Brawlhalla: Mammoth Coins Prices & What Package Should You Get

Are you looking for the latest prices for Mammoth Coins? Here they are!

Updated on Aug 19, 2023
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Brawlhalla: Mammoth Coins Prices & What Package Should You Get

Mammoth Coins are certainly an all-in-one solution for all Brawlhalla players, as they can be used to unlock legends, all cosmetic items and skins, crossover characters, and much more. Even though players who have Mammoth Coins won't have any advantage compared to those without them, they can surely make Brawlhalla more enjoyable.

Even though you can also get Mammoth Coins for free, the fastest way of getting them is through your wallet. So if you're looking to purchase them but aren't sure how and what's their latest prices, this article will show you everything you need to know about Mammoth Coins.

The Current Official Prices Of Mammoth Coins

First, we'll reveal the current (official Blue Mammoth Games) prices of Mammoth Coins before showing you how you can buy them. Mammoth Coins are currently priced as follows:

Mammoth Coins

Price In Dollars

Price In Euros








$1 (14.29%)




$4 (23.53%)




$7 (25.93%)




$15 (30.00%)




$30 (37.50%)

In addition, the average price of 1 Mammoth Coin is $0.05.

How much are 100 Mammoth Coins in Brawlhalla

On average 100 Mammoth coins are worth about $3.70 depending on what package you bought. That's the amount you need in general to open a chest in the Malhalla.

How To Purchase Mammoth Coins

Essentially, you can only purchase Mammoth Coins through the official store of a platform on which you play Brawlhalla, either directly in the game or through the official platform website.

While the former is the simplest and fastest way to get Mammoth Coins, the latter doesn’t require you to enter the game or even have the game installed.

Unfortunately for players, unlike some other in-game currencies, Mammoth Coins cannot be purchased through third-party services, which usually sell in-game currencies for a cheaper price.

In the following sections, you'll find out how to buy Mammoth Coins through both methods.

Directly In The Game

To be able to buy Mammoth Coins directly in Brawlhalla, you'll need to have sufficient money on your account, regardless of the device. So, for instance, whether you play Brawlhalla on Steam (PC and macOS), Xbox, PlayStation, iOS, or Android, your account needs to have a balance or a payment method that you can use to buy Mammoth Coins.

Once that's set, here's how you can buy them in a few steps:

  1. Open the "Store" from the main menu of Brawlhalla.


  1. Select the first option - "Buy Coins."


  1. You’ll then notice the list of available Mammoth Coin bundles and their costs. Simply select the bundle that you wish to buy, and that’s it!


Through The Website

If you wish to buy Mammoth Coins through the official website, visit the official store and sign in with your account, search for Brawlhalla, then select the "add-ons" option, where you'll find the list of available Mammoth Coins bundles which you can buy.


Just like buying directly in the game, you'll need to have a sufficient balance on your account or the connected payment method.

Which Mammoth Coins Package Should You Get?

Clearly, if your goal is to get the best value for a price, you should get the 1600 Mammoth Coins pack, as you'll be able to save $30, and it will cost you $50. However, if your goal is to unlock all legends, you should opt for the special DLC and get all Legends (the present and the future ones) for just $20!


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