How To Earn Money Playing Hearthstone (4 Legit Ways)

Discover the best methods to make money playing Hearthstone! We tested them out for You!

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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How To Earn Money Playing Hearthstone (4 Legit Ways)

The first thing that comes to people's mind when they think of making money playing Hearthstone is that it's impossible unless you're a professional paid player or a very popular streamer.

So today, we're here to set things straight and prove that it is absolutely achievable to earn money playing Hearthstone, even if you're a casual player. This article will show the best ways to accomplish that, so let's get into it.

Using Buff Game

The first approach to earning money through Hearthstone that doesn't require you to play Hearthstone on a professional level or rely on live streaming is, a loyalty program made by gamers for gamers.

While this service won't allow you to earn real money, it will allow you to get all sorts of valuable rewards that you can either use or sell for real money. is, in fact, a program that you can install on your PC (there's a mobile app for mobile games, too) and get rewarded for playing Hearthstone.

In essence, this program scans how well players perform in Hearthstone (like your win ratio), then uses the advanced algorithm to reward the users with Buff Coins based on in-game performance.

Buff Coins are a currency used for purchasing digital and physical rewards directly on Buff Marketplace, and the better you perform in Hearthstone, the more Buff Coins you'll get.


With enough Buff Coins, you'll be able to top up your Blizzard Account and use those funds to purchase Gold in Hearthstone to buy card packs, enter the Arena, Heroic Tavern Brawl, purchase card backs or alternate heroes, and so on.

If the idea of playing Hearthstone and getting rewarded for it sounds like a good deal to you, make sure to check out our review of Buff first to find out everything about this program and the reasons why you should use it.


Keep in mind that you'll need to be realistic when it comes to, since it won't make you rich or anything, but it's a great way to get something for free while simply playing the game.



Unfortunately, not every method of making money playing games, including the Hearthstone, involves being passive and simply playing the game.

One of the ways to do it is through live streaming on various platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, Facebook Gaming, and so on. The key to becoming a successful streamer lies in being entertaining, consistent, and having decent Hearthstone skills. Furthermore, you don't need to reach a Legend rank to become a thriving Hearthstone streamer, even though this would undoubtedly give you more credibility, attract more viewers, and increase your chances of earning money.


The main issue with this approach is that it takes plenty of effort, patience, knowledge, and other elements. Still, even if you possess all of them, nobody can guarantee that you'll be able to make it and, ultimately, earn money through streaming Hearthstone.

Moreover, you will also need to invest in getting card packs because people who watch Hearthstone streams enjoy watching someone open them.

So if you meet all the criteria and don't mind taking a huge risk, you can get significantly rewarded and potentially turn Hearthstone streaming into a career.

Bonus Method: Earn Free Gold In Hearthstone Using Freecash

Many gamers who play Hearthstone are only interested in getting gold rather than real money, and just for them, we included the way to do it completely free - through Freecash. This is another reward service, only this one requires you to do something in return, rather than simply playing Hearthstone.

Freecash is a get-paid-to service that allows anyone to join for free, complete online tasks, earn a virtual currency called Freecash Coins, and exchange it for various rewards, including the Blizzard gift cards (that can be used for getting Hearthstone gold).

So if you'd like to join, first, you'll need to register on their website or a mobile app. Then, move on to the "Earn" page, where you'll discover several offers containing tasks that you may choose from, and complete them to get Freecash Coins.


After collecting sufficient Freecash Coins, head to the "Cashout" page, where you'll see over 20 available rewards, including the Blizzard gift cards.


Lastly, choose one of the four available denominations ($20, $50, $75, and $100) based on how many Freecash Coins you have, and select the "Withdraw" to receive a Blizzard gift card code. After redeeming it, you'll finally be able to get Hearthstone gold, and the best thing is that you can repeat this process as many times as you want!

To learn more about this service and ensure that it's legit, have a look at our in-depth review of Freecash, and you'll realize why we included it in this article.

Then, if you decide to join Freecash, here's something complimentary - a bonus code that you may use for the chance to win up to $250!

There are no special requirements, but you'll only need to verify your email address after registering. You'll then receive a popup on the website of Freecash in which you can type "TGG" to watch the wheel of fortune spin and potentially bring you some money.



The last way to make money playing Hearthstone is the most demanding one because it can only be achieved by competent Hearthstone players. If you belong to this category, you can make money by coaching other players and guiding them through Heartstone, so they can improve their own skills.


You'd be surprised how many players would pay for the one-on-one Hearthstone lessons because many are willing to do anything to reach a higher possible rank.

This is a perfect opportunity if you're a decent player, and this job focuses on the theoretical and practical parts of the Hearthstone.

As a Hearthstone coach, your job would be to watch your clients play and direct them using voice communication. By directing, we mean telling them which cards they should use, what moves they should make, when, and so on. 

So if you believe you can handle this and are positive about your Hearthstone skills, go ahead and register at freelancing websites, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and many more. 

Then, create a decent portfolio to showcase your Hearthstone expertise and create a gig/offer. Once you get the first few clients, you can expect more of them to seek your assistance, so you can turn this into a profitable job over time. And you can do the same with many other games, including Call of Duty: WarzoneDota 2, or Clash Royale.


No magic formula can allow you to earn money playing Hearthstone, and most of the approaches mentioned in this article will require something of you.

But that's not the case with the, which only requires you to register, install the program (or an app, if you're a mobile player), and play Hearthstone. So if you're looking for a way to profit in the short-term, is a perfect solution. In contrast, if you're looking for a long-term solution, try streaming or coaching instead. 


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