Best Call of Duty Mobile Players

Are you looking for the best players in Call of Duty Mobile? Well, we got you covered with this list.
Best Call of Duty Mobile Players

Keeping the mobile E-Sport scene alive and kicking, Call of Duty Mobile players are here to leave us hanging on the edge of our seats! They are the bests of one of the best mobile competitive games — COD Mobile.

Who are the best COD Mobile Players

The Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2022 is slowly creeping in. With many ongoing qualifying COD Mobile matches happening all over the globe, extremely dedicated players are giving their all to bring home the crown. These matches have uncovered players with the most crucial characteristic needed to win Call of Duty Mobile — talent. In this list, discover the best Call of Duty mobile players — Call of Duty Mobile definitely has a lot.



Starting off the list, with the most iconic player in Call of Duty Mobile - iFerg. He is a popular and skilled creator who integrates mainstream COD content for millions of viewers on his YouTube channel. He has made a name for himself through his videos wherein he exhibits his talent. He shows himself attaining multiple kills whilst trying to nuke in ranked matches. iFerg doesn't only entertain with his huge collection of CODM videos, he is also earning dollars playing CODM.

iFerg has been playing since the game launched in 2019. This YouTuber already topped the global ranking multiple times. Beyond a doubt, he is both a jack and a master in CODM and content creating.



The Sniper King of CODM - Woopiiee. He is the new captain of Omega E-Sports, formerly known as NRX 29:11, one of the most popular ESports teams in CODM. With such a title to his name, Woopiiee is undeniably an incredibly skilled sniper with world championship-level plays. His insane sniper play in the CODM World Championship 2019 brought their team the trophy home. Today, they are the defending champions of the Garena Masters tournament.

Woopiiee is also a content creator sharing clips of his trick shots and winning kills in CODM.



Vague is one of the best Slayers in Call of Duty Mobile. He has proven himself with the outstanding aggressive play he does in-game, giving him multiple championship titles in many tournaments. His competitive ability is definitely his strong point.

He has been on different teams and has recently joined Tribe Gaming for the World Championships. With him in this team now, Tribe Gaming competitors won't be able to get a win easily.


Little B

Little B is undoubtedly one of the best players in Call of Duty Mobile. He is an efficient and skilled player with his SMG and AR play. He is now currently part of COD Mobile team NYSL Mayhem in a Slayer/Sniper role.

He is also a popular Youtuber for COD Mobile that showcases his amazing gameplay.



He is one of the most terrifying players to go against within close range, his aggressive slaying ability breaks the enemy team's plays to such an extent that is not a joke when we say he puts fear in enemy teams.

His team is the current title holder for the CODM World Championship 2021 - Blacklist International Ultimate. They have gotten five big wins as champions and two 2nd places out of 7 tournaments, only ever losing to Omega Esports.



Known as the Clutch King of CODM, when it comes to flipping the game for ALMGHTY they have IrfanJ. He is an excellent and reliable player to have in their team composition whose brilliant solo play can easily turn the tides.

IrfanJ has been part of COD Mobile team ALMGHTY since they were known as Divinity Uprising together with Incendio, Sh4d4p, and Heaven.


Knifes IOS

Just as his name suggests, Knifes IOS is a popular Youtuber for COD Mobile who is an almost melee exclusive player. His choice of not using any guns in a first-person shooter game is quite intriguing. With how good he is with only using the knife and other melee weapons, he really deserves a spot on this list.

Till Knifes IOS proved that you can actually bring a knife to a gunfight, he is definitely not your average CODM player. Even though he has slowly transitioned to Apex Legends we still have to put him on this list.

Of course, unlike in an actual COD Mobile game, there isn't only one MVP. All of these listed players are, in all equal parts, impressive. These people play COD mobile not only for entertainment but for a livelihood as well.

Like some of the best COD players, you can also have a bright future by playing your favorite game. Whether it be in a mobile platform or all various platforms, CODM or COD Modern Warfare, you can be with determination and guidance. If you want that path, check out our other articles for Call of Duty Mobile tips.

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