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Most Important In-Game Terms in Call of Duty

Wondering what the in-game slangs and key phrases you hear often in Call of Duty mean? Time to take a look at them!
Most Important In-Game Terms in Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the rare productions that has been on the game market for years, able to create its own culture. This includes some slangs and terminology that players have developed to shorten their dialogue in game. Moreover, many of slang terms and expressions have developed over time.

While the veteran Call of Duty is used to hearing these terms, they may seem unfamiliar to a newcomer to the game. Assuming Call of Duty has released a lot of games over the years, we've covered only the phrases you'll need the most.

Call of Duty Key Phrases and Lingo




If you kill the enemy team without dying in any game mode, it will be Ace.


ADS stands for Aim Down Sights. When you hit the aim button, the spread of the weapon's fire is reduced to allow for more precise shots.


Stands for Assault Rifle.


The equipment used to change the stats of a weapon and to increase the power of that weapon is called attachment.


As the name suggests, Bait refers to asserting itself as a distraction. This will shift the focus of the enemy team and your teammates will have a chance.


Weapons with high accuracy and damage are called Beams.


Computer-controlled robots that look like players but are artificial intelligence. It is also used for real players in the sense of humiliation. Are there really bots in Call of Duty tho?


Not moving at all in a location or waiting without leaving it.


To finish a round or game. A situation that cannot be won is known as "Chalked" among players in a Call of Duty game mode.


Killing two enemies with one shot. This can be done with a sniper rifle.


Clutching is often used to mean that a player makes the last move and turns the match in their favor.


Abbreviation for communication.


It is a slang for the “Dead Silence” perk. You can see this kind of perks in Call of Duty Zombies game modes.


When players finish a map without a single kill, it's called Donut.

Double Weapon XP

You will receive twice as many experience points for each level of a weapon while this is in effect. You earn double XP tokens by completing challenges in game.

Drop Shot

Crouching while firing at an enemy. This tactic is challenging to master and difficult to counter.

First Blood

First kill of the match.

Fake Defuse

Fooling the opponent by pretending to defuse the bomb. In this way, the enemies stop hiding and reveal their location.


The tactic of attacking the opponent from behind in all the game modes.

Flipping Spawns

Contesting certain areas of the map in order to cause each team's spawn places to switch.


To kill someone in game.

Game Sense

An in game term for Call of Duty gurus to foresee the enemy movement.

Hard Scope

Using the scoped weapon's sights to aim.

Head Glitch/Heady

This is the situation where only the head of a player is visible.


The capture point that teams must capture in a Hardpoint match in order to score.


The opposite of ADS. This is when you shoot a weapon without aiming; it is quicker than aiming through down sights, but it might not be as precise.


The visual and sound event that a shot makes when it reaches the target.


It is the in game profile customization setting where you can equip in game gestures and select identity Activision system alerts in the menu.

In-game Leader

The person who organizes and controls everything in a multiplayer match is called an in game operator or leader.

Jump Shot

Aim and fire at the opponent while jumping.


It is the reward given after getting a certain amount of consecutive kills.


Refers to dying with a well-aimed one shot.


A damaged enemy.


Equipment that the player can customize according to themselves.


Short for Light Machine Gun.

Lost Full

When a team or player loses their cool.


Powerful deadly weapon.


Short for grenade.

Ninja Defuse

Defusing the bomb like a ninja, without anyone noticing.


Short for Objective.

Panic Knife

Using a knife when trapped by an enemy player.


Aiming at an enemy's location by thinking ahead of time.


To get priority to shoot before the enemy without seeing the enemy.

Quick Scope

Using the scope on a sniper rifle for a short time.


Refers to Respawn game modes like Hardpoint and Control.


Refers to moving between objectives or locations.


Rapidly attacking a pre-planned area, rushing.


Pro player who can kill the enemy team smoothly.

Slide Cancel

To move more quickly and make yourself a more difficult target, repeatedly interrupting the sliding animation.


Short for Sub Machine Gun.


The position where a team restarts at the start of each round.

Spawn Trap

Trapping an opponent team inside their spawn area to take them down.


Short for strategy.


Short for Stun Grenade. It blinds enemies if hit.


A negative slang expression for a player who goes above and beyond to achieve successfully.


Damaged player.


Refers to killing an enemy who also kills a member of your team to balance it.

Try Hard

A focused player who wants to win the game.

Wall Bang

Killing an enemy through a wall.


Completing a full rotation before killing a player, which is frequently accomplished with a sniper rifle.

In this article, we have presented some slangs and key terms that you will often hear while playing Call of Duty. We recommend that you know the meaning of these terms in order to have a better command of the game and make your gameplay easier. If there are terms that we missed but that you find absolutely important, please don't forget to share them with us. Bye for now!

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