The best Tanks in World Of Tanks Blitz by tier

If you’re a complete newcomer or a World of Tanks veteran that wants to hit the battlefield on the go, you’ll need to know what tanks are best. Within this game, there are some changes that you need to be mindful of. For example, there are no artillery vehicles and a lot of the popular tanks from the main game are absent or not as effective in Blitz. So, we have put together a list of the best tanks within each tier so that you can transition to Blitz smoothly and begin winning matches straight away.

Best Tanks in Tier 1

Renault R35

We begin in France with the tier one medium tank, the Renault R35. This tank has phenomenal manoeuvrability with a rating of 33%. Plus this tank has an outstanding maximum accuracy rating of 28% making it one of the more accurate tanks within its tier. Then the tank also boasts a decent armour rating of 7% and a reasonable HP pool of 260 into the bargain.Where this one struggles is when engaged in battle with a firepower rating of just 1%, meaning that you’ll need to make shots count and use your speed to your advantage. This one is best used as a flanking vehicle so if you enjoy playing this role be sure to try this French masterclass.

Vickers Mk. E Type B

Now we have a Chinese piece of machinery in the form of the tier one light tank, the Vickers Mk. E Type B. This vehicles key asset is it’s manoeuvrability above all else with a ridiculous 55%, meaning that this one can zip around the map with ease. Then Combined with reasonable accuracy of 25% as well, this one is excellent for flanking the enemy.Where you see a drop in performance is with its defensive capabilities with an armour of only 6% and firepower of 2%. Overall, it’s a nippy vehicle that can dart around and take up great positions but needs a skilled player to make those positions count. Despite this, it’s one of the best in its tier for sure.

Best Tanks in Tier 2

Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f)

We move up a tier with Germany taking the first spot with the Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f). This vehicle is a bit of an all-rounder which is a very desirable trait from a light tank. The tank offers a reasonable amount of protection considering its size at 10%. Plus, this vehicle is rather precise as well with an efficiency of 31%, making it one of the more accurate tier two tanks on offer.The downside to this one is that for a light tank, it isn’t quite as mobile as you would like it to be. The health pool of 340 somewhat helps with this. Then the firepower, while not devastatingly poor, isn’t anything to write home about either at 5%. This one is great for light tank players who like to play a more defensive game. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, give this one a try.

LT vz. 38

Now we have another Chinese vehicle taking centre stage. This is, of course, the tier three light tank, the LT vz. 38. This tank is all about speed, with the manoeuvrability of 63% it’s unrivalled within its field at getting side on with enemy vehicles and pumping them full of shells. Plus, when it adopts these positions, there is a great chance you’ll land most shots with an efficiency of 34%.This one does sacrifice protection for its speed with only 8% to offer and a fairly average health pool. Then firepower is rather average as well. This one is for those who are always on the move and can make their mobility sound in clutch situations. It’s a gem within the tier two catalogue and one you have to try for yourself.

Top Tanks in Tier 3

Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu

Japan make their first appearance in tier three through the brilliant Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu. This light tank is the epitome of a high-risk meets high reward sort of vehicle. The firepower of this tank is 21% which is great within its tier, offering up to 69 points of damage with each shell. Then in addition to this, the tank is super mobile with a rating of 64%. This essentially means that this tank can catch you easily and do real damage when it does. Especially with an accuracy of 32% into the bargain as well.The only real Achilles heel of this tank is its abysmal protection of 5%. It essentially makes it a glass cannon within its tier. However, if you can evade enemy fire and get some good shots off, you’ll soon see why this tank is so beloved within the WOT blitz community.


Now we move to mother Russia with the Soviet tier-three tank destroyer, the SU-76I. This tank is particularly mobile for a destroyer with a rating of 53%. It also is relatively accurate with an effectiveness of 53%. Plus, the tank has a reasonable protective capability rated at 14%.The firepower of this one is rather low at just 6% and the health pool isn’t great for the tier. However, this is somewhat made up for with the decent penetration values and rate of fire for this one. It’s all about hitting enemies frequently and using your mobility to stay out of trouble. If this is your game, there are few better tanks at this than the SU-76I

Top Tanks in Tier 4

Durchbruchswagen 2

Now we have a German heavy taking the first tier four spot, it’s the Durchbruchswagen 2. This brute is a complete all-rounder in every sense. The protective capabilities of this one are decent clocking in at 21%. Then the firepower is a respectable 14% which is admittedly its biggest flaw. Shot efficiency and manoeuvrability come in at 30% and 40%, respectively. Which all culminates to give a tank that is capable of just about anything.The real issue with this one is that it doesn’t have a true set purpose, being a jack of all trades but a master of none. It suits heavy tank players that enjoy the versatility and the ability to change tactics on the fly. If this is something you value within these fast-paced games, then the Durchbruchswagen 2 is ideal for you.

