Are There Bots In Brawlhalla? Everything you need to know

Find out all the info about bots in Brawlhalla!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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Are There Bots In Brawlhalla? Everything you need to know

If Brawlhalla somehow got under your radar and you'd like to try it out for the first time, you'd surely want to know if there are bots featured in this game or not, and if so, what kind of bots.

Today, we'll answer all bot-related questions regarding Brawlhalla, including are they featured in the game, what kind of bots are there, and much more, so let's get into it.

Are There Bots In Brawlhalla?

Yes, and there are three types of bots in Brawlhalla; Those intended to assist the player in improving their skill level in training, those intended to replace a player that got disconnected, and those used for cheating. The first and second types of bots have been a part of Brawlhalla since the release date, and they are a practical addition since these bots can emulate the movements of real players and bring more balance to the gameplay. When adding the bots, players may choose between five difficulty levels, including easy, medium, hard, extreme, and chosen, so that anyone can play according to their skill level. These bots can be added to a custom online game, couch party, training, and tournament game modes.


In contrast, those infamous bots used for cheating can auto-attack and perform other automated actions set by a cheater, and they are used exclusively for AFK farming. Essentially, this is a method where cheaters can activate the bot (a script written in programming code) and leave it to farm coins and experience. Unfortunately, Blue Mammoth Games didn't do much to eliminate them so far, and regular players can often end up playing against these types of bots.

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Do Bots Make Or Break The Brawlhalla Experience?

In the case of Brawlhalla, bots can do both, and depending on what kind of bots we're talking about, they can either improve the gameplay or completely ruin it. The developer's advanced AI bots can certainly make Brawlhalla more enjoyable, and players can improve their skills much more comfortable using the various game modes where bots are available. On top of this, each time someone gets disconnected, a bot will automatically take over that player's place so that brawl never stops.


On the other hand, auto-farming scripted bots can ruin the gameplay. This is because these bots aren't intelligent, and whoever ends up playing versus them will be able to defeat them quickly, which isn't challenging and doesn't feel like an accomplishment.

Their only goal is to farm experience and gold. In addition, the scripts that power these bots are unsophisticated since they are only supposed to make the in-game characters move so that players don't get disconnected due to inactivity.

This way, cheaters can accumulate lots of gold and experience without ever playing the game. Brawlhalla features Easy Anti Cheat, aiming to stop the scripted bots from appearing. But so far, this hasn’t helped at all.


How To Identify Bots In Brawlhalla?

Identifying bots in Brawlhalla is entirely trouble-free. Once you begin a match, pay attention to your opponent's behavior. 

If your opponent is an auto-farming bot, you'll know it immediately because it will only perform some basic movements, so it doesn't stay inactive.

Most of the time they are simple bots, but some of them can be a bit more advanced, and they can dodge your attacks or even perform a combo. In any case, they are easily recognizable because they are even less challenging than the easiest AI bot featured in the game.

When it comes to AI-controlled bots that take place of players who got disconnected or who left the game, they are much more challenging (but still easy for the average Brawhalla player) and they can perform all sorts of movements and actions, so they are easily distinguishable from auto-farming bots.

All you gotta do is press the “tab” on your keyboard or the “select” buttonon the controller, and you’ll see the names of all the players. If there’s a bot instead of a player, you’ll be able to find that out this way.

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