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The Current Gold Price In World Of Warcraft (Time & Effort)

Find out the latest prices of World Of Warcraft gold!
The Current Gold Price In World Of Warcraft (Time & Effort)

As most of the WOW players are aware of already, the unpleasant necessity to accept is that you can't (legally) get in game gold other than getting it by playing World Of Warcraft. Blizzard Entertainment is very uncompromising when it comes to this, and trading gold outside the game may have severe consequences, like a Blizzard account ban.

And yet, if you try searching for websites where you can buy/sell in game gold, you'll find dozens of them easily. Just because something is not permitted doesn't mean it will prevent players from doing it, so there are many ways you can get this in game currency for WOW Classic and retail expansion.

So keep scrolling if you'd like to learn the price of gold in real-life currency, as well as other helpful information regarding gold in World Of Warcraft.

How To Buy WOW Gold And Current WOW Gold Prices?

The only available way to buy WOW gold is through the secure marketplace on third-party services, where you can select one of the preset amounts of gold and purchase it using the various available payment methods.

In addition, you'll also need to choose the server, as well as your character's name and faction. Once the transaction is completed, you'll receive a mail inside World Of Warcraft one hour after it's sent.

Keep in mind that the minimum quantity of gold you can purchase is almost always 20000, which means you can't buy 1000 gold, for instance. 

On top of this, the average gold price per 100 000 gold in World Of Warcraft is $17.2. This change may vary from server to server and also due to the in-game inflation, so it can get cheaper or more expensive after a while. 

World Of Warcraft Gold Price

Here are the best WOW gold prices we've found for both alliance and horde factions. These prices may vary from one third-party service to another, as well as from one seller or another, so other listings may be more expensive than what we're about to show.  The best way to know the actual price is to check sites like MMOGA, PlayerAuctionsMMOGAH, and other gold selling sites, where you might get a good deal. And if you have too much gold, you can also opt to sell it, granted at lower prices.

In any case, the current WOW gold prices are:

30 000 Gold$12.60
40 000 Gold$16.80
50 000 Gold$21.00
60 000 Gold$25.20
70 000 Gold$29.40
80 000 Gold$33.60
90 000 Gold$37.80
100 000 Gold$28.99
150 000 Gold$43.49
200 000 Gold$32.60
300 000 Gold$48.41
400 000 Gold$64.55
500 000 Gold$80.69
600 000 Gold$97.80
700 000 Gold$112.96
800 000 Gold$129.10
900 000 Gold$145.23
1000 000 Gold$158.11
2000 000 Gold$189.08
3000 000 Gold$278.73

Finally, you can get WOW gold for free using various methods, and depending on which one you choose and whether you're playing World Of Warcraft classic or the retail expansion, you could be making thousands in WOW currency per day! 

With enough WOW currency, you could also get WOW tokens and exchange them for game time (WOW subscription) or use WOW tokens to top up your account to get World Of Warcraft cosmetic items.

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