Are There Bots In Among Us? Complete Facts And Figures

Find out all the info about bots in Among Us!

Updated on Sep 17, 2023
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Are There Bots In Among Us? Complete Facts And Figures

There aren't many gamers who haven't played Among Us at least once, but if you are one of the rare gamers who never had a chance to do so, you'd presumably want to know if there are bots in Among Us or not. So keep on reading, and we'll reveal all the bot-related facts of Among Us in the post below.

Are There Bots In Among Us?

No, there are no bots in Among Us. Therefore, the Among Us developers, Innersloth, can boast that they don't have an issue plaguing most online games today - bots. Even so, one developer has created a bot that can be used as an almost replacement for a human player, but it's full of bugs and probably useless. The fact is that nothing can compare to the logical thinking of humans, and that's why bots will never be successful in Among Us. Unless the AI takes over the world and becomes self-aware, but hopefully it won’t come to that.


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Are There Spam Bots In Among Us?

Players may encounter spam bots from time to time, but they are quite rare. However, During the USA elections in 2020, Among Us was once hit with a large-scale spam bot attack. Luckily, there have been no significant cases of spamming in this game since then, so players can enjoy playing without worrying about spam, which isn’t the case for titles such as New World, Apex Legends, or pretty much any online game.


What Classifies As A Bot In Gaming?

Bots in gaming may come in different forms and can be used for various purposes.

A video game bot is a computer-programmed AI that can play a game or perform various tasks instead of the real player. They can either be static, dynamic or one and the other simultaneously. While static bots are created to follow specific routes on the map, dynamic bots learn as they play and can even feature advanced machine learning for superior intelligence.

While the bots used in FPS or similar games serve a practical purpose and enrich the gameplay experience, bots used in MMORPG games are developed to complete automatic and repetitive tasks, like gathering various resources, fighting, and idling, etc.

In fact, bots in FPS games are encouraged since they can be used for practicing, assisting the player, or filling in the empty player slot in matches. By contrast, bots in MMORPG games are strictly prohibited and usually result in a ban if players get caught, which doesn’t happen as often as it should, unfortunately.


Now that you know that Among Us is one of the rare games safe from bots, you can start playing it right now without being concerned about whether they will ruin the game for you or not. If only we could say this about all the other multiplayer games.

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