Best Tank Lines For Beginners in World Of Tanks

Updated on Mar 10, 2024
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Best Tank Lines For Beginners in World Of Tanks

It’s clear right from the start of a new player's journey in World of Tanks that the game is not willing to hold your hand. It’s a game that is notoriously hard to get into. Veteran players have little remorse or consideration for newbies, the game’s controls are complex and not fully explained. Plus the game is rather RNG heavy as well, meaning that new players can find themselves feeling dejected as they try to navigate this new, challenging game.One of the biggest issues can be choosing a tank line for a new player. With lower tiers being balanced in existing player’s favor, some tanks being as good as useless in most scenarios, and very little help available to choose your ideal tank, it can be a tricky task. So we have compiled a list of the seven best beginner tank lines to get new players started in the best way possible.

The Is-7 Tank Line (Heavies)

We begin with the IS-7 tank line. This is a great tier ten tank to aim for due to its excellent capabilities in battle. Its main capabilities you’ll enjoy are its excellent frontal and side armor, its brutally strong alpha damage and it has a phenomenal top speed for a heavy tank (check our list of the best heavy tanks). Within the line for this tank, there are a number of viable lower tier tanks along the way, making the grind a reasonable one and this line one of the most popular ones to begin with.

Ks-1 (Tier 5)

Along this line, you will receive the KS-1 at the beginning of your grind. This heavy tank is by no means a world-beater but it can hold its own if used correctly. It is particularly good at sidescraping and when packing HEAT ammunition, it can two-shot most tanks within its tier. Only issues are that this one has a weak turret so watch out for that one. Overall, this one is a good place to start for beginners and helps you learn angling early on in your experience.

KV-S1 (Tier 5)

You then get your hands on the KV-1S which is not a massive improvement but still a little bit better. This one drops in armour rating and gun depression. However, what you get in return is much better gun handling and increased mobility, making this a faster, more accurate machine. This also retains the same firepower of the KS-1, so as a whole, its well worth pursuing the step up.

KV-85 (Tier 6)

You then get the KV-85 and move up to tier 6. This vehicle retains the same armour as the two listed above, making this one rather flimsy within its tier. However, this tank completely swaps speed and protection for firepower. The alpha damage, DPM and gun handling are all great on this tank, being able to trouble the likes of tier 7 tanks. It can be difficult to get into positions where this tank is threatening due to its flimsy nature but if you do, you’ll almost definitely come out on top.

IS-1 (Tier 7)

Moving up to tier seven gifts the player the IS-1. This tank follows the trend of rather weak armour but despite this, the tank has phenomenal firepower and much better mobility than the KV-S1. Not to mention, the armour can be rather bouncy at times too. Making this a great tank to peak out from cover, get a quick shot off and then return to cover again.

IS-3 (Tier 8)

When you get to tier eight on this line, you are treated to a real all-rounder in the form of the IS-3. This tank actually has formidable frontal armour of 200mm and great turret armour too. This is combined with great firepower that is synonymous with this tank line. Only thing to be vary of is the premium rounds that will cost a pretty penny. Plus, the tank is pretty useless at range so stick to using this one as a brawler.

Object 257 (Tier 9)

Tier nine awards the player the brutish Object 257. This one returns to the trend of terrible armour from previous line entries. However, if used correctly, it can be quite bouncy. The Object 257 also has a powerful cannon and decent mobility. It’s hard to argue that this one has more to offer than the IS-3 but in the hands of a skilled player, this tanks attributes and unconventional armour placement can pull off some great plays.

IS-7 (Tier 10)

If you stick with this line right until the end, you get the very impressive IS-7. The tank is easily the most versatile of the group, adding to the all-rounded approach of the IS-3. It can take on heavies, brawl with mediums, flank and even scout. This one is a great tank to get your hands on early and makes this line a great one for beginners to start with.

The Grille 15 Line (Tank Destroyers)

Now we have the grille 15 lines. This is a line that is great for beginners who want to learn the art of the tank destroyer class. This line will teach players the importance of camouflage, the importance of concealment and help them learn each map inside out. Not to mention that you get to be the one blowing up the majority of the enemy vehicles, what could be more fun.

