Top 15 Heavy Tanks In World Of Tanks

Here is our rundown of the best 15 tanks in WoT.

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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Top 15 Heavy Tanks In World Of Tanks

Different tanks will suit different playstyles, and it's best to give each a shot and see what fits your style. However, this can lead to experimenting in high stakes games and losing in an attempt to find what’s right for you. So, we thought it was best to list the best heavy tanks in the game and give you some info to help make an informed decision.


There's just no better tank to open up this list. M1 is unique for its defensive capabilities above all else; definitely one of the best tanks in the game. This one has a mass of armor that will protect you from a barrage of shells if you get caught in a pickle.


All that is down to its heavy weight, allowing for more protection. To put this in perspective, this vehicle has more rear armor than some tanks have at the front of the vehicle. This, coupled with the largest hit points on offer within the game at 3000, makes this one the tankiest of all the tanks on the roster.


Next is the T29, a tank that can be acquired right at the start of the game and is often the best choice for new players. This is due to the quite well-rounded nature of the vehicle.


T29 has decent damage against tanks of the same tier, reasonable mobility, a very fast reload time of 4.99 seconds if at 100% crew capacity. Plus, this tank can work a much better ridge line than almost any tank in its weight class thanks to its 10° of gun depression.


Now we have the German beast that is the E100. This tank is a Goliath on the battlefield, with one of the best all round armor stats in the game and the third-largest hit point pool within the series.


Its armor includes protection over the tracks, making this tank the perfect vehicle to peer around walls and get snapshots off via the side scraping method. All this combined coupled with it’s 15cm gun makes it an absolute assassin if used correctly.


Now we have another American line tank, the T57. This mammoth machine has one of the highest DPMs in the game, completely dominating the other tier 10 tanks in this area.


The T57’s gun depression is great due to the tank's oscillating turret, making it ideal for navigating hills and ridges, especially with its great accuracy. Plus, this tank has a respectable HP pool of 2250 HP.

Amx 50-b

Now we move onto some French machinery in the form of the AMX-50-B.


This tank is known for its speed above all else. All this combined with its heavy status and great maneuverability makes it a battering ram to be used against lighter tanks on the battlefield. The damage output is nothing to be sniffed at either and with a 4-round autoloader, it means that its reload time is decent as well.


Now we have our first Chinese tank on the list, the WZ-111. This tank is one that has some great offensive qualities.


The WZ-111 has excellent alpha damage and a high top speed considering the fact that it is a heavy tank. It also has great maneuverability, and frontal armor allows players to race into great positions.

Super Conqueror

Now we have the Super Conqueror, a British engineered Goliath. This tank is bolstered with armor and has an excellent rate of fire and alpha damage.


Super Conqueror's turret is well protected, and this armor is not just at the front. The armor is spaced all the way around the vehicle, giving good coverage if flanked.

50TP Tyszkiewicza

Now we have the Polish, tier 9 heavy tank, the 50TP Tyszkiewicza. This tank is all about alpha damage and gun flexibility.


The alpha damage output of this tank is the second highest in its tier class. Plus, this vehicle has both excellent gun depression and elevation, not to mention its overall accuracy being fantastic as well. This coupled with a high health pool and great frontal turret armor make this one great for 1v1 battles from any range or terrain.


Here we have another German masterclass in the form of the VK100.01. This one, much like the Maus, has a monstrously strong armor, so much so that it can take shots from tier ten tanks when taken head-on.


VK100.01 also has an incredible range that is compatible with tier ten tanks and the highest HP pool in its tier. On top of that, it comes with an enormous ammo capacity.

Object 279

Now we have the Soviet destroyer, Object 279. This one boasts armour that will protect you very well from frontal attacks, including a particularly well armoured front turret and upper glacis. This one along with excellent protection has great DPM, good mobility for a heavy tank and favourable gun handling, accuracy and aim times.Downsides are that gun depression is poor like most soviet tanks, the sides and rear are poorly armoured, meaning you are susceptible to flanking. Plus you’ll only be able to obtain this vehicle by completing a rather time consuming and painstaking campaign. This tank is perfect for those that favour accuracy, face-on attacks and heavy tanks that have a bit more manoeuvrability. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, give this one a go.


Now we have the Japanese tier six tank, the O-I. This one also has a high turret, so you can easily shoot from behind cover and allied tanks.


O-I tank is insanely powerful within its tier, being able to two shot most tanks in its category. You’ll also have your choice of gun, with both a 10cm and 15cm to choose from.

WZ111 model 5A

Now we have a variant of the WZ111, the model 5A.


This one is a step up from the original due to its excellent DPM, great frontal armor, decent gun depression in comparison to other Chinese tanks and fantastic mobility and speed considering it’s a heavy tank.


Now we have a German engineered beast, the Mauschen. This Goliath favors defense with very thick armor and an outstanding 2300HP, which makes this the highest health pool for tier nine tanks.


Due to these attributes, it’s not surprising that this one is the second-heaviest tank in the whole game. This makes the Mauschen extremely resistant to ramming.

Object 705A

Another Soviet tank makes our list in the form of the Object 705A.


This powerhouse boasts the most alpha damage among Soviet vehicles, an incredibly strong front turret with no weak spots and equally thin hull and side armor that make this tank great at side scraping. Moreover, due to its decent speed and thick armor, this tank is excellent at ramming enemy vehicles as well.

AMX M4 mle.51

Then lastly we have another French piece of machinery, the AMX M4 mle.51. It offers exceptional gun handling and accuracy, as well as good gun depression and height.


This tank also reaches top speeds quickly and moves reasonably fast at these top speeds. Plus, with its reasonable weight, this speed can be used to this tank’s advantage for ramming foes.

Heavy tanks are cool, but you can't forget about the others. Be sure to check out our listings for Medium Tanks, Tank Destroyers, overall list for the best tanks for each tier in World of Tanks Blitz, and the best tank lines for beginners.

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