Are There Bots In Call Of Duty Warzone? Latest Update Report

Find out all the info about bots in Call Of Duty Warzone!

Updated on Jul 31, 2023
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Are There Bots In Call Of Duty Warzone? Latest Update Report

One of the things that many Call Of Duty Warzone players are wrapped up in is whether there are bots in this game or not. There's been a lot of puzzlement regarding this subject, and not many articles could answer this question without mincing words. And that's why we decided to do it, so stick with us if you'd like to learn all about bots in Call Of Duty Warzone, why bots are added to battle royale games, and other intriguing details regarding bots in gaming.

Are There Bots In Call Of Duty Warzone?

Yes, Call Of Duty Warzone features AI-controlled bots while playing online. Until recently, it was unknown whether this game had bots outside of custom matches since all evidence regarding bots in regular matches was purely based on hearsay.

However, since the Warzone Pacific Season 2 update, the game developers (Raven Software and Infinity Ward) have officially introduced AI bots that are used to protect armored trucks and the chemical factory, making them easily distinguishable from other human players.

These locations feature valuable loot, so acquiring it won't be a walk in the park since these bots can be really tough.


Additionally, these bots are nonaligned and will shoot anyone that comes nearby, so keep that in mind if you bump into them. Keep in mind that these AI bots may not be available forever, and developers can decide to remove them in some future updates.

Another way of playing against bots in Call Of Duty Warzone is through battle royal practice, where players can pick the custom match, choose the bot difficulty, and play a simulated game as a practice for the actual game.

If you'd like to discover more bot-related facts, check out if there are bots in Among Us and if there are bots in Albion Online.

Why Are Bots Added To The Battle Royale Games?

Battle royal games require a certain number of players for optimum gameplay, but keeping this number stable in each match is simply unattainable. Some players will quit, and others will get disconnected, so instead of playing with 99 other players, you could end up playing with only a few dozens of them.

That's why bots are added to some of the battle royale titles, because If it weren't for the AI bots, the vast maps of these games would always be half-empty, resulting in a terrible experience. Even though bots are not as intelligent as real players (usually), playing with bots beats playing with much fewer players.

Do Bots Make Or Break The Call Of Duty Warzone Experience?

Bots can undoubtedly improve the Call Of Duty Warzone experience since these AI bots are added to introduce PvE elements to the entirely PvP game. Additionally, they add more variety to the gameplay, and since they are essentially defending the loot, they can attract many players to their location, and we all know what happens in every battle royale game when too many players gather at one place.


Originally, bots (short for "robots") were designed by game developers to improve gameplay and assist the players, among other practical things. 

However, some nefarious developers have realized that they can create their own bots to cheat, gain an advantage over other players, or use them for spamming. So while AI bots are mainly used to fill empty slots in matches or used for practice, illegal bots are used for automatic farming, gathering resources, crafting, spamming, etc.

Unfortunately, these bots became a part of nearly every online game, especially MMORPG titles, where it's pretty challenging to get rid of them due to the massive player base. Both types of bots are powered by programming code and are made to help the player achieve specific goals, regardless of whether these goals are moral or not. 

Are AI-controlled Bots Valuable Addition To CoD Warzone?

Even though the bots can improve the gameplay experience, most players don't like playing against the bots, especially in PvP games where the whole point is to be more successful than other human players. So beating the bots certainly does not feel like a huge achievement, which isn't the case for defeating the human players. Besides, have you ever heard someone boasting about beating the bots in a game? We didn't think so.

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