Toaster IVc (Tier 5)

We begin this line with the toaster IVc. This vehicle doesn’t boast a lot of protective faculties but what it lacks in this department, it makes up for in sheer destructive attributes. This tank can two-shot most tanks in its tier and has a great reload time and accuracy into the bargain. The tank is also relatively mobile as well-meaning that you can get from one hiding spot to the next quickly, lowering the chance of detection. Overall, if you don’t get hit, this one will be able to serve you pretty well.

Nashorn (tier 6)

We quickly jump to tier six with the Nashorn. This tank has phenomenal DPM and gun handling, plus the alpha damage isn’t too bad either. It’s also got the ability to penetrate very effectively. So much so that tier seven tanks should think twice before tussling with this one. It’s still a very flimsy tank if spotted but does have an improved health pool on the Toaster. Mobility is the only real thing you lose with this vehicle but overall, its a decent upgrade.

Struer Emil (Tier 7)

This one may be as flimsy as the tanks that came before it but the Struer Emil packs one hell of a punch. This tank has alpha damage of 500, incredible accuracy and -15° of gun depression, making this one brilliant at finding weak spots in enemy tanks and laying waste to them in record time. You’ll have to make your shots count, however, as you only have a fifteen round capacity. Plus, the tank is very slow, so if the enemy spots you, don’t expect to escape. It’s a tank for an accurate and conservative player for sure but a strong tank to have in your arsenal.

Rhm. Borsig Waffentrager (tier 8)

The step up to tier eight offers a tank that offers wonderful camouflage which helps to offset its flimsy armour. Then with alpha damage of 750, penetration of 128mm and phenomenal gun handling, this tank is no joke on the battlefield. It is very slow, much like the last line entry. So you will have to act proactively if things turn sour but overall, this tank is one of the best available within the tier.

Waffentrager auf Pz. IV (tier 9)

Our last stop before the grille 15 is this excellent piece of machinery. This tank takes all that’s great about this line and represents it in the form of one vehicle. The tank has decent camouflage capabilities, brilliant firepower with a variety of loadouts for a painless stock grind. Plus this tank actually has reasonable speed and can maintain it pretty well. Which allows the player to play this one with a more aggressive mindset than the previous entry. This is a microcosm of what makes this line great and a super tank to have.

Grille 15 (tier 10)

Now we have the crown jewel of the entire tank line, the Grille 15. This tank is an absolute powerhouse with its powerful 15cm cannon, pinpoint accuracy and rapid reload times. It also has excellent shell velocity, making this one a powerful option even from range. The tank’s mobility is also great for its size, being able to reach 60kmph with ease. Sure if you’re spotted, you’re in trouble but with that much firepower, perhaps you’ll have the resources to get out of that jam. This tank is well worth the grind up this line and being honest, its a pretty fun one all things considered. It’s the perfect beginning point for new players who want to play the destroyer role.

T110E3 tank line (TDs)

Now we have a tank line that leads to the American powerhouse, the T110E3. This line is also great for beginners as it teaches them how to play as a front-facing destroyer and focuses on hull-down tactics to get the job done. It’s a different approach to the IS-7 line but one that is equally effective if used correctly.

M10 wolverine (Tier 5)

First up we have the M10 wolverine. This tank has great mantlet armour and gun depression, making it formidable in hull-down combat. It has a reasonable acceleration and decent speed and has a 370m view range, making this tank a decent spotter as well. Downsides are that this one has poor alpha damage and penetration, making it hard to destroy enemies unless you get the jump on them. It’s not the best tank in this line but you have to start somewhere.

M36 Jackson (Tier 6)

Now we have the step up to tier six with the M36 Jackson. This tank offers a lot more firepower than the Wolverine, along with good accuracy, aim times and ammo capacity too. It also maintains the strong mantlet for hull-down tactics and a good overall speed. Downsides to this tank is its poor side and rear armour making it susceptible to flanking and its camouflage rating could be a lot better. It’s a better tank than the Wolverine and a step in the right direction.

T25 AT (Tier 7)

Next is the T25 AT, an American tier seven destroyer. This tank is incredibly mobile with high speeds, acceleration and traversal speeds. Plus, into the bargain, this tank has great DPM, alpha damage, penetration, camouflage, gun handling and gun depression. It’s a tank that has an awful lot going for it. It’s issues include extensive shell costs and weak side and rear armour which is to be expected. Overall, this tank is a great asset to have.