Valentine Mk. IX

Now we move to Britain for our next entry. It’s the tier four light tank, the Valentine Mk. IX. This tank is a light tank that doesn’t offer a lot of speed with a manoeuvrability rating of just 30%. However, what it lacks in mobility it makes up for in other areas with attributes like 50% efficiency, 14% protection and a respectable firepower rating of 11%.This tank has a decent penetration rating too and can do a decent job from range due to its accuracy. In general, it’s not a tank you want to get caught in a pickle with as you will struggle to escape. Though, as an all-round offensive tank, it’s one of the best within the fourth tier.

Best Tanks in Tier 5

KV-220 Beta-Test

We head back to Russia with the tier five heavy soviet tank, the KV-220 Beta-Test. This tank is a real Jack of all trades, with a well-rounded set of stats to work with. It has brilliant protection with a rating of 35%, brutish firepower of 29%, shot effectiveness of 36% and manoeuvrability of 21%.To be critical of this monumental heavy tank. The speed is a downside to this vehicle that can cause issues if not accounted for. The decent protection and generous health pool do offset this well but they aren’t something that should be solely relied on. Thankfully, there is a big, powerful cannon there to lend a hand. It’s one of the best that the tier has to offer and you should definitely give it a blast.


Next up is a piece of German engineering, tier five, medium tank, the Krupp-38(D). This one is a tank that clearly favours moment and accuracy to get the job done. With the manoeuvrability of 46% and an efficiency of 53%. Making this one more than capable of getting side on with enemy tanks and dealing some damage.Its damage output is far from disappointing as well with a rating of 27% and a protective capacity of 20% too. This one definitely has superiors in each of its faculties but as a sum of its parts, this one offers a great set of stats perfect for the versatile player.

Top Tanks in Tier 6

T-34-85 Victory

Then we move to Russia with back to back medium tanks. This time it’s the tier six Soviet tank, the T-34-85 Victory. This vehicle has a wonderful set of skills, making it a versatile asset on the battlefield. It has great manoeuvrability of 58%, great accuracy with a 50% efficiency rating. Plus its protective stats are decent too, coming in at 27% and 37% respectively.For its tier, this one can be quite flimsy when caught off guard but it is quite good at evading shots and dishing them out too. So if you keep your wits about you, this one will showcase to you why it is so highly regarded within the sixth tier.


We stay in Russia as we have a tier six heavy coming your way in the form of the Thunder. This vehicle is an absolute beast for its tier, with a protective capacity of 40% and an accuracy of 50%. Which translates to a tank that can take a few hits and makes sure that it lands its shots every time.This one does have its flaws though. It only has the firepower of 26% meaning that you’ll have to make that accuracy count. Plus, the manoeuvrability is poor which is to be expected of heavy tanks. Overall, it’s one that should be leading the line, absorbing enemy fire and getting a few good shots in as it goes.

Best Tanks in Tier 7


As we move to tier seven, we see the first inclusion from the hybrid nation category, this comes in the form of tier seven heavy tank, the smasher. This one is a tank that uses brute force to address its enemies. With a firepower of 56% it can lay waste to a lot of tanks within its tier. Plus, this firepower is supplemented with decent accuracy of 44% and protection of 44% also.Where this tank suffers is in the mobility department with only a rating of 25%. Which means that if you’re caught in a bad spot, you are best to shoot your way out rather than high tail it. This tank is best suited for players that favour destruction over all else.

IS-2 Pravda SP

We treat you to two heavies in this tier with the other star performer being the tier seven heavy tank, the IS-2 Pravda SP. This one is a well-rounded vehicle that isn’t the master of any area but offers versatility that isn’t common among most heavy tanks. This bulky vehicle has the protection of 47%, efficiency of 53%, the firepower of 39% and manoeuvrability of 43%.It’s hard to be critical of this tank as it has no clear weak areas. However, its biggest flaw is the lack of stand out attributes. However, if you want a heavy tank that plays quite similarly to a medium, then this is the one for you.

