Are There Bots In Albion Online? Complete Breakdown

Find out all the info about bots in Albion Online!
Are There Bots In Albion Online? Complete Breakdown

Every MMORPG game out there has one thing in common - an issue with bots ruining the game for all players. Despite the fact that developers are regularly trying to find a way to get rid of them, somehow, players who use bots always seem to be one step ahead. Albion Online has several hundred daily concurrent players, and manual moderation is unattainable, so Sandbox Interactive relies on players who report the bots. 

So far, this system has proven inefficient, and too many bots can overburden the game and make all the players quit playing. So keep reading if you'd like to know more details about bots in general and Albion Online, so you can know what to expect if you decide to start playing this game.

Are There Bots In Albion Online?

Yes, bots are present in considerable numbers in Albion Online. And these are not the good kind of bots — these bots come in the form of scripts used for cheating or spam, which makes the game entirely unfair for regular players. The most common ways of cheating using bots in Albion Online are leveling up, grinding, gathering resources and silver, auto fishing, AFK prevention, character movement loops, etc. 

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These types of bots are so advanced.

What Can You Do About Bots In Albion Online?

You can’t do much about bots in Albion Online. You can only report players who use bots and hope that the moderators will permanently ban them from the game. Still, even if you keep reporting all the cheaters, they will always keep coming and remain undetected for a while. Besides, removing the bots should always be the responsibility of moderators, not players. 

What Classifies As A Bot In Gaming?

Generally speaking, there are two sorts of bots in online gaming - those used to improve the game and those used for cheating/spam. 

The "good" types of bots are used in online titles such as CS: GO or League Of Legends, and their use ranges from replacing the players in situations when there are not enough of them, to using them for practice. These types of bots are pretty functional and serve their purpose, and their intelligence is constantly improving over time.

On the flip side, the "bad" types of bots are used for cheating and gaining an unfair advantage, or spam. These bots also serve their purpose, but only to those who use them. Additionally, bots used for farming the in-game currencies like gold can be profitable because that gold can then be sold for real money, turning cheating into a lucrative business. So far, no developer has come up with a flawless anti-bot system, and that's why they will remain a part of each online game until they are entirely eliminated.

Do Bots Make Or Break The Albion Online Experience?

Bots used in Albion Online completely break the whole experience. This is because all other players have to grind for a long time and do everything the way it should be done — manually. On the other hand, players who use bots can use them for automatic actions, and they will always have the benefit over regular non-cheating players. But, to come to the point, these bots can affect the gameplay and make Albion Online less enjoyable for everyone except for players who use them.

Auto farming bots.

How To Identify Bots In Albion Online?

You can identify bots in Albion Online by observing the characters that do repetitive actions for a long time. For instance, the character can stand in one place to catch a fish for hours, and this can be one of the indications that you're observing a bot. Furthermore, pay attention to the in-game character names; if you see some random characters that make no sense, that's probably a bot as well. 

Trading bot.

As you can see, bots are a big deal in Albion Online, and even though using the bots is 100% illegal, anyone can start using them because they can be purchased through various shady websites. 

Unfortunately, there is a minimal chance that developers will do something specific about them because these bots increase the player count and keep the game "alive," no matter how bad they are for the game. If you ever used bots in Albion Online, you are a terrible person, and you don't deserve to play any video game.

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