T28 (Tier 8)

Next up is the American tier eight destroyer, the T28. This monstrous machine has excellent DPM, penetration, accuracy and aim time. This combined with its decent frontal armour and the largest health pool in its tier makes this one capable of playing from the front. This one does have very slow speeds making it a sitting duck if spotted. Plus its weak roof armour makes it vulnerable to artillery wheels too. Overall though, this one is a great choice to have.

T95 (Tier 9)

Now we have the powerful, T95. This tank has incredible frontal armour and a mantlet that is virtually impenetrable which allows for competent hull-down combat. The T95 also has frightening alpha damage while still retaining respectable penetration and rate of fire. This tank does have weak spots, especially the cupolas that are very vulnerable even from medium range. Plus this tank tracks come off very easily making it quite simple to flank. Provided you can stay concealed and get face on with enemies, this one is a super asset to have.


Then we have the one you’ve waited for, the T110E3. This American tier 10 destroyer is brilliant at face on, hull down combat with good gun depression and cupolas much stronger than the T95. This tank also improves on overall firepower with stronger penetration, higher DPM and slightly improved accuracy. This tank is admittedly very slow, has poor aim times and gun handling, plus doesn’t handle terrain resistance well at all. Holistically however, this tank is a real prize asset to have in your locker and despite the slow start to the grind, it quickly becomes quite a fun line to follow.

The Centurion AX Tank Line (Medium Tanks)

When you’re starting out, sometimes you don’t know exactly what type of player you want to be. Maybe you don’t want to even specialise at all. So with medium tanks, you can be a complete all-rounder. Not exactly brilliant at any aspect but reasonable in all areas and able to lend a hand anywhere on the battlefield. If this sounds like your cup of tea, the Centurion AX line is a great place to start.

Crusader (Tier 5)

We begin with the British tier five tank, the Crusader. This one is poorly armoured and doesn’t help matters with poor mobility as well. However, what this lacks in speed and armour, it makes up for with its decent firepower. It has great DPM and a gun depression of -12°, meaning that you can take up great positions. Gun handling is also a bit uncomfortable unfortunately but if new players can manage to tame this tank, it offers a great foundation to learn the basics of medium tank gameplay.

Cromwell (Tier 6)

The Cromwell is a real step up from the Crusader, offering mobility combined with a decent armament that makes this tank a competent assassin of light tanks. It also has a decent HP pool of 750 into the bargain. Allowing players to play with a certain level of freedom that similar tanks within the tier can’t offer. This one is a great way to learn the tricks of the trade and also is genuinely fun to play.

Comet (Tier 7)

Now we have the Comet. This British tier seven tank actually has some armour capability when playing hull-down tactics. It’s able to bounce lower tier and some same tier attacks, however, any advanced tiers will tear right through this defence. The main advantage of this tank is its excellent gun depression, making this one excellent if you have the high ground but you will find the firepower of this one lacking in some areas. Overall, this one is a disappointing pit stop you have to make on this tank line but one that will teach you now to play ridges and utilize your minimap effectively.

Centurion I

The Centurion one swaps the need for hull down tactics with a nice pool of hit points and decent all round armour. Plus this tank has great penetration and gun handling too, all the while maintaining the great gun depression of previous line entries. The speed of the vehicle also allows for the versatility needed in a medium tank. Alpha damage is a bit of a let-down admittedly but as an all rounder, this tank can prove successful in almost any situation.

Centurion 7/1

Now we have the Centurion 7/1 which steps up the defensive assets from the Centurion. This tank has impressive frontal armour, near impenetrable turret armour and if playing hull down, can bounce shots from an angle quite well. This is complemented by amazing gun handling and capable penetration and damage outputs. It also has phenomenal view range of 410m and decent mobility, making this one great at spotting and reacting to tanks at range. It’s one of the better all-rounders in the game and one that beginners should strive to obtain.

Centurion AX

Then we have the cream of the crop for this tank line. This tank simply takes all the assets of the 7/1 and improves slightly on each. It has favourable armour, gun handling, damage and mobility to its predecessor and doesn’t suffer from any new downsides. It’s a great tank for beginners to learn the importance of ammo choice, gun handling and positioning, so consider this line if you’re just starting out and want an all-rounder in your ranks.

