Is PUBG Crossplay Compatible? The Ultimate Guide Answer All Your Questions

PUBG is a great game to play with friends and as of 2020, there is now a cross-play feature in the game. However, the cross-platform play available here is very limited and not all versions have this feature at the moment. This is definitely frustrating if you're on a platform where this feature isn't enabled.Shooter games such as PUBG can suffer when cross-play is introduced due to various reasons. The most common reason is due to the controls where PC users have a clear advantage since the mouse allows for more precise aiming movements. There are other reasons why some users can suffer from cross-play such as having a weak computer which reduces FPS.

PUBG Cross-Play for Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can rejoice in knowing that cross-play is possible between these two platforms. Cross-play at the moment is console only so there is no cross-play with PC users in this game. The developers have also opted to only allow players to enable cross-play if they are using a controller, using a keyboard and mouse will not let them play with others from another platform.Current PUBG cross-play data has shown that games have been quite balanced and 98% of matches for Xbox and PS4 have had it enabled. Following this trend, it's been a regular occurrence for those from both platforms to end up in the top 10 proves that there is no real unbalance between the consoles.

How to enable PUBG Cross-Play and add Friends

PUBG features a new friends list for consoles so that players can add each other regardless of platforms. It's possible to add friends by selecting "follow" when looking at their profile when using the PUBG option but the friends list has four different methods. Players can search according to the platform as well along with adding from recent games and your current team.Turning on cross-play is very easy to do and it can be turned off using this method as well:

  1. Launch the game on your platform of choice
  2. Go to the Settings tab
  3. Click the Gameplay tab
  4. Underneath "Language" is the "Cross-Platform Play" option which can be turned off or on

Xbox One players will be re-directed to Live Account Settings where you'll need to select “You can play with people outside of Xbox Live” to enable cross-play.

Stadia PUBG Cross-Play

Those using the Google Stadia cloud gaming software will be pleased to know that there is a cross-play feature for this version too. Considering the smaller player count, it makes sense to have this feature enabled for Google Stadia. It's possible to play with console gamers for PUBG which is great though this is controller exclusive. You can only enable this if you use a controller so using a keyboard and mouse combination will not work here.

How to play with friends

Searching for friends on other platforms works the same as adding cross-platform friends for PS4 or Xbox. The best way to do this is to get their Xbox or PS4 name or Gamertag then go into the friends list and send them an invitation. Then it's possible to invite or join a party with others from a different platform.

PUBG Mobile Cross-Play

Just like with consoles, there is a limited cross-play system in place here. PUBG Mobile allows for cross-platform play between Android and iOS devices but not for console or PC. While this may sound frustrating, it does provide some cross-play without placing PUBG Mobile players into matches with PC or console players.

How to cross-play PUBG Mobile with friends

  1. Tap the icon with two silhouettes found in the bottom-left corner
  2. Press “Add Friends”
  3. Type in their Display Name and press “Search”
  4. When you've found the person you want to add, tap them
  5. Once they've accepted the request you can press the “ + “ next to their name to add them to the party before searching for a game

To accept a friend request, the “Requests” tab will be where you find it. Opening this area then pressing “Accept” will confirm the request then you can add them to the party.

Why does cross-play not work?

While PUBG Mobile cross-platform play is enabled for iOS and Android devices, there are times when it won't work. This is during the small-time windows between updates when the Android version has been updated but iOS hasn't and vice versa. During this time, the cross-platform play is disabled. This will then be re-enabled once both games are running the same version of PUBG Mobile.

Will PUBG have full Cross-Platform play in the future?

It's uncertain if PUBG full cross-play will be available in the future since the PC platform has been left out so far. However, the developers have been actively trying to close the content gap between all versions of the game with the introduction of the same features or at the very least, something similar. All versions of the game now contain bots, for example, to help fill lobbies which is greatly beneficial with the split between casual and competitive play.Cross-play between all platforms would be possible on a technical level but there's a lot that would need to be considered. PC gamers have a harsher recoil on their weapons while Mobile players have very little recoil on weapons. Performance is also something to consider since FPS can vary across platforms which can make games unfair considering console plays at 30 FPS while PC users could potentially be running the game at 60 FPS instead. While these issues might sound small, they could make a big deal in games and result in a lot of unhappy players. This also goes without considering an influx of cheaters, hackers and other natural differences between platforms.It's a little bit too early to be certain if and how wider cross-play could be introduced into PUBG especially when considering all the potential problems. Each version of PUBG is tweaked to suit the platform it's on which does give them all minor differences that could be a big deal when placed into the game together. Considering that Google Stadia has cross-play enabled for consoles when the player is using a controller, it makes sense that keyboard and mouse users might eventually get to cross-play with PC users too.Cross-platform play in PUBG is more complicated than most other games that include this feature in them. Currently on PC doesn't have any form of cross-play with any other versions of the game since PUBG Mobile users can play with others from Android or iOS as well. Console and Stadia players can also rest assured that there are no boundaries here so they're able to send friend requests and play with others from those platforms. The future of cross-play for PUBG is uncertain but considering the developers are bringing each version of the game closer to the same level, this is still a possibility. There would be obvious problems when attempting to merge the versions considering the differences between the PUBG versions. It's still too early to know if full cross-play will be introduced to PUBG and how the player base would react to this.