How To Get Free Gold In World Of Warcraft

Discover all the available methods of getting gold for free in World Of Warcraft!
How To Get Free Gold In World Of Warcraft

Believe it or not, you can get World Of Warcraft gold for free (and World Of Warcraft subscription AKA game time for free as well), which applies to Classic WoW and retail expansion. And while most of these methods we're about to reveal will require you to play WoW, you can use one method to get World Of Warcraft gold completely outside the game. 

What Is WOW Gold Used For In World Of Warcraft?

Gold (not to be confused with gold ore) is the most valuable currency in World Of Warcraft (the other two currencies being silver and copper), and it's used for all in-game transactions, including buying items, auction house commerce, purchasing extra bag slots, and much more. 

Gold can be obtained from killing and looting the mobs, as a quest reward, via mail trading, selling specific items to NPC vendors, or trading with other players. Furthermore, gold can be exchanged for game time or used to top up the account via the WOW Token.

Furthermore, every "lower" valued coin is automatically converted into the more valuable one after reaching more than 99; for instance, having 100 silver will automatically turn it into one gold.

Lastly, make sure to check out the current gold prices in World Of Warcraft.

How To Get Gold In World Of Warcraft?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get WOW Gold without doing something in return because it is a valuable in-game currency, and you'll either have to buy it or grind in World Of Warcraft. 

However, the one method we'll show you below will require neither, and you'll still be able to get WOW gold without spending anything other than your time and without having to play WOW.

Also, before we move on, it's worth mentioning that every single method of getting free WOW gold we're about to reveal works for Classic World Of Warcraft and World Of Warcraft retail expansions. So without any more delay, let's get this party started!

Method #1: Freecash

In our introduction, we mentioned a method you can use to get World Of Warcraft gold for free without having to play WOW, entirely outside the game, and Freecash can allow you to accomplish precisely that.

Of course, getting WOW gold won't be that straightforward, but at least it's 100% free!

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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If you'd like to learn more, keep scrolling down, and you'll soon realize how this is possible.

Sign Up On Freecash

The first thing you'll need to do is to sign up on Freecash, using either a mobile app or a website. You'll only need to enter the essential details there, or you can sign up using your Steam or Google account.

The only two alternative ways to sign up are Google and Steam.

Once you register, you'll also have a chance to win up to $250, which is a lot of WOW gold! So enter the bonus code "TGG" into the popup field, and wait for the wheel of fortune to stop spinning, hoping you'll be fortunate enough.

This is where you can type

Collect Freecash Coins

You'll then need to accumulate enough Freecash Coins, which are our virtual currency required for getting the rewards later. To begin, proceed to the "Earn" page.

These offers are always based on your current location, and are different for everyone.

Once there, you'll find various offers underneath the "Offer Walls" section, containing various online tasks. You may choose which tasks you'd like to complete, and you'll receive the amount of Freecash Coins based on the task's difficulty.

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Exchange Freecash Coins

Now that you've accumulated enough Freecash Coins on your Freecash account, you'll be able to exchange them for various rewards, which can get you WOW gold or even a WOW Token! So head to the "Cashout" page, where you'll find these and many more rewards.

Other than Roblox, you can use Freecash for many other stuff you can see on this screenshot.

Many third-party websites selling WOW gold will have various payment options available, including cryptocurrencies. You may choose any of the rewards available on our service, but we’ll take PayPal as an example.

You'll then be able to select a couple of different denominations from $5 up to $200, based on how many Freecash Coins you've managed to collect.

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Get Free WOW Gold

Once you select the available sum, simply click on the "Withdraw," and you'll receive a gift card code that you need to redeem to top up your account.

With enough funds on your PayPal account, visit any preferred third-party websites that sell WOW gold and buy it, or you could use those funds to buy WOW Token and game time (World Of Warcraft subscription) directly from Blizzard.

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Method #2: Auction House Transactions

If you'd like to profit and get WOW gold using the Auction House, you'll need some WOW gold for an investment. Basically, the idea here is to become an in-game scalper; buy WOW items cheap and then re-sell them when the time is right at the Auction House.

This method will only work if you're fully knowledgeable about the World Of Warcraft in-game items, World Of Warcraft economy, what items are high in demand, and much more.

It's worth mentioning that this technique is lengthy and time-consuming, so if you're looking to make WOW gold as soon as possible with the help of the Auction House, you better use another method.

However, using the Auction House to earn WOW gold can be very rewarding. You'll also need to spend hours in Auction House and stand there with your character because very often, you'll need to react as soon as you get some valuable hints.

Method #3: Cashing In On Professions

Virtually any profession you choose in World Of Warcraft can make you lots of WOW gold, but some of them are more profitable than others. While certain professions will require you to spend WOW gold a lot to invest in materials, others are focused solely on gathering materials, so you won't need to invest anything other than your time.

In addition, a particular World Of Warcraft profession will go well with another, and that's why it's crucial to make a good choice.

In our opinion, if you're only looking to make as much WOW gold as possible through professions, the most suitable choice is a combination of herbalism and mining. With these two, you'll only need to gather herbs and mine ores, which you can later sell. And if you know the locations of the hotspots for herbalism and mining, you'll be able to earn over 30000 WOW gold hourly!

Method #4: Completing World Quests

Every World Of Warcraft player with enough game time knows how world quests can be an excellent moneymaking method that can grant you a considerable amount of WOW gold, especially while using the alternative characters for this!

Each of these quests will grant between 100-250 gold, and occasionally, there can be more than ten world quests spread through Azeroth, so you do the math!

Furthermore, players with a War Mode turned on will grant an extra 30% of gold, which basically means completing ten quests with War Mode turned on can grant 3000 gold per day and per character!

But qualified players can use several alt characters and earn thousands of gold daily for completing all world quests.

Method #5: Killing Rare Mobs

Lastly, even though nearly every humanoid mob in World Of Warcraft will drop some coins, it would take way too long to farm gold using this method. That is why we suggest hunting for the rare mobs because their coin drop rate is significantly larger compared to the regular mobs.

But they will also drop more than just coins, such as bags or rare items, so you can sell those later in the Auction House to get additional WOW gold. What you can also do is farm the old dungeons and raids, and although you won't get much gold this way, you'll be able to get the items to sell at the Auction House.

But make sure your level, gear, and skills are adequate, or you'll be surprised how difficult they can get. As for the rare mobs, you'll easily recognize them by the silver dragon around their portrait icon.

As you can see, every single method you can use to get WOW gold, except for the first one, will require you to spend lots of time in the game so you can trade in Auction House, farm the materials for a profession, complete somewhat difficult world quests or kill rare mobs.

But with Freecash, there's no need for any of that since you can use it to get WOW Gold, game time (World Of Warcraft subscription), and WOW tokens by simply completing some online tasks.

Furthermore, you can use the mobile app to accomplish that, so in a way, you can grind while you're on the go and get as much WOW gold as you want.

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If these steps seem too time-consuming, you can always just drag out your credit card, visit sites like MMOGA, IGVault, PlayerAuctions, or MMOHAG and buy WoW gold. But we would prioritize the latter two options for the reasons stated in our reviews, and while you're at it, you might want to learn more about Ugami card.

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