Server Locations For Honor

Learn everything about the server locations in Honor!

Updated on Aug 19, 2023
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Server Locations For Honor

Ubisoft officially launched its For Honor dedicated servers on February 19 2018. The company provides awesome coverage for all the gamers having servers on all continents except for Africa. You can enjoy this third-person fighting game with little to no interruption, given that these locations are well spread around the globe.

Locations of For Honor game servers


Although For Honor runs pretty smoothly nowadays, the game had its fair share of issues on its launch. Ubisoft had to perform several fixes initially so that the title runs smoothly for everyone. Among others, they’ve placed a lot of emphasis on creating more stable matches. They also addressed host migration during the game’s early days.

Here are the locations of the For Honor servers

  • North America (Oregon and Virginia, USA)
  • South America (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Europe/Africa/East Russia, EMEA (London, UK; Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Asia/West Russia/India (Singapore, Singapore; Tokyo, Japan)
  • Australia (Sydney, Australia)

Why is server location important for For Honor?

Location is important not only for For Honor but also for all other video games. Basically, the closer you are to a specific server, the lower your ping. Ideally, you should try to have a ping of 100 or less to prevent any lag.

However, being close to a location is not the only thing you need to consider. Sometimes, internet issues might occur because you have a bad internet provider or an old internet type. For example, optical internet is less likely to lag than the traditional one.

Anyway, if you’re struggling with a game, it is best to check the ping. If it’s too high, this is a clear indication that something is off. Naturally, the issues can also be caused by an old PC.


How to change servers in For Honor?

There are some limitations in terms of which servers you use. If you check the map, you can see all the servers available for specific regions. For example, as a European, you can only utilize London and Frankfurt servers.

Although this might seem a little bit restrictive, it is the best way to provide a great experience for all the players. By being on the right server, not only will you have a better experience, but your teammates and opponents will also have a better game as everyone can play at their 100%.

For Honor server providers

Although there is no official data as to who provides server buttistance, it is safe to buttume that Ubisoft handles this by itself. Several years ago, they bought off a Dutch provider called i3D. According to the press release, this was done so that the company would always have full authority over the servers.

As mentioned before, they did have some problems during the For Honor’s early days. However, the company managed to smooth things over, and nowadays, everything runs pretty well.

Of course, the fact that the company handles the servers has its pros and cons. First off, it is in their interest for things to go well. Each day that the server doesn’t work is money out of their pockets. Also, it makes it easier to control the entire process from development to sales and, ultimately, hosting.

However, this also means there might be some issues. For example, their server teams might not be as good as i3Ds.

How to check server status for For Honor?


The great thing about For Honor is that Ubisoft also provides data regarding server status. Just head out to their site, and you can get all the necessary information. The status is refreshed every minute, so you will instantly know if anything goes awry.

In the upper corner, you notice that servers for all platforms are working as intended. If there is some error, it will be marked by one of the three symbols, including maintenance, problems, and outage. You have the company’s Twitter to the right, where you can get the latest news.

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