6 Ways to Earn Money by Playing COD Mobile

Discover six ways to earn money while playing COD Mobile, including participating in tournaments and content creation.

Updated on Feb 10, 2024
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6 Ways to Earn Money by Playing COD Mobile

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Through E-Sports Tournaments

Earning money by playing COD Mobile is a dream for many players, and one of the most popular ways to do this is by participating in tournaments. The CODM community is incredibly active, making it easy to find tournaments to join almost every month.

Most Call of Duty tournaments are sponsored by brands, which look for promotion in exchange for funding the event. However, there's also a pay-to-register type of tournament, and the prizes for these competitions often include COD points and cash rewards, which is how the best COD players can make money from participating in tournaments.

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Through Content Creation

Call of Duty Mobile continuously introduces new battle passes, weapons, skins, lucky draws, and crates each month, offering a treasure trove of content opportunities. While becoming a content creator isn't a walk in the park, it presents a fulfilling way to express oneself and earn money simultaneously.

Content creators can monetize their passion through various streams such as:

  • Stream donations
  • Advertisements
  • Membership fees
  • Sponsorships
  • Affiliate links
  • Referral codes
  • Merchandise sales

This diversity in revenue sources opens up multiple avenues for creators to financially benefit from their content.

Making Money in COD through Content Creation

Attracting and keeping thousands of viewers is no small feat. Originality is crucial in content creation, especially in environments rife with copyright infringement risks. Beyond being original, creators must be engaging and attentive to their audience's needs. 

That said, if they want to change your CoD Mobile avatar, you do it for their entertainment. That's just the way it goes.

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Through Betting

Just like in every E-Sport game, there will always be players who will be betting their favored teams to win in tournaments. COD Mobile is also one of those games. With major tournaments happening all throughout the year, it is certain that betting can be your way to earn money. Online betters use online betting websites such as Rivalry to bet on their favorite team.

CoD Betting

Even though we highly discourage players from getting addicted to betting, having high stakes will give higher rewards.

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Through Offering Leveling Services

Grinding for rank and camos in Call of Duty titles is a time-consuming task. Many players lack the skill or time to achieve certain levels or earn camos on their own. This opens up an opportunity for others to offer leveling services, stepping in to grind these achievements for them.

Offering Leveling Services

Earning camos is particularly challenging, as some require pre-gained camos to unlock. For instance, to obtain the Damascus camo, players must first grind for Gold and Platinum camos. As for ranks, a 1-2 week grind is typically enough, though it largely depends on the player's performance.

Offering leveling services is arguably the fastest way to earn money in COD Mobile. However, players should be cautious, as this practice is a bannable offense within the game.

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Through Buying, Selling, or Trading Accounts

Buying, selling, or trading accounts is another strategy for earning money in COD Mobile. This involves purchasing accounts at a low price and selling them at a higher price. Having knowledge of rare items in the game can significantly benefit those engaged in buying, selling, and trading, as players often seek accounts equipped with rare items and good stats.

Buying Selling Trading COD Accounts

However, it's important to be vigilant against scammers in this space, as they can pose significant risks to both buyers and sellers. Similar to offering leveling services, engaging in account transactions is a bannable offense within COD Mobile, adding a layer of risk to this money-making method.

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Through Freecash

Using Freecash is a highly efficient way to earn money quickly for gamers. By completing tasks on their website or mobile app, users can earn virtual currency known as Freecash Coins, which can then be exchanged for rewards. This method isn't limited to mobile games; it also includes titles like Apex Legends.


To get started, use the free bonus referral code "TGG" for a chance to win up to $250. Simply enter this code and spin the wheel after verifying your email to win some free money. You can earn Freecash Coins by completing various tasks found on the "Earn" page. Once you've accumulated enough coins, you can cash out and choose your desired rewards. For a deeper dive, consider reading the thorough review of Freecash available on their site.

It's fascinating to see that earning money by playing games is a viable option. There are several ways to monetize gameplay through COD Mobile, though it's important to distinguish between official and potentially rule-breaking methods. Being cautious and understanding the limits is crucial. With this knowledge, gamers can explore ways to monetize their COD Mobile playtime. Shoot your shot and explore these opportunities!

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