Are There Bots In For Honor? In-Depth Analysis

Find out all the info about bots in For Honor!

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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Are There Bots In For Honor? In-Depth Analysis

Does For Honor have the same issue that nearly all other multiplayer games have? We're talking about bots, of course. You'll find that and additional valuable information if you keep scrolling down, so let's get going without further ado.

Are There AI Bots In For Honor?

Yes, there are bots featured in For Honor, and they are pretty beneficial and can even improve the gameplay. These bots are AI-controlled heroes or minions that players can play with or against in single-player Practice Mode or a Custom match. Bots featured in For Honor are dynamic since they feature machine learning and can improve over time, unlike some other AI bots that are static, and they always remain the same no matter how long they play. Furthermore, players can add these bots to any multiplayer game mode by choosing the "Player VS AI" and turning off matchmaking. Unfortunately, they can’t be removed mid-match, unlike in some other games with console commands for adding and removing the bots.


There are three different difficulty level of bots that players can select based on their skill level, but their customization and gender is always randomized. The higher the level of bots, the more variety and better-looking gear they will have. Regardless of their difficulty level, bots will always have the same stamina and health, despite some For Honor players claiming that level 3 bots have increased points.

Level 1 bots are only capable of rudimentary combos, and they can't perform any strategic actions or evasions. Level 2 bots are more challenging, and they will use their character's move set completely by performing light and heavy attacks, guarding breaks, zone attacks, etc. Finally, the most challenging bots on level 3 can conduct all available moves and fully take advantage of their character.

The way these bots function is by gathering data from nearly all online matches to make them more realistic and almost identical to human players, which makes them more challenging so that defeating them can become rewarding.


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Are There Cheat Bots In For Honor?

So far, For Honor didn't have cases of players who used scripted bots for cheating, and it will probably stay that way. Although some questionable websites sell scripted bots for this game, we did research and discovered that these are all fake.


So you can rest assured that For Honor is entirely free of scripted bots used for cheating.

Are There Spam Bots In For Honor?

Fortunately for the players and developers, there are no spam bots in For Honor. Nearly every single multiplayer game has this issue, where some players use bots for spam to promote deceptive websites and whatnot.

Spammers can completely overwhelm the chat so that regular players can't use it the way it should. If you've ever played some multiplayer games, you know what we mean. However, this is not the case in For Honor, in which there haven't been cases of bots spamming the global chat. The only spam featured in For Honor is when some players spam a specific attack to defeat other players, but this is completely allowed.

Do Bots Make Or Break The For Honor Experience?

Considering everything, bots featured in For Honor can significantly improve the gameplay experience. Not only because bots can be used for practicing and improving the skills or trying some unique combos and moves, but in some cases, playing with/against bots is far less frustrating than playing with real players.


Oftentimes, players just want to de-stress and slaughter some virtual enemies without being bothered by toxic players, which are a big part of For Honor. So if you aren't interested in competing and fighting against actual human players, you can easily set a match consisting of bots and yourself and still have fun.

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