Celebrities Who Play Halo

Some of the world's favorite celebrities love to play Halo in their free time. Let's find out who!

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Celebrities Who Play Halo

Playing video games is a favorite among the newer generations. Not only for competitions but for the pure fun to play video games. There are some huge gamers, who are actually in the celebrity community as fans of the Halo Franchise. Let's take a look at some video game fanatics, celebrity edition.

Zac Efron

Not only is he a huge fan of Halo, but playing Halo is one of his favorite ways to relax after a long day from work. Although he may not be as big of a gamer as before, we know he loved to play video games at 20 years old (2007). This was during the release of Halo 3, in which he claimed to play nonstop.


Zac Efron actually joined an LA launch party of Halo 3 in which him and a producer played until midnight together. His presence helped sell the first copies of Halo 3 to consumers. Since then, Zac Efron has always been seen as a Halo fan and known to be a big gamer in his free time.

Daniel Craig

Along with his love for Grand Theft Auto, in specific Vice City, Daniel Craig has been also reportedly known to love a video game with deep Lore. Namely, the Halo series was mentioned by the famous James Bond actor.

There is no doubt that Daniel Craig has been playing video games for years now, so being a big fan of Halo would make sense. Who knew James Bond could be cooler than he already was?

Larry Hryb

There is no surprise that Larry Hryb is a huge gamer and plays video games at his leisure. Larry Hryb was featured in a Halo 5 Celebrity Competitive Match, as the Xbox Live Gaming Network developer and director.


Larry Hryb has been reportedly known to be a big fan of the Halo Franchise, clearly. He is known by his gamer tag Major Nelson and is very present in the gaming world.

Mila Kunis

Celebrity girl gamers are becoming more and more popular throughout the years. Actress in the film Black Swan and married to Ashton Kutcher, Mia Kunis has mentioned her love for video games. Specifically, Halo 2 has been a past love as a gamer.


Mila Kunis has also proclaimed in a Jimmy Kimmel Live she has been a part of many World of Warcraft guilds and plays the game regularly. Along with the Call of Duty franchise.

Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder called out because of his Halo reference in Justice League caught a lot of eye from Halo fans. Although Zack Snyder never fully admitted he was a big fan of Halo or played video games, it was quite a surprise to those who play games curious to his Easter Egg in the film Justice League.


John Mayer

A very famous musician from North America, John Mayer leaks some unheard mixes with the Halo 2 Epilogue. Revealed by Marty O'Donnell, John Mayer seemed to really enjoy playing along with the Halo soundtrack.


John expressed his love for Halo to the music and gaming community as he enjoys how the game works and how it brings gamers together. Clearly, John has spent some time to play video games to know enough that Halo is one of the greatest first-person shooters of all time.

Ike Amadi

The famous voice actor for one of the newer Halo games, Ike Amadi is the voice actor for Locke, the team leader of Osiris. Ike Amadi has expressed his video game love along with being clearly a huge fan of the Halo Series.


Ike Amadi is featured in a Halo 5 Celebrity Competitive Match, along with other famous Halo celebrity gamers.

Megan Fox

A princess of Hollywood might be annihilating you in the Halo: Reach multiplayer. She is the eye candy of Transformers and has always caught the eye of viewers. Megan Fox has also confessed she is a video game fanatic and loves games such as Halo. Most specifically, Halo: Reach.


It is very likely you have come across Megan Fox as an opponent in Halo: Reach. It has been claimed her Gamertag is Megan Fox 2009 but it was never officially confirmed by anyone. Among celebrity girl gamers Megan Fox is definitely a favorite!

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