Are There Bots In Halo Infinite? Extensive Evaluation

Find out all the info about bots in Halo Infinite!

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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Are There Bots In Halo Infinite? Extensive Evaluation

If you've been wondering if there are bots in Halo Infinite, you've come to the right place. In this article, you'll discover all relevant facts about bots in Halo Infinite and bots in general, so let's bring it on.

Are There Bots In Halo Infinite?

Yes, there are super-clever AI bots featured in Halo Infinite, available in each multiplayer mode. These AI-controlled bots are designed by game developers, who did a fantastic job. This allows improved team balance since they can take open slots and play instead of real players.

At first, these bots were awful until the 343 Industries made some massive tweaks and improved the AI bots to increase their intelligence for more realistic gameplay.

In fact, these AI bots have been learning all the moves from human players and are now quite impressive and even more intelligent than some human players.

In addition, there have been reports of bots doing unimaginable things, such as "teabagging" the players, so it's apparent that they are more advanced than AI bots in comparable titles.


The way Halo Infinite bots function is straightforward; each time a player gets disconnected or leaves the match on purpose, a bot immediately spawns and takes over the place of the player who left.

Furthermore, players can face bots in the BOT Bootcamp, which is essentially a training ground for both n00bs and those who wish to improve their skill level.

It's also worth mentioning that there are no bots used for cheating in Halo Infinite, which is fantastic, considering how many bot-related issues other online FPS games have. So if someone keeps headshoting you, don't worry; that player is just very skilled.

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Are There Spam Bots In Halo Infinite?

No, there are no spam bots in Halo Infinite, and the only spam that occurs is when a toxic player keeps using coarse language in text or voice chat. Fortunately, you can always mute these players easily.


Spam bots are another issue that troubles multiplayer FPS games because it prevents regular players from using the chat (text and voice) and because it's incredibly irritating to see repetitive messages with links to fishy websites.

Do Bots Make Or Break The Halo Infinite Experience?

Bots definitely make the Halo Infinite experience way ahead of the field. The main reason behind this is that these bots are as deadly as human players, and they will perform all actions that real Halo Infinite players perform, such as throwing grenades, dodging them, melee attacks, and pretty much everything else.

Even though it's evident that these bots are actually AI players, they are certainly one of the most realistic bots ever introduced to an FPS game, which everyone who's ever faced them can agree on.


What makes these bots even more unique from other bots is that they have super cool names, which are essentially a collection of various references, inside jokes, historical figures, and such. Some of the finest examples are Salt Baron, Godfather, Cream Corn, Locke, and Free Money. There's no doubt about it - 343 Industries did an excellent job with the bots in Halo Infinite, so all we can say is hats off to them.

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