Best Czechoslovak Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Here's a list of Czechoslovak tanks with which you won't be able to count your victories!

Updated on Jan 16, 2024
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Best Czechoslovak Tanks In World Of Tanks [Ranked]

Czechoslovakia, a country occupied by Nazi Germany in the Second World War, developed many prototypes for tanks that never became mbutt-produced. World of Tanks brings some of these vehicles to life, playable as heavy, medium, or light tanks (no Czechoslovak TDs or SPGs), with fast medium tanks and good firepower on most of the vehicles. Let's take a look at Czech tanks tier by tier!

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Tier X- Vz. 55

This heavy tank marks the end of the Czechoslovak tech tree and the end of its heavy tank line. It's a tank with an exceptionally fast reload time, a top speed of 50 km/h, and good penetration values. Some of its weaknesses include a slightly longer aiming time, and weak points on the armor, especially the commander's cupola.


But what gives this tank an advantage is the gun depression- making it playable in difficult terrain. Its role is as a breakthrough heavy tank- it's great at delivering firepower and moving fast! If you love playing heavy tanks such as the Vz. 55, here's a link to our list of the best heavy tanks in WoT!

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Tier IX- Škoda T50

The Škoda T50 medium tank features a three-burst autoloader on its top gun with an excellent shell cycling speed of 3,6 seconds, making it suitable for trading three shots for one in certain situations. Although its top speed isn't impressive and it has a large silhouette, it features -8 degrees of gun depression, and similar to the Vz. 55 this gives the Škoda T50 an advantage on sloped terrain.


The main role of this tank is as a support medium tank. Use the autoloader to your advantage: after hitting the enemy, retreat until your clip is reloaded.

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Tier VIII- TVP VTU Koncept

If you're looking to dash out vast amounts of DPM with a decent amount of alpha damage and good mobility, look no further! This excellent medium Czechoslovakian tank has it all- plus 1450 HP. The main issues you will run into playing this tank are the vulnerability of modules and paper-thin armor.


It's possible to upgrade to a 10,5 cm for more alpha damage, but a lesser rate of fire. Beware of your weak armor, so seek cover and put the DPM capability to good use! Big fan of medium tanks? Check out our list of the best medium tanks in WoT!

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Tier VII- Konštrukta T-34/100

The name may sound familiar, and indeed, the Konštrukta T-34/100 was a planned variant of the T-34-85, but it was never produced. With an upgradeable 100 mm gun, it will provide a decent amount of penetration and alpha damage.


The accuracy is also good for a Tier VII vehicle. However, while this tank has the firepower, it lacks in armor; so don't play as if you're invincible. The 100mm top gun is the greatest buttet of this tank, although the gun depression is lacking.

Since Czechoslovakia is a newly added country and doesn't have as many vehicles to choose from as the USSR or USA have, you can choose between two tank lines. The second one starts with the Konštrukta T-34/100 and it's a line of medium tanks, while the main line continues with heavies, ending with the Vz. 55. Whichever line ends up being your choice, it won't be a wrong one because Tier IX and X Czechoslovak tanks will be your reward.

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