’ll need to quick peek at an opponent.

Quick peek to the right: E + D → E + A

Quick peek to the left: Q + A → Q + D

The E+D/Q+A combination of keys will allow you to peek at someone initially, and the other half will allow you to recentre yourself. The best way to quick lean at someone is if you’ve spotted them with your initial peek, and then you get back in cover, change your position a little bit either by crouching or re-peek a little late.

That is because this whole process of quick peek lasts for over 2-3 seconds, where the enemy might try to pre-fire you in the same position where they saw your head. So by crouching or peeking late, your opponent will get thrown off, and thus, you’ll be able to kill him through mind games.

How To Quick Peek If You Have No Intel?

If you’re marching into a site but have no clue as to where to enemies are, and to top it all off, you don’t have any drones, worry not! What you need to do is quick lean into the site and make sure you clear every angle before you decide to charge in. While there’s a high probability that you won’t clear out everything, it's your best bet if you don’t have intel beforehand.

The method to do this is pretty simple. Start with one angle and then a quick peek at it. If you don’t see anyone, then quick peek a little further. Keep doing this until you feel that there’s no one on the site.

While leaning seems to be an easy concept, there are a plethora of aspects you need to consider before you can master it completely. If you feel overwhelmed after reading all this information, that's because you should be. But fret not! Some practice in the training grounds and private matches, and soon you’ll be nailing it out there in the ranked games, given that you've met the ranked level requirement.

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