Is Bronze Good? | Bronze MMR | RB6 Ranks

Find out everything you need to know about the Bronze ranking in RB6: Siege.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Is Bronze Good? | Bronze MMR | RB6 Ranks

Bronze is the second-lowest rank in the Rainbow Six Siege ranking system, placed between Copper and Silver. Just like with most other ranks in the game, Bronze rank is split into different tiers and this is one of the ranks players can expect to be put into after their placement matches. The players you'll face in Bronze are usually considered to be more casual and not very experienced at the game resulting in more relaxed games than the higher-ranked.

What MMR is Bronze?

Bronze rank placement usually requires your MMR to be between 1600 and 2100. Dropping below 1600 MMR puts you at risk of being relegated into Copper 1 while reaching over 2100 will bump you into Silver. The below table explains the needed MMR for each tier within the Bronze rank:

Is Bronze Good?

Whether you automatically be Bronze placement or climb the ladder to reach it, reaching this rank puts you in the top 97.3% to 91.4% of all ranked players. The exact number depends on what tier you're placed into within the Bronze rank.


It also means that on paper you can beat somewhere between 2.7% to 8.6% of all ranked players in the game. It's worth remembering that these percentages only consider those who played ranked, not all Rainbow Six Siege players get a ranking placement every season.

How to Improve from Bronze

Leaving Bronze requires you to become more skilled at Rainbow Six Siege. Climbing out of this rank can be difficult at times due to this and starting ranked later in the season can also make it harder to rise into Silver. Bronze players are not usually very skilled at the game, may lack a lot of experience or might be casual players.

It might feel difficult but there are things you can do to help move out of the Bronze ranks. These tips will help you improve your MMR:

  • Staying alive longer will allow you to earn a lot more points. This means moving around, watching your angles and always being critical of your movements or positioning. This can be difficult but watching good players on Twitch and YouTube will show you exactly how this works then you can work on emulating it.
  • Use the full prep phase on Attack. Spend this time finding the objectives, don't rush to scan things if it costs your drone, check the other floors to see where the enemy team is roaming, look for their traps, find their kill holes and just explore their defences in general.
  • Focus on your performance. This is good general advice for all ranks. Placing too much emphasis on the results of the game can cause you to do dumb things you never normally would and can make you rage. While you can't always control the outcome of the game, you can still make sure you score well!
  • Learn to use Operators to counter the other team. Being able to identify what Operator would be best for each map and in different conditions is a necessity for the higher ranks and being able to accurately do this proves you deserve a higher rank. Learn the Operators, their counters, the best situations for them and the best utility for them too.
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