The T100-LT Tank Line (light tanks)

Light tanks as a whole don’t offer the easiest time for beginners learning how to play effectively. This is due to these types of vehicle relying on a keen knowledge of the games strategies, maps, stats and various other factors to effectively use. Though, if nothing else but to play devil’s advocate, we have included the T100-Lt line which will provide the easiest light tank route possible if a new player decides to take the plunge.

T50 (Tier 5)

First off we have the American light tank, the T50. This vehicle understandably has a low health pool and flimsy armour. However, this tank has good DPM and gun handling along with decent alpha and penetration damage. It also makes an okay spotter with a view of 350m and mobility as to be expected, is pretty great. This one is perfect for a lot of purposes whether that be taking out other light tanks, flanking or spotting for other teammates.

Mt-25 (tier 6)

Now we have the MT-25 which is a decent upgrade from the T50. It’s armour and health pool is better if still not be counted on in battle. It does sacrifice some of its accuracy but the return is an boost in alpha damage and reload speed. This makes this tank a great unit for taking on tanks of its tier and perfect for poking out of corners and hitting pot-shots.

LTG -Tier 7

The LTG takes a more defensive stance than the previous line entries. The armour is rather effective against any tier five vehicle and can bounce shots reasonably well. However, its not an attribute we advise you rely on too heavily. It takes a small dip in the offensive abilities but still packs enough firepower to be quite a decent brawler. This would be classed more as a pocket medium tank and in skilled, capable hands, can really trouble the oppositions light tanks.

LTTB – (Tier 8)

This tank in relation to previous entries is a little bulkier but considering the tier its placed in, you’d be a fool to think this will survive against some of the 750 aloha damage tanks lurking around. It’s much better suited at using its high speed and DPM to flank enemies and hit them in weak spots. It’s a tank that requires aggressive and skilled play but one that can deliver when used tactically.

T54 ltwt. (Tier 9)

Now we have the T54 ltwt. This tank is more armoured than most light tanks and is capable of bouncing the odd shot or two. Plus this tank is a step up from the LTTB in that it offers improved alpha damage, gun handling and doesn’t sacrifice any of its incredible speed. Allowing you to also ram lower tier light tanks when given the opportunity. It’s another tank that rewards competent, aggressive playstyles so if this is your style, this one will be a benefit to have.

T100-LT (Tier 10)

Then we have the big daddy of this tank line, the T100-LT. This light tank has an outstanding 200mm of frontal armour meaning that it can occasionally take a shot for a tier ten in battle. The gun has excellent alpha damage and penetration but the real strength of this tank is its ability to shoot on the move. Its snapshot is phenomenal and retains a high level of accuracy. This line does reward some excellent tanks to work with but we must reiterate that it’s probably best to max out at least one other line before taking on this challenge. These tanks require a great deal of game knowledge to use effectively so bear this in mind before you jump into this line.

Best Tips for beginners to start with your first Tank Line

So you have decided what tank line you’re going to try and ascend. That’s a great start but to do so you need to win matches and play well to advance quickly. So here are a few handy tips to take on-board before you dive into the grind of a tank line.

Be a team player

First and foremost, you must understand that WOT requires you to play strategically and rely on your allies to succeed. No matter how bulky a tank destroyer you take down the enemy flank. You will not win a battle on your own, it’s simply not possible. To be effective, communicate with your team, analyze what the plan of attack is and know your role within the team. No one needs a light tank running blindly into tier ten destroyers.

Focus your fire

When shooting a gang of enemy tanks, remember that it is important to take out as many as you can as quickly as you can. Leaving a few tanks on 20% health is a much worse decision compared to cutting the field down to size. So concentrate your fire and finish off enemies before attacking the next one.

Know Your Tank

Much like knowing your role in the team, knowing your tank’s strengths and weaknesses is key. If your tank has great front armor then tailor your encounters to be head-on. If you’re a speedy vehicle, perhaps you’re best suited for flanking. It’s all about utilizing the best aspects of your vehicle and making it work within your team.

Be Evasive

There is nothing more certain of getting you killed than sitting still or driving in a straight line at a steady speed. This makes you an easy target which your enemies will usually take full advantage of. In open spaces, use concealment tactics to move up. In city areas, use cover and peak out to deliver pot-shots or simply use ranged attacks to lower the risk of being hit in a weak spot. It’s all about making your shots count and making the enemy’s shots count for nothing.

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