Top 10 Medium Tanks In World Of Tanks

Here is our list of the ten best medium tanks in World Of Tanks!

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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Top 10 Medium Tanks In World Of Tanks

We want you to make an informed decision and pick a medium tank that best suits your style. You never know, it may even help you decide what fixed role you want to play later down the line. And that's why we made this listing!


The Cromwell is a tier 6, British medium tank that is perfect for zipping around the map and brawling with lightweight opponents. This tank offers mobility combined with a decent armament that makes this tank a competent assassin of light tanks and a great choice for beginners.


Cromwell also has a decent HP pool of 750 into the bargain, allowing players to play with a certain level of freedom that similar tanks within the tier can’t offer.

M4A1 Revalorisé

Now we have a once overlooked tier eight French tank, the M4A1 Revalorisé. This tank boasts good gun handling, alpha damage and overall accuracy.


It also has great gun depression and a great shell velocity, making this tank great from raised terrains and at range.

Centurion AX

Then we have the British tier ten medium tank, the Centurion AX.


This tank simply takes all the assets of the Centurion 7/1 and improves slightly on each. It has favorable armor, gun handling, damage and mobility to its predecessor. Plus, Centurion AX has excellent gun depression and a reasonable top speed even in tough terrain.

Škoda T 50

Now we have the Czechoslovakian tier nine medium tank, the Škoda T 50. This tank has a magnificent shell velocity, gun depression and view range, making it ideal as a spotter and can snipe pretty well too.


In addition to all this, the tank has spaced side hull armor that allows for side scraping in a pinch and has decent acceleration speed.

T2 Medium

Now we have the American tier two tank, the T2 medium.


This tank has decent all-around armor, a fantastic view range, making it great for spotting. It also has great speed and acceleration for its weight class and in close quarters combat, this tank will take care of lower tier and some same tier tanks with ease.

Object 907

Now we move over to Russia with this Soviet, tier ten medium tank the Object 907.


his tank offers great frontal hull protection with 240mm of thickness, which allows for great hull-down combat possibilities.Object 907 also has a decent acceleration and will maintain speeds even in harsh terrain.

Progetto M35 mod. 46

Now we have the Progetto M35 mod. 46.


This Italian tier eight tank offers great gun depression, accuracy, and a tonne of penetration, making it formidable in a firefight. Moreover, this one is very mobile and has an excellent view range, allowing you to play the role of a spotter comfortably as well.


Now we have the tier four British medium tank, the Matilda, one of the best tanks in the game overall.


Its sheer firepower and defensive abilities are just out of this world. Plus, it has a great shell velocity, meaning easy to shoot in long-range encounters, especially against tank destroyers.

M2 Medium

How we have the American tier three medium tank, the M2 Medium.


This tank does a reasonable amount of penetration, it is fairly mobile, but this one really shines with its DPM. It does a massive 2380 damage per minute plus has 20° of gun depression and a view range of 370mm.


We finish off in Germany with the tier seven medium, the Panther/M10.


This tank has great accuracy even on the move, with the ability to snapshot comfortably. It also has great top speed, will never encounter higher than a tier eight in matches.

And that would be it for our ranking of the best Medium Tanks in WoT. Be sure to also check out our listing for the best heavy tanks, the best tanks for each tier in WoT Blitz, and our updated World of Tanks review!

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