What to Do When Bored in Project Zomboid (Fun & Original Ideas For You)

Project Zomboid can get quite repetitive and boring after playing for a while, so in this article we'll talk about how we can enjoy the game again.

Updated on Aug 17, 2023
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What to Do When Bored in Project Zomboid (Fun & Original Ideas For You)

Project Zomboid is one of the most realistic zombie survival games in the gaming world. If surviving the zombie apocalypse has become too easy or boring after a while, this guide is for you. This Project Zomboid guide will explain how to make the game more fun and enjoyable when you get bored. Project Zomboid can easily turn into a very repetitive and boring game after playing for a while. Veteran players are likely to suffer from this problem.

Now let's talk about how this problem can be eliminated.

Give Multiplayer a Chance in Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid, as everyone knows, started out as a single-player game and quickly became the most realistic zombie apocalypse game. Even it still had its shortcomings at the time of its release and it still has its shortcomings today. However, the vast majority of the gaming community still considers Project Zomboid to be the most difficult and realistic zombie survival game.


But all in all, if you haven't tried it before, playing Project Zomboid with your friends will be a completely different experience. Imagine that you and your friends hotwire cars in Project Zomboid, steal them and take them home. While your friends are trying to fight off the hordes of zombies coming towards you, you are trying to start the car with your hands and feet tangled in the car. Imagine finding a safe house with your friends, cover windows, raising your skill levels, and searching for medical supplies and canned food together.

The most enjoyable of these is killing zombies with your friends armed with the best weapons in Project Zomboid.

Try CDDA Challenge Modes in Project Zomboid

The CDDA modes in Project Zomboid are a kind of challenging story mode. Each mode has its own story and scenario and you try to survive this challenging scenario. They all have different events and different places.

Let's briefly talk about CDDA modes.

"A Really CDDA" CDDA Challenge

In this scenario, you are extremely drunk and when you get out of the shower you slip and fall. When you wake up, your house is on fire. No matter what clothes you choose on the character creation screen, you will start naked and completely unfurnished.


You'll also have the moods Drenched, Utterly Shit-Faced, Runny Nose, and you'll bleed from a piece of glass stuck in your groin. It's a very challenging scenario.

"You Have One Day" CDDA Challenge

As the name suggests, this mode gives you one day to survive. You spawn at a spawn location and choose a safe house that is easy to defend.


In this safe place, you strengthen the windows and make your safe house and yourself as equipped as possible. At the end of 24 hours, a large zombie horde starts attacking you and you try to repel this horde.

"Opening Hours" CDDA Challenge

In this struggle, we are inside a shopping mall and the doors and gates are closed. There are a lot of zombies outside who are dying to eat you. The first priority is to find essential items to survive. Find weapons and repel the zombies. The main goal is to stay alive as long as you can.


When the game starts at 8:40 AM, the mall doors will open at 9:00 AM.

"Winter is Coming" CDDA Challenge

In this scenario, we start in an isolated shack in the middle of the forest, alone and naked. It's cold and 3 days later there will be a huge snowstorm.


You need to find clothes and supplies as soon as possible and get to a safe area.

"House in The Woods" CDDA Challenge

In this scenario, you wake up in a cabin in a huge forest far away from all humanity. You will be surrounded by plenty of clothes and weapons to defend yourself. Almost as soon as the game starts, zombies will start spawning and the only thing that will make this mode end is if you die.


Hiding or running away won't work, the zombies will keep coming. As a strategy you can make barricades with furniture in Project Zomboid.

"A Storm is Coming" CDDA Challenge

This mod is a different version of the Winter is Coming mod.


The weather conditions are constantly harsh and rainy.

"The Descending Fog" CDDA Challenge

In this scenario there is a fog that completely covers the Project Zomboid map, reducing visibility considerably. This allows zombies to sneak up behind you.


"Kingsmouth" CDDA Challenge

In this challenge, the "Paradise Island" where you are is infected with the Knox Event Infection. On this map, there are big hotels, military bases, and many other different locations.


"Studio" CDDA Challenge

This challenge was inspired by Paramount Pictures and Warner Brothers Studios. Simply put, imagine you are in a movie studio and suddenly there is a zombie outbreak.


Go to Louisville in Project Zomboid

Louisville is the largest city in Project Zomboid. This city is an extremely large metropolis with a huge amount of supplies, but at the same time, this large and crowded metropolis contains a lot of zombies. Louisville is a city that every player should visit at least once during a play-through. It is a very different experience.


Louisville has tons of Police Stations, Hardware Store, and Shopping Centers. In schools, you can find school bag, and in nearby houses, you can find items that are important for your survival such as water bottle and non-perishable food.

Install Mods for Project Zomboid

One of the best features of Project Zomboid is that players are constantly making new modes to keep the game fun and fresh. If the game is getting monotonous and boring for you, you can double your enjoyment with a few nice mods in Project Zomboid.

Now let's talk about a few mods that you can install and increase your enjoyment of the game.

Autotsar Trailers Mod in Project Zomboid

This best mod in Project Zomboid adds trailers to the game and these trailers really enhance your enjoyment of the game. Because you are no longer limited to the supplies that your bag or your car can hold. You can attach a trailer to your car and store your stuff inside that trailer. So you can go from your temporary base to your best base location in Project Zomboid with a lot of supplies.


There are also versions of these trailers that can hold gasoline and water. You can also store gasoline and water in them.

Scrap Armor/Weapons/Guns Mod in Project Zomboid

As the name suggests, this mod adds many craftable Weapons, Guns, and Armor to the game. The best part is that these weapons can be made from scrap, adding realism to the game.


It really affects the atmosphere and enjoyment of the game when the items added to the game look like they're made of junk.

The Only Cure Mod in Project Zomboid

This mode realistically prevents you from turning into a zombie when bitten. It would be realistic if this was a feature of Project Zomboid itself and not a mod.


When you are bitten, you can cut off your bitten limb with cutting tools like a saw and replace it with a prosthetic.

Play with Sprinter Zombies in Project Zomboid

As you know in Project Zomboid, zombies move very slowly. The Sprinter Zombies setting turns zombies into zombies from the movie World War Z. There are no longer walking zombies but sprinting zombies. This makes the game very challenging and difficult. If you accidentally over-attract zombies you are very likely to die.

To do this we need in-game sandbox settings. Change the Speed setting from Zombie Lore to Sprinters.


When you get bored with Project Zomboid or the game starts to feel repetitive, you can try experimenting with the things mentioned in this article and customize it to your liking. You can also enable Debug Mode in Project Zomboid and create different scenarios for yourself.

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