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How To Get Free WOW Game Time (Subscription In World Of Warcraft)

Discover all the legitimate methods of getting free WOW game time!
How To Get Free WOW Game Time (Subscription In World Of Warcraft)

Let's face it, paying for a World Of Warcraft subscription isn't quite affordable, especially if you live outside of the USA and Europe. That is why many players are looking for ways to get free WOW game time so they can play WOW Classic or retail expansion. 

Today, we'll reveal all the available legit ways of getting free WOW game time (active subscription), so if you'd like to start playing World Of Warcraft without spending any money, you'll certainly find this article helpful.

What Is WOW Game Time?

WOW game time, also known as WOW subscription, allows anyone to play WOW legally without resorting to private servers. Moreover, WOW game time comes in the form of a monthly subscription, 3-month subscription, or 6-month subscription. 

Hitherto, the only available way to get free game time was using the World Of Warcraft Starter Edition (formerly known as the World Of Warcraft trial), but now there are two additional ways to accomplish that entirely legit and safe! 

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Buying subscription on Blizzard's website is not the only way to buy it.

But unlike World Of Warcraft Starter Edition, these two methods we're about to reveal will grant you as much game time as you want, so you won't be limited in any way.

So if you wish to start playing World Of Warcraft completely free, keep scrolling to find out more.

How To Get Free WOW Game Time?

As previously mentioned, currently, the only legit way to get World Of Warcraft game time (WOW Subscription) is through World Of Warcraft Starter Edition, which is only available to those players who never played the current expansion or using the get-paid-to websites in which you can complete online tasks and get rewarded with Blizzard gift cards you can use to top up your account.

So, without further delay, here are all the available methods of getting World Of Warcraft game time for free.

Method #1: Freecash

The first and the most surpassing way to get a World Of Warcraft gift card, which you can use to top up your WOW account and ultimately get the game time, is Freecash - a reward-based service with thousands of daily users. 

Needless to say, Freecash is an entirely legit and safe method of getting the World Of Warcraft game time, and the best thing is that you're only four steps away from accomplishing that! 

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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So make sure to follow our short guide on getting an active subscription in World Of Warcraft.

Register On Freecash

The first required step is to create a new account on Freecash, which can be done through a website or a mobile app. Next, you'll have to fill in the required details or sign up using your Steam or Google account.

No phone verification required!

What's more, by registering, you can also get the chance to win up to $250, which is basically 3 years of World of Warcraft game time! Just consider how much fun you could have with that much game time. In any case, make sure to enter our bonus code "TGG" into the applicable field and simply wait for the wheel of fortune to stop spinning.

Even if you don't earn $250, you'll still earn something.

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Collect Freecash Coins

Step number two consists of collecting Freecash Coins, which is basically a virtual currency used for getting the World Of Warcraft gift card code and adding funds to your WOW account so that you can get a game time.

To proceed, move on to the “Earn” page.

These offers are based on your current location.

You'll find various offers based on your geolocation under the "Offer Walls" section. Each contains dozens of online tasks you may choose from to complete and get awarded with Freecash Coins.

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Exchange Freecash Coins

Once you accumulate a sufficient amount of Freecash Coins in your account, you'll be able to exchange them for World Of Warcraft gift card code so you can get the WOW subscription. Click on the “Cashout” page to proceed.

You can also get any of these rewards from Freecash.

Select the Blizzard logo found on the right side.

The most convenient way to get WOW game time for free.

You'll then have an option to select between four available denominations, from $20 to $100, based on how many Freecash Coins you've managed to collect.

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Get Free WOW Time

Once you make your selection, simply click on the "Withdraw" after which you'll receive a World Of Warcraft gift card code. From there, proceed to the Blizzard account redeem page to copy and paste your Blizzard gift code and add funds to the account.

Just copy and paste your gift card code here, and that's it!

As soon as you add these funds, you'll be able to purchase World Of warcraft game time right away!

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Method #2: Idle Empire

Another reward-based service but far less superior than the previous one, Idle Empire can also grant you WOW Classic or the latest expansion game time completely free by simply completing online tasks!

Unfortunately, Idle Empire only offers Blizzard gift cards to US and EU players, which is one of the reasons why Freecash is a better option.

However, you can use Idle Empire to top up some other accounts, including crypto wallets, and buy a World Of Warcraft active subscription on third-party services. We also did an in-depth review to prove that Idle Empire is a legit service, so feel free to check it out.

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Idle Empire is one of the hottest offer wall websites with multiple ways to earn some money in a gift card, cryptocurrencies, or PayPal funds

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So, if you wish to use this method to get World Of Warcraft game time, here's how you can do it.

Create New Idle Empire Account

Firstly, make sure to sign up on Idle Empire.

This service has plenty of ways of registering, which is always nice.

In addition, you may also use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Steam, or Discord account to create a new account.

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Collect The Idle Empire Coins

BTut before getting the WOW game time, you'll need to complete online tasks to receive Idle Empire Coins, and exchange them for WOW game time. Simply head to the "Earn" page to begin.

There are six categories of tasks available on Idle Empire.

You'll also have an option to choose whichever tasks you want to complete, although there's not too much choice.

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Exchange Idle Empire Coins

Once you collect enough Idle Empire Coins, move on to the "Withdraw" page, where you'll see a few pages of all available rewards. Click on page two, and you'll notice WOW game time on the top (if you're from US or EU).

You'll find the WOW game time on the top of page number two.

Alternatively, you can choose PayPal, cryptocurrencies, or any other reward if you wish to buy WOW game time via third-party services.

Get The World Of Warcraft Subscription

Should you decide to select WOW game time from the rewards, simply confirm the withdrawal, and you'll receive a digital card code that you can redeem to top up your Blizzard account.

The usual stuff - copy and paste the gift card code here.

Simply copy and paste the code into the applicable field on Blizzard's website, and you're good to go! You'll be able to purchase WOW game time, WOW token, or some of the World Of Warcraft cosmetic items.

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Method #3: World Of Warcraft Starter Edition

What used to be a World Of Warcraft free trial that lasted for 10 and 14 days is now a World Of Warcraft Starter Edition, which doesn't limit the game time, but rather the character's level.

Using the World Of Warcraft Starter Edition, players can try out World Of Warcraft to see if this game is right for them or not. Moreover, players can use this method to play for an unlimited period, but only until reaching level 20 with a character.

World Of Warcraft Starter Edition is even better than WOW trial.

It's worth noting that playing World Of Warcraft Starter Edition will allow using all the character races, which wasn't the case before. Also, the gold limit is now increased to 10 gold, which enables Starter Edition players to buy a mount once they reach the appropriate level.

Also, check out the latest subscription and gold prices and visit websites that sell gold cheaply if you’re looking to buy gold or get the gold for free.

The only locked classes are Demon Hunters and Death Knights since they require reaching more than the 20th level.

And finally, in the case of login queues, paid customers (players with an active subscription) will always have priority compared to Starter Edition players.

Taking everything into consideration, it's evident that Freecash is the ultimate choice when it comes to getting WOW game time for free because you won't be limited in any possible way, and your current location is irrelevant. That's why we strongly suggest using this method to get the World Of Warcraft subscription.

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As covered in this article, there are ways to get free WoW game time, but it will take some time to earn it. So some might prefer to outright buy it, and you might be able to get a good deal on it on sites like IGVault, MMOGA, Instant Gaming, or MMOGAH, although we would recommend the latter two options for reasons stated in our reviews.

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