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Exact server location for Albion Online

Unlike other web games, Albion Online has just one central server. Read this article to learn more about this data center.
Exact server location for Albion Online

People who are struggling with latency while playing Albion Online should check the server status. Many players make the mistake of using a server that isn't on their home continent. As a result, they tend to suffer from high ping, which can easily ruin their online experience. 

Still, the game has a very sizable player base. It is a free game that you can try at any time. Albion Online file size is rather small, and you can download it rather quickly. 

Locations of Albion Online game servers

An interesting thing about Albion Online is that Sandbox Interactive has decided to go with just one centralized server. Because of that, you can't change server locations when creating a character or elsewhere in options. This is especially troublesome when that one server goes down, as it effectively means you can’t play the game. 

Issues with Albion Online servers

It is a system that some other companies use, and Sandbox Interactive is adamant that this is their best choice. Back in the day, the company had two main servers, and during that time, players had a much lower ping. However, due to numerous other issues such as inter-server disconnects and latency problems, they decided to focus on just one location.

Today, all Albion Online games run on a Washington DC server. The position was strategically chosen so that the players from Europe, America, and Russia have decent ping in albion online. According to the company representatives, the game is not as dynamic as some other online titles, so even a ping of 150 wouldn't be too much of an issue.

Why is server location important for Albion Online?

Due to the fact that Sandbox Interactive is a relatively small company, they went with the cheapest, most efficient option. They decided to create a centralized server that would cover all the biggest markets of the western world, most notably, America and Europe.

The company went with one server in Washington DC. That way, continents such as North America, South America, and Europe would have an acceptable ping. Gamers from Australia and the Middle East probably have it the worst, being the most distant from the central server.

Having just one server can also lead to some other issues, like server congestion, as you can see in the image below: 

server status albion online

All things considered, server location is not as important for Albion Online as for some other games like Starcraft 2, League of Legends, or Dota 2. It is a much slower game in comparison, which is why the player base could bear a higher ping. In fact, according to Sandbox Interactive, 95% of players have a ping of 150 or less.

How to change servers in Albion Online?

There isn’t a way to change server location in Albion Online. As mentioned, there is just one server available, so there isn’t even an option to change the region. This can be really troublesome if you’re a streamer and want to record Albion Online gameplay, as high lag can have a disastrous impact on the quality of the video. 

Fortunately, the game has lots of cool features that make your life easier. For example, you can change language in Albion Online easily, which is at least one good thing for international players. 

Albion Online server providers

It is hard to say who is managing server operations for Albion Online. Sandbox Interactive is located in Germany, and their only server is located in the USA, so there is a good chance that someone else is managing their data center. There are some indications that GoDaddy is the main Albion Online server provider, but there is not enough data for us to be certain.

How to check server status for Albion Online?

How to check server status for Albion Online

The great thing about Albion Online is that the company itself provides data regarding the server status. You can go to Albionstatus.com to see if the server is online and how long it has been operating.

According to the company, if the server is offline, this is most likely due to regular maintenance. You can get more information about the maintenance schedule if you visit Albionstatus.com/daily-maintenance/. Alternatively, you can refer to the company’s Twitter bot for more server status information. 

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