The Hottest and Sexiest Halo Characters of All Time

Halo has been known to have a very attractive character line-up, but which ones are the prettiest?

Updated on Sep 13, 2023
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The Hottest and Sexiest Halo Characters of All Time

Halo has been evolving its characters and gameplay quite a lot since the release of Halo: Infinite.

There have also been votes and discussions of who are the most attractive characters from Halo. We have put together below some of the hottest Halo characters all the way from Halo Combat Evolved to Halo: Infinite.

As more Halo games are created, the more options we have for attractive characters and who to take into account as the best.

Male or female, there are a few characters who may have left a mark on our hearts throughout the series. So who made it to the hottest list? Let’s take a look.

Hottest and Sexiest Halo Characters of All Time

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Cortana, a classic character since Halo Combat Evolved. Cortana, although a simple AI, has been with Master Chief since the beginning as his AI companion.

Cortana is most definitely on the list of most attractive Halo characters as not only is her physical attributes but her personality towards Chief. She is relentless always to be there to help him, which shows her deep care and affection for Chief.


Even though the AI may not have feelings, for players this gives us an emotional attachment to this character. As her care for Chief is something a lot of us would like to have in our own relationships.

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Sarah Palmer had her first appearance in the game Halo 4. With her calm personality but really impressive fighting skills, Palmer definitely makes one of the hottest characters throughout the series.

Not only is Palmer's personality really heroic, but what's hotter than a female in Spartan armor with commanding control? Known to be wearing her Mjolnir armor, Palmer has commanded many squads including Operation WOLFE in Reach.


Even if things become really tense, she remains calm as long as things go according to plan. Palmer has a very soldier based personality who follows the rules no matter what…unless it involves arresting Chief, where she helped him escape.

The more you learn about Palmer, the more she becomes more and more attractive in her unstoppable fighter spirit.

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Caterina… this one might be more attractive for a specific type. Kat is definitely a Spartan who we needed more of. With her extremely intelligent mind and quickness to help her team, Kat broke all of our hearts with her story.


With a very attractive Slavic accent, Kat had a specific style with a short buzzed cut and robotic arm from previous battles. Her accent may also change depending on which language you have set.

Her sarcastic personality brought us laughs and an uplifting feeling from her presence. She also carried a very protective spirit over the Noble Team.


Her first and only appearance is in Halo Reach. Taking into account as well as her tribute in Halo: Infinite multiplayer season, you can enjoy taking on her appearance as your own personalized Spartan.

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Miranda Keyes

If we must decide on an original, Miranda Keyes from Halo 3 is definitely a hot choice to add. Keyes has made an appearance many times throughout the series. Following her father, Jacob Keyes, she partakes in many battles against the Covenant.


Although there is not much more to her when it comes to personal life, physically she has also been very clean and generally attractive to players.

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Master Chief

Master Chief is of course the most obvious to be on this list. A 49-year-old, unstoppable muscular 7-foot-tall iconic beast. Chief has always been known to be the most attractive character. Although he has never exposed his face, his personality and brave heart has captured many eyes.


The developers of Halo have really made Chief seem even more attractive with how they show his expressions through body movement, armor placement and overall structure. Not only armor, but his deep voice and caring heart is famous throughout all of the Halo games.

Although his looks have changed throughout the games, Chief's attractiveness has been pretty straightforward throughout each game. From Halo 3 to Halo Infinite, his appearance seems to get more and more attention than the previous designs.

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Carter has a very specific character of leadership. From his unique large structure with a military buzz cut and his natural calm essence while leading the Noble team during some of the worst scenarios, gives us all a really mess vibe. Carter also carried a very warm friendliness that gave everyone a smile on their face.

Similar to Master Chief, the review on Carter is the same in regard to his leadership and knowledge. The only difference is we were able to see his face so this gave him a really hot extra point from Chief.


Even though his character was not around for more than one story, Carter always gave Noble Six a sense of comfort among the Noble Team which made his personality addicting throughout Halo Reach gameplay.

During the game, we also see Carter sacrifice his life for Noble Six, never leaving his post against the enemy. He definitely did not take the easy way out, deciding to sacrifice himself to clear the path so Noble Six can finish his objective.

With the addition of Multiplayer AI Bots with a completely free Halo multiplayer download, a lot of new Halo fans are emerging. Additionally, the Halo series is known to create characters with which we all have emotionally bonded throughout the gameplay.

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