Hottest Female Characters in Tower of Fantasy

Here's our ranking of the top hottest females in Tower of Fantasy!

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Hottest Female Characters in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a beautiful game with even more beautiful characters to collect. So to no one's surprise, we are doing a hottest girls list for Tower of Fantasy, just like our ranking of the hottest females in Genshin Impact. Here are our top 5 picks for the prettiest females in ToF.

Starting with Rank 1 (Highest) going down to Rank 5 (Lowest) of the Top 5 most attractive female characters in TOF.

1 /5

Rank 1: Lin / Weapon: Shadoweave

Hailing from Mirroria and taking the number 1 spot is Lin, the all star, Crème De La Crème of all SSR units in TOF. Not only is Lin super sought after for meta team building reasons, she's also a fan favorite for looks.


Lin hails from Mirroria and exudes the aura of an elegant noblewoman. She holds herself to high standards of morality, work ethic, and commits to peacekeeping in Mirroria. She's kind of like the honor student or clbutt rep that has it all. In fact, she's one of the few characters who's received a 3rd outfit, namely the swimsuit shown.


The devs gave Lin a swimsuit outfit, and it's almost like getting a sneak peak at a typically modest girl's figure. But even without her swimsuit, Lin has it all in her default outfit. Despite the conservative dress code, Lin's robust figure is not kept hidden by her tight uniform. She sports a blue streak across her hair, has a beauty mole, and even has thick thighs bursting at the seams.

Lin Kick TOF

Lin kicks an enemy.

Even in the lore, Lin is a beloved citizen of Mirroria, commanding respect and admiration wherever she goes. So without a shadow of a doubt, Lin takes the number 1 spot on this list.

2 /5

Rank 2: Samir / Weapon: Dual EM Stars

Samir is an odd one, not because of her design (It's great), but because she's a mix of Saw, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta references.


Look, she sets booby traps and forces you to play deadly games the first time you meet her. She has a wild and fun loving attitude. In combat, her gameplay is all about melting enemies in smoking sick style with her dual pistols guns. She's like female Dante and Bayonetta mixed into one.


Remember the cool chick you never got to date in school? That's Samir. She's interesting, she's suave, and knows what she wants. Match that up with a black Chinese dress, ripped stockings, a 3 star outfit inspired by Samus (from Nintendo's Metroid series), Samir has something for any hardcore gamer to die for.


3 /5

Rank 3: Cobalt-B / Weapon: Blazing Revolver

Coming in at number 3 is the dark horse pick: Cobalt-B. Every group needs to have a nerdy girl you can depend on. Cobalt-B fits that nerdy hot niche perfectly and more. Not only is she a computer genius, she's also a tank top fitted, tomboyish mechanic. And wow, that voice! What more could you want?


Once you gain access to Cobalt-B's 3 star outfit, she does away with her glbuttes and adapts a striking red motif. Just like a nerdy girl getting a glow up, Cobalt-B appears to be much more brazen in this form; looking like a mixture between Leona from King of Fighters and her previous design. However, true glbuttes and tomboy fans will likely prefer her default look.


Cobalt-B fits several niches: Nerdy, Scientist, Female Guns Expert, Glbuttes girl, Tomboy, Stoic - and because of that, she will stand at number 3 on the list.


4 /5

Rank 4: Tsubasa / Weapon: Icewind Arrows

Rocking an energy outfit and the thiccest of thighs is Tsubasa, coming in at number 4. The only reason why she ranks below Cobalt-B is purely because of Cobalt-B's fit into multiple niches. Other than that, Tsubasa really is a strong contender who can arguably be moved up to Rank 2. She's freeze ya, tease ya, but her looks won't let you down.


Tsubasa's main reason for being on this list are those THICC THIGHS. In her default outfit, Tsubasa wears clothing resembling a highschool uniform. When you unlock her 3 star outfit, she sports a stylish track and field suit instead. To us, its the Thigh Bands in her default outfit that put her on the list. As one can see from her in game model. the bands can barely keep her thighs contained - resulting in some thigh slippage from the sides. As they say, the tiniest details can make the biggest difference. Tsubasa takes number 4th spot on our list.


Now, for the final pick...

5 /5

Rank 5: Saki Fuwa / Weapon: Heartstream

Taking the number 5 spot on the list is Saki Fuwa, a Simulacrum coming with the Vera planet expansion of the game, manages to encapsulate the best of both worlds: cute and charming in her default dress; deadly and alluring in her 3 star outfit.


Despite Saki Fuwa's small stature of 157cm, she's the leader of an elite squad of Security Forces in Mirroria City and considered among the best fighters. This "true" side of her is exposed when you upgrade her to 3 stars - revealing the deadly and serious side hidden beneath her cheerful exterior.


Her ninja-inspired outfit is both practical and mess, leaving a lasting impression of a Femme Fatale. This sudden shift in demeanor (from girly to fatal) is widely regarded as mess, and certainly has seen its share of representation in fiction. After all, who doesn't love a woman who can flip into badbutt mode when they need to? With that, Saki Fuwa takes the 5th spot on this list.


In all honesty, there are many hot picks who could have made this list. Honorary mentions include Shirli, Nemesis, Meryl, Valkyrie, Frigg, Lyra and Shiro. If your favorite character didn't make this list, just know that on a different day of writing, our editors would have put them in at anywhere between rank 2-5. That's how competitive the roster of TOF is!

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