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Best Base Locations in Project Zomboid To Survive Longer

In Project Zomboid, it's always hard to find the right place to settle, and this decision often determines how long you'll live. So read on carefully.
Best Base Locations in Project Zomboid To Survive Longer

In Project Zomboid, where you set up your base is very important and plays a big role in determining whether you will survive or not. The base you set up should be close to the gas station and also close to the city so you can collect food. The base should be easy to defend when a zombie horde attacks. It should be near buildings and places that are useful to you so that if there is an emergency you can go and get what you need immediately.

The best base locations that will be mentioned in this Project Zomboid guide will be divided into maps in the game.

Best Muldraugh Base Locations in Project Zomboid

Muldraugh is located south west of Westpoint. And it is a low-income town where low-income families live. But it is one of the best places to survive a zombie invasion. There are buildings where you can find many industrial materials and weapons.

North Farm Base Location in Muldraugh

Muldraugh North Farm might be the best starting location. One of the main reasons for this is that you are very close to the small town Muldraugh but still far away from the crowded zombies. In this location, there are interesting buildings, farm plots, barns, and a shed.

You can use this great place to your advantage. Gated Community and Construction Site for general loot supplies, Police Station for weapons, and Cortman Medical for medical supplies are extremely close to this location. This is the perfect place almost in the heart of the city, close to everything, including the food market.

McCoy Logging Corp. Base Location in Muldraugh

This base location is another great place in Muldraugh. It's incredibly safe for the amount of loot it contains. There are almost no zombies here and if you decide to live here you will be safe even though you are very close to the city. With lots of logs and containers, this place has everything you could want from a base.

Carpentry, one of the best occupations in Project Zomboid, can even be used to access and live on the roof, or even farm on the roof. And you can prepare an emergency escape plan by hanging a sheet rope from the roof.

Big Urban Warehouse Base Location in Muldraugh

This location is surrounded by wooden walls and is also very close to a gas station. This secure base location is almost impenetrable thanks to high wooden fences, and being in the center of the town means you have a huge amount of loot and an almost unlimited supply of food. Because food markets will be right at your feet. You don't have to worry about zombies because you will be safe thanks to high fences.

Another beauty of this starting location is that there are Storage Units inside. When the power goes out in Project Zomboid, the first place we need to look for the generator is the Storage Units in Project Zomboid. So you have a good chance of finding a generator at the beginning of the game and you can find useful items from the wooden crates inside.

Best Rosewood Base Locations in Project Zomboid

Since Rosewood is a small place in Project Zomboid and we can say that the zombie population is low, the houses in this base location will generally be in the town.

Two Isolated House Base Location in Rosewood

These two houses are identical, there is not much difference. Both have great interiors and a garage. It's extremely close to the town, so you don't have to go all the way to loot every day.

The buildings that have been located in the center of this town are basically decent starting location because these houses are protected from zombies.

Construction Site Base Location in Rosewood

This great spot, also in the middle of the town, is a great place to start building your own secure building. The wall surrounding the area ensures that no matter how many zombies come, you'll still be safe.

One part of these walls are made of high wooden fences and three sides are made of metal fences. One of the best things about it is that it's right next to the Fire Station. In this Fire Station, you can find one of the best weapons in Project Zomboid, the axe.

Gated Community Base Location in Rosewood

This whole area can be the best starting location. Especially if you plan to play Project Zomboid with a large group of friends. There are multiple houses in this area and they all have very good interiors and rooms.

Everyone can have their own house as your friends join you. When you block the road with cars, no matter how many zombies come, no zombie can reach you. Zombies can't break the wall or the car.

Best Riverside Base Locations in Project Zomboid

The fact that Riverside is one of the best places to build a base is hidden in its name. Because the river runs through it, and the river is vital for a self-sustainable base. You can fish as much as you want and you can survive just by doing that.

Food Market Base Location in Riverside

At this base area in Project Zomboid, everything you need is literally at your fingertips. The place is called Food Market, but you can settle in any of the 4 buildings in this location.

There is a Bar where you can find alcohol and various tools, right next to it there is another store where you can find other tools and food, and just across the road, there is a Gas Station and a Police Station. What more can you ask for?

Junkyard Base Location in Riverside

If you don't feel safe in the previous location, you can build your own house in the Junkyard right next to it. The large and high metal fences here will completely protect you from zombies. Also, the trailer inside will be enough for you until you build your own house.

For the Junkyard, which is right next to the previous location, all of the same as mentioned before applies. The only difference is that it is surrounded.

Country Club Base Location in Riverside

The Country Club is far from the river but playing in this place can be incredibly enjoyable, I mean who wouldn't want to live in a Country Club that even has its own tennis court? Surrounded by trees, finding wood, farming and trapping will be no problem for you. A great place to rest in your retirement. As for the interior design, every corner of the room is perfect.

We don't even feel that we are far from the river because the lake is right next to us. You can fish in this lake and even fish in the swimming pool inside (top secret).

Best Westpoint Base Locations in Project Zomboid

Let's come to Westpoint, one of the sweetest, most preferred, and most beautiful towns of Project Zomboid. Its proximity to Louisville and the river, as well as its size, makes Westpoint one of the most preferred towns. The bigger it is, the more likely you are to find good loot.

Storage Lots Base Location in Westpoint

Making this place completely safe for the first few weeks will be difficult and painful. This place on the west side is a fantastic place but you will need a few extra cars to make it completely safe. There are places where zombies can jump over the fences and once you block them, the building will be completely safe.

You can find many useful tools and even an extra generator thanks to the Storage Units inside. You can place one generator at your home and the other at the gas station just across the road for an unlimited supply of gasoline.

House by the Lake Base Location in Westpoint

If living close to zombies is not your thing and you are a man of nature, this is the place for you. There are 4 livable buildings in this area, including a small shack. Two of them are surrounded by metal fences and are quite beautiful inside. Even better, 3 houses have their own private garage. If you find a Sledgehammer, you can expand and design your house as you wish by breaking your walls.

In this area, thanks to the lake next to you, you can level up your Farming, Fishing, Foraging, and Trapping skills as you wish. There is also an Antique Oven in the small shed at the bottom of the lake. This Antique Oven will be one of your best friends when the power goes out and winter comes.

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