Earn Money by Playing Call of Duty Mobile

Here are several ways that you can do to earn money by playing Call of Duty Mobile.
Earn Money by Playing Call of Duty Mobile

Just like other games, Call of Duty Mobile can also be a money-making game. The gaming platform also offers several ways to earn money, all while the users have fun by playing their favorite games. Call of Duty Mobile is no exception when it comes to making money.

With COD Mobile’s popularity, which rose through E-Sports Tournaments and content creators, users started to participate in money-making by playing and earning real-life cash. These ranges from paid promotions to account selling. Here are 5 things that you can do to earn real money by playing COD Mobile:

Through E-Sports Tournaments

One of the most popular ways to earn money by playing COD Mobile is to participate in tournaments. With how active the CODM Community is, there are tournaments that are available to join almost every month. Most Call of Duty tournaments are sponsored by brands in exchange for promotion, but there is also a "pay-to-register" type of tournament. The usual prizes for these tournaments include COD points and cash rewards. That is how gamers make money out of tournaments.

Other Call of Duty Mobile gamers see tournaments as opportunities to showcase their gaming skills because major E-Sports organizations worldwide are always searching for suitable gamers to join and sign on their teams. By getting scouted, players can get paid for playing their favorite games, in this context Call of Duty Mobile.

Some of the major tournaments that are free to join are CODM World Championship and Garena Invitationals.


Through being an E-Sports Coach/Analyst

In order for E-Sports players to give their full focus on their game, every E-Sports Team have staffs that assist them. Two of the most important roles that help support these players are the Coach and the Analysts.

Coaches work closely with the players to motivate and help them grow their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses. While Analysts, on the other hand, analyze and creates strategic plays that exploit the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors. Both of these roles make sure that these players are always at the top of the game in order to win as much as possible. As the team succeeds, so do the analyst and the coaches because they are paid well as compensation.

These support staffs undeniably play a huge role in a team's success. With the right set of skills and knowledge of the game, anybody can be a Call of Duty Coach or Analyst someday.


Through Content Creation

With new battle passes, new functional weapons, new skins, lucky draws, and crates coming every month to Call of Duty Mobile, there are endless ideas to create content about. Although being a content creator isn't exactly as easy as it sounds, it's a fun way to be yourself and generate money along the way.

Content Creators can get money through stream donations, ads, membership fees, sponsorships, affiliate link, referral code, merch, and revenue.

Content creators stream while playing Call of Duty Mobile. They are able to earn cash through donations and paid ads. Streaming can be done on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming websites. Other content creators record, edit, and post videos of their games on their Facebook pages or YouTube accounts for their subscribers to watch. More content leads to generating more subscribers and sponsorships.

It's not easy to attract thousands of viewers and make them stay for more. Originality is integral in content creation because copyright infringement is prevalent in this kind of platform.

Some of the best COD streamers are BobbyPlays, iFerg, and Hawksnest.


Through Betting

Just like in every E-Sport game, there will always be players who will be betting their favored teams to win in tournaments. COD Mobile is also one of those games. With major tournaments happening all throughout the year, it is certain that betting can be your way to earn money. Online betters use online betting websites such as Rivalry to bet on their favorite team.

Even though we highly discourage players from getting addicted to betting, having high stakes will give higher rewards.


Through Offering Leveling Services

Just like in other Call of Duty titles, grinding for rank and camos is very exhausting and time-consuming. Some players aren't that skilled enough to reach a certain level or even have time to grind camos. They seek other players who can do these for them.

Grinding camos take the longest because some camos require other pre-gained camos. An example is the Damascus, in order to get it, grinding Gold and Platinum is a must. For Ranks, grinding for 1-2 weeks will be sufficient depending on the performance. Earning money has never been easy but this is probably the fastest way to earn money in COD Mobile. Beware though, this is a bannable offense in COD Mobile.


Through Buying, Selling, or Trading Accounts

Earning money by buying an account for a cheap price and selling it a bit at a higher price is also doable in COD Mobile. Knowing rare items in this game will be an advantage when buying, selling, and trading. Players tend to purchase accounts that have rare items, and good stats. Something to watch out for are scammers.

Same as Piloting COD accounts, this way is also a bannable offense.


Through Freecash

This method is one of the most efficient ways to earn money quickly. By visiting their website or using their mobile app, you can earn money whenever you like. In short, all you need to do is complete some tasks, earn some virtual currency called Freecash Coins, and then claim your rewards. Just like that.

Use our free bonus referral code, which could get you up to $250. If you want to try this out, simply enter "TGG" and spin the wheel to win some free money when verifying your email address. To start earning money, go to the "Earn" page and there you'll find a number of tasks you can complete to earn Freecash coins. When you have collected enough of them, cash out and select the rewards you desire. For more information, see our thorough review of Freecash.

Besides freecash, there are other great websites that will give you rewards for simply playing your favorite game, including Buff.game.

Who knew that you can actually earn money playing games? There are multiple ways to earn money through Call of Duty Mobile. Some of them are official, but some of them are illegal in-game. The key is to be wary and to know when is too much. Well, now that you know that gamers have ways to earn money playing COD Mobile, you can now play COD mobile and monetize at the same time. Go and shoot your shots!

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