Learn If There Bots In Albion Online! [In-Depth Explanation]

Bots are a big problem of Albion Online since many years, and here's why!

Updated on Mar 19, 2024
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Learn If There Bots In Albion Online! [In-Depth Explanation]

Are There Bots In Albion Online?

Yes, bots are present in considerable numbers in Albion Online. 

And well, these are not the good kind of bots — these bots come in the form of scripts used for cheating or spam, which makes the game entirely unfair for regular players.

The most common ways of cheating using bots in Albion Online are leveling up, grinding, gathering resources and silver, auto fishing, AFK prevention, and character movement loops. If you'd like to learn more details about bots in other games, find out if there are bots in GTA V online or if there are bots in World Of Tanks.

What Can You Do About Bots In Albion Online?

You can’t do much about bots in Albion Online.

Honestly, the only thing you can do is report players who use bots and hope that the moderators will permanently ban them from the game. Still, even if you keep reporting all the cheaters, they will always keep coming and remain undetected for a while. Besides, removing the bots should always be the responsibility of moderators, not players.

Bots Setup Albion Online

Sadly, you can't even change the server location in Albion Online, therefore it is really hard to solve this problem, because it's extremely scaled up. So yeah, all Albion players are kind of doomed to bots at this point.

How To Identify Bots In Albion Online?

You can identify bots in Albion Online by observing the characters that do repetitive actions for a long time. For instance, the character can stand in one place to catch a fish for hours, and this can be one of the indications that you're observing a bot. Furthermore, pay attention to the in-game character names; if you see some random characters that make no sense, that's probably a bot as well. 

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