The Camp Jackal Range Guide

PUBG has four maps where you can play ranked games called Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Each of these was made with the purpose of providing fair and balanced competition that would test players skill, tactical awareness and ability to adapt under pressure. However, there is a fifth map that would allow players to calmly train and hone their skills before taking them onto the battlefield. This map would be called Camp Jackal Range.This map is only playable for unranked matches and is half the size of Sanhok, coming in at just 2x2km in size. The map was made as a form of training for new and inexperienced players to test out weapons, adapt to weapon recoil and generally practice combat situations without the pressures of ranked gameplay affecting them. Alongside other aspects such as learning to drive various vehicles, mastering parachute landings and more advanced aspects such as bullet drop and attachment differentiation.

What is Camp Jackal’s Story In PUBG?

In terms of a back story or any sort of narrative to Camp Jackal in PUBG, we’re afraid there isn’t really any, to be honest. This is a standard training facility that aids players in coming to grips with the various mechanics of the game. The map got revealed in August 2018 and from then on, this feature has simply served as a trusty aid to help players practice before they enter the harsh environments found on the ranked maps.

What was the Reception for Camp Jackal?

While it is seen more as a resource than a map worth critiquing, it is clear that the community appreciate it’s presence within the game. New players and intermediate players and to find a lot of use from the feature. It allows for players to become sharper shots, more astute tacticians, better drivers and get their heads around the more advanced aspects of the game. Plus, it’s appreciated by casual players who enjoy the sandbox nature of the game mode. So, as a whole, it’s had a positive reception with the player base.There have also been rumblings from players urging Bluehole to make this map a playable ranked game. However, it seems that the carnage a 2x2km map would bring doesn’t really support the balanced and tactical gameplay that Bluehole aims to provide to players. However, there is the ability to play this map through customs if you really want to.

Map Overview

As mentioned, this map is the smallest on the roster by far, coming in at 2x2km. This map consists of one island that is a ‘U’ shape with each end connected by a long bridge. In the centre, there are the docks which are littered with a series of stunt ramps. Then to the left, there is a race track where the player can hone their driving skills. The right of the map is dominated by the 800m stretch which makes up the longest shooting range. Then the rest of the island is made up of the various other activities and assault courses that players can make avail of.

What can you do on Camp Jackal?

Unlike the more conventional maps in the series, there is no need to drop in, collect loot and fight your way to victory. Instead, this area is a chill, stress-free environment where players are able to access a series of training features. However, you may be wondering just what you can get up to on this mysterious training island. Well, we have compiled a list of all the fun activities that you can get up to. Here is a rundown of all the training facilities on Camp Jackal.

The shooting ranges

On this island, you can take advantage of the inexplicably unlimited ammo and the series of gun ranges to improve upon your accuracy. You can take advantage of the 400m range which is perfect for getting your accuracy nailed with designated marksman rifles or assault rifles. Or if you’re more of a ranged assassin, you can make use of the 800m range which you can use to get acquainted with the various sniper rifles within the PUBG universe.This is a pretty basic and relaxed way to assess what each weapon provides, the various range capacities of weapons and try and find out which weapon will serve you best when you drop into battle for real. So if you need to brush up on your marksman training, hit the range.

Close Quarters Combat (CQC)

Not all of us are born to be a marksman. Some of us need to get up close ans personal when it’s time to chase down a chicken dinner and that means training close-quarters combat is essential. The map has two different courses that the player can complete, with one testing your skills outdoors, while the other tests your ability to perform in enclosed spaces. You’ll be asked to use cover, check your corners and engage with hostiles from a point-blank range.These courses mainly ask the player to use Shotguns, SMG’s and pistols to get the job done seeing as they are the most effective guns from close range. So if you need help at closing the gap between you and the enemy, this course could really help.

The Grenade Pit

This one is nice and simple. You have an unlimited supply of grenades and a series of marked pits in the ground before you. They are at various ranges and all you have to do is work on your throwing accuracy by getting your grenade into the hole. Its kind of like shooting hoops, except these aren’t basketballs and they explode. Other than that though, pretty much the same. So if your projectile game is a little rusty, give this course a try.

The Parkour Arena

Next up is a series of race courses that the player needs to complete on foot. This essentially tests your ability to move at speeds across different obstacles that you are likely to find in other maps. So you’ll need to be able to climb, jump, run and weave through these areas in record time if you want to deem yourself battle-ready.This course does have a benefit aside from the fun aspect of racing your friends. If you optimise your movement you can loot more efficiently, get away from tricky situations more consistently and you can get to more advantageous positions which can act as a vantage point over your opponents. So learn the art of parkour and reap the rewards.

Parachute Training

There is an area of the map where you can access a console. This console then allows you to select an area on the map that you want to aim for and then before you know it, your up in the sky and given the task of landing on this area as accurately as possible. This may seem like an arbitrary task but this can have its benefits when in real matches.Having the ability to land accurately can be the difference between you getting a weapon or having one pointed at your face from point-blank range. It’s also important to understand how flight paths work and how they can restrict your access to areas not near the flight path. Plus, with practice, you can also learn how to adapt your flight path if you need to duck out of a potentially dangerous drop zone. So take to the skies and fall out of them with style.

Melee Combat

This is easily the biggest let-down on the entire map. Granted it is hard to make static targets react to being hit by a blunt object but because they are static, there is little to be learned for the player on this course. Plus, the area is far too large to be a melee zone, let’s face it if there is a 50m stretch of open space between you and another player and you both have frying pans, isn’t it just better cutting your losses and searching for a gun elsewhere? It’s nice that’s its included we suppose but it’s hardly the education that new players need.

Urban Combat

This essentially acts as a set of courses that are as close to the real situation of battle in PUBG as possible. These areas replicate the action of the built-up areas found on the various maps and allow players to take the skills they have learned on the shooting range, in the CQC course or wherever else and put it into practice.There are three main areas to the urban combat zone, each with their own unique nooks and crannies that can be used tactically to a players advantage. So if you want to express what you’ve learned before you drop in for real, this is the place to do it.

Race Tracks

Then lastly, there are the vehicle zones that are scattered around the map. You can go to the car garage and access any car you desire. Then race it around an actual race course, or simply take it around the map for a spin. You’ll encounter various ramps, twists, turns and even a loop-de-loop.Then if you head down to the docks, you can take to the open seas with a fancy new boat. On the water, there are a series of ramps and jumps to test your nautical ability as well. So by the time you’re done, you’ll be a master of both land and sea, so practice your evasive manoeuvres, pull a stunt or two and try not to crash, okay?

Practice Makes Perfect

Overall, this map may not be a place where you can rank up or win chicken dinners by the bucket load but it is a welcome addition to the game. It allows players to take advantage of a stress-free environment where they can work on their weaknesses, get even better at their strengths and learn new things about the mechanics of the game that they may not have even known before.Not to mention, this area acts as a sandbox. An area where players of all skills can come together and simply have fun and hang out. It acts like a social hub for players that was perhaps missing from the game up until 2018 and we think that the game would suffer without this. In short, Camp Jackal is a wonderful addition to PUBG that is helping to bridge the gap for new players coming fresh to the game and doing this is an engaging and fun way.