Top Tanks in Tier 8


Now we move to Britain for our next entry which is the tier eight, medium tank, the Chimera. This beauty has pretty average stats when it comes to shot effectiveness, firepower and protection, with stats all around the 40% mark which although respectable, isn’t a brilliant set to have within the tier.What makes this one a real powerhouse is these stats combined with outrageous accuracy of 76%. This means that you can deal respectable damage very consistently. This one is all about a fast and accurate rate of fire above all else, making it a force to be reckoned with.

Object 252U

We go Russian again for our next entry, with the tier eight heavy, the Object 252U. This one is an absolute monster when it comes to defending itself. The tank has a protection rating of a staggering 94% which is amazing for its tier. Then on top of this, it boasts a good shot efficiency of 65% into the bargain. In short, this one can take hit after hit while constantly chipping away at enemy tanks.Downsides to this vehicle include the rather average damage output and the laughably slow speeds linked to its 32% manoeuvrability of the vehicle. This one is best used as a bullet sponge, drawing fire of enemy tanks and getting a few shot in while doing it.

Best Tanks in Tier 9

Vickers Cruiser

Our first tier nine entry comes from Britain and is the light tank called the Vickers Cruiser. This tank is known best for its excellent manoeuvrability, being able to use its 65% rating to zip around the battlefield. Then, in addition, the tank also has a very good shot efficiency of 80%, which means that if you get into a good position, chances are you’ll make it count, especially with respectable firepower of 59% to work with.Where this one is somewhat lacking is in the protection department with just a 47% rating. Which for a light tank is still not awful but makes it vulnerable, especially in the higher tiers. It also has a pretty slow rate of fire too, meaning that you really need to be landing every shot you get. Overall, it’s a tank that isn’t for defensive situations but offensively, it has quite a bit to offer and is easily the finest tier nine tank.

AMX 30 1er prototype

France is our next destination for our next entry, the tier nine light tank, the AMX 30 1er prototype. This tank is all about offensive play with an outstanding 79% shot efficiency and 76% maneuverability, making this one fast and clinical in action. Then it also has a firepower rating of 62%, making this one a real threat if given time and space to get into position.However, unlike the previous tier nine listing. This one doesn’t have anywhere near as much protection, rated at just 42%, which for a medium tank, is pretty low indeed. This one is great on the attack but has little in terms of defensive capabilities. This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but will suit the playstyle of a few players for sure.

Top Tanks in Tier 10

T-22 medium

Soviet Russia claims another spot, this time with the tier ten medium tank, the T-22 medium. This tank's stats are pretty well rounded and offers the flexibility that is needed for medium tank players. The tank has 70% protection and 80% firepower, so ot can take a hit and can deal a few powerful ones too. Also, with shot effectiveness of 84%, except to hit your target more often than not.This tank struggles in the mobility department though. With a rating of just 65%, it can be outclassed within its tier. Plus, the rate of fire on this one is average at best. Overall, this tank is a shining beacon for the tenth tier and is everything you could want in a flexible medium tank.


Then finally, we swing back over to Germany for our final entry which is the absolute mammoth of a tank, the tier ten heavy, the Maus. This tank is as close to impenetrable as you will get in the entire game and that’s the tank’s main selling point. It boasts a ridiculous 100% protection rating. Then into the bargain, it also has a shot effectiveness of 55% too.This tank does have a very obvious shortcoming though and that is its complete lack of mobility, with a rating of 16%. If you do choose to champion this hulking machine, be prepared to stay in place, eat bullets and try to take out your opponent before they whittle down your mass of armour. Thankfully, the amazing rate of fire aids in this process. It’s an acquired taste for sure but it’s easy to see why the Maus is one of the best tier tens on offer.

And the winner is...

Ok, so let’s be clear before we crown a winner. Due to the complexities and nuances of this game, no one tank rules them all. Each has situations where it will succumb to a tank that exploits its weakness. After all, if that didn’t happen then the game would be an unbalanced mess. However, if we were pressed to pick a winner out of all the tanks on offer, then we would have to base it on a fair metric and we have chosen the highest win rate to decide this.

What’s the best Tank in World Of Tanks Blitz?

So with that in mind, our winner is the Japanese tier three, light tank, the Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu. This one boasts an outrageous win rate of 64.76% which is based on a pool of 517 matches so you know it's legit. It’s easy to see the appeal of this fearsome machine due to its borderline overpowered stats for its tier making it very desirable indeed. Sure it's a bit of a glass cannon but you’ll hardly notice when you’re blowing up every enemy sight before that’s an issue.