How To Earn Money Playing Clash Royale (4 Legit Ways)

Discover the best ways to make money playing Clash Royale! We tested them out for You!

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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How To Earn Money Playing Clash Royale (4 Legit Ways)

Other than competing in Clash Royale eSports tournaments, there aren't many ways to earn money through this game. Even so, with the right approach, it is possible to earn money playing Clash Royale without having to play on a professional level.

Using Buff Game

The first approach towards profiting from playing Clash Royale won't grant you money. Still, you'll be able to use it as a passive income source where you'll be earning various rewards (including physical and digital) instead of money.

Using the, all you need to do is play Clash Royale and get rewarded; it's truly as simple as that! is a loyalty-based app (available for Android and iOS) that uses the advanced code to scan how well you perform in Clash Royale and reward you with Buff Coins based on that.

In addition, it also allows you to complete various weekly challenges for an extra Buff Coins, which you can use in Buff Marketplace to obtain all sorts of digital and physical goods, including:

  • Gaming gear
  • Retailers' gift cards
  • Digital game codes
  • Top-up credits
  • and so on.

After collecting enough Buff Coins over time, you'll be able to get Google Play or Apple account balance and use it to buy in game items for Clash Royale, or you can get anything else from the list.

If the idea of playing Clash Royale and profiting seems like an excellent deal to you, make sure to check out our review of first, just to make sure that this service is absolutely safe to use, legitimate, and that it gets the job done.


Lastly, it's important to have realistic expectations of this service because it will definitely not make you rich, but it's a terrific way to earn something passively while playing games.


Selling Accounts

Although technically, this is not a legit way to earn money since it's against Supercell's TOS, you won't need to fret about that because everyone else is doing it.

Essentially, you could sell your Clash Royale account through third-party services like PlayerAuctions, G2G, Playerup, and others, but only if your account meets the specific requirements.


For instance, your account must have some gold, gems, cards, and a high level if you want to actually make some money.

Otherwise, there's no point in selling a Clash Royale account because without meeting those essential criteria we mentioned above, your account will be worthless.

Another approach related to selling accounts is flipping them - buying accounts for a low price and re-selling it for profit. However, this is more complicated and requires much knowledge and knowing how and where to buy/sell those accounts.

Bonus Method: Earn Free Gems In Clash Royale Using Freecash

Would you like to get Gems in Clash Royale without spending a dime on them? If so, Freecash is the answer because this service allows anyone to install an app completely free (available for Android only), complete online tasks, and get rewarded!

This get-paid-to service features tasks that may include downloading a mobile game and completing a specific achievement, writing a review, watching a video, and so on.

If you'd like to try this out, you'll need to download the Freecash app and register. Then, you'll need to tap the "Earn" option, where you'll find several offers containing the online tasks we mentioned above.

Every time you complete a task, you'll receive a virtual currency Freecash Coins, which you can later exchange for Google Play or Apple credits or any of the 20+ available payout options.


Once you collect enough Freecash Coins, tap the "Cashout" option in the app and you'll find all available payout options. For instance, if you play Clash Royale on Android, select Google Play.


Then, you'll be able to choose between four available sums you can add to your Google account, depending on how many Freecash Coins you've accumulated.

Once you select the amount, tap the "Withdraw" option, and you'll receive a gift card code that you can redeem and top up your account immediately.

If you'd like to learn more about this app and whether it's legit, check out our all-embracing review of Free Cash before you start using it. And if you decide to register on it, we have a free code that you can use for a chance to win up to $250!


Make sure to verify your email address once you register, and next time you open an app, you'll receive a popup screen where you can type "TGG" and potentially win some extra money. Good luck!


Making YouTube Videos

Lastly, we have hands down the most profitable approach to earn money through assumingly your favorite game on mobile - by making YouTube videos. This is, however, the most challenging method we listed in our article because anyone can become a YouTuber nowadays. Still, only a tiny fraction of people will manage to profit from it.

Just try typing "Clash Royale" into YouTube, and you'll find videos with hundreds of thousands and even millions of views, and you'll realize what sort of competition there is. And the same applies for any other game such as Apex Legends, Clash of Clans, Dota 2, or Call of Duty Mobile.


Because there are so many videos for this game, the idea is to be unique and create different types of videos that may attract viewers and potentially earn you some money.

For instance, rather than making how-to videos and guides, you could focus on entertaining videos, commentaries, or anything you believe can become "the thing."

If you ever wanted to find a way to make money playing your favorite video games, you've probably realized how difficult that can be, especially when it comes to mobile games like Clash Royale.

So if you want to play safe, it's best to stick to and earn some decent rewards while you're already playing games because all the other methods are risky and require plenty of time and effort. 


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