How to Open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid [all Locations & Methods]

There are several ways to open garage doors in Project Zomboid. Discover how to open garage doors easily and get the loot inside.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How to Open Garage Doors in Project Zomboid [all Locations & Methods]

The majority of Project Zomboid is about looting and survival. So knowing where to look for which loot is very important and vital.

For example, when the power goes out in Project Zomboid, you will need a generator and generators usually come out from behind these garage doors, that is, from Warehouses. It is also possible to find the best weapons in Project Zomboid.

How to Open Garage Doors with Key in Project Zomboid

The first thing you should do before looking for a method to open garage doors in Project Zomboid is to first check if the doors are locked. Because sometimes garage doors are not locked like normal doors.

To do this, come to the garage door and press the "E" button, if the door is locked it will vibrate and make a sound. Be careful not to repeat this too many times because the sound will attract zombies to you.

If the doors are locked, one method you can use is to kill all the zombies in the area and look for keys in their corpses. Try not to attract too many zombies at once, because they can easily become too much to handle and you can quickly get yourself into trouble you really don't want to get into. So take care of the zombies slowly and one by one. You can take care of a small horde with a friend in Project Zomboid, accompanied by a decent character build. Be careful not to get infected when using this method.

As you clear the zombies, loot their corpses, and look for the key. Eventually, the key will come out of one of  the corpses. Afterward, you can open all the locked garage doors with that key. Pay attention to the name of the key, the key you're looking for is called "House Key."

How to Open Garage Doors with Metalworking in Project Zomboid

To use this method, you will make use of the Metalworking skill. You will need the Propane Torch and Welder Mask items to break the door we want to enter.

You can easily find Propane Tank and Welder Mask in sheds, garages, warehouses, auto shops, and storage units. With this method, you can also increase the level of your excellent occupation Metalworking in Project Zomboid.

The step you need to follow to apply this method is very simple. 

  1. Put on the Welder's Mask. 
  2. Equip the Propane Torch.
  3. Right-click on the garage door you want to break down, and select dissemble.

How to Open Garage Doors with Melee Weapon in Project Zomboid

Another way to open doors and garage doors in Project Zomboid is to use melee weapons. This is a good method to use if you don't have a key, and you will also be able to level up your Maintenance skill. It will be very good for you to have a high Maintenance skill, this skill ensures that your melee weapons will not be broken easily and their durability decreases more slowly. So you will not spend material to repair your weapon if your Maintenance level is high.

The Project Zomboid community says that the most effective and fastest way to break down garage doors is with a Sledgehammer and Axe. However, you can also use a Metal Pipe, Baseball Bat, and Hammer. But they may take a little longer. Axes deal 35 damage to the door while Sledgehammers deal 40 damage.

Sledgehammers also have the highest melee damage and are one of the few weapons in the game that can hit up to 3 zombies at once. Also with sledgehammers, you can demolish walls and fences. Sledgehammers are found in tool shops, warehouses, sheds, and supply rooms.

Where to Find Storage Units in Project Zomboid

There are 5 main cities in the game. These are Muldraugh, Riverside, Rosewood, West Point, and Louisville. Storage Units with garage doors are only available in Louisville, Muldraugh, and Riverside.

MuldraughOne of the more moderately-sized towns in Knox Country is made up mostly of residential and industrial buildings. Many of the residents live in poorer quality housing than residents in other towns.
RiversideA wealthier town situated on the Ohio River in the northwest corner of Knox Country. Features a gated community with a country club.
RosewoodA newly-developed town with compact services and a nearby prison.
WestpointA large river-bound town north of Muldraugh with a clear town center and close proximity to the Ohio River crossings.
LouisvilleA large, densely populated metropolis across the Ohio River on the border of the Knox Exclusion Zone. Later designated part of the exclusion zone after being overrun. Most of the city's borders are still sealed off by fences constructed during the Knox Event.

There are 3 Storage Units in Louisville, 4 in Muldraugh, and 1 in Riverside. Now let's examine the locations of these Storage Units with their coordinates so that you can go and loot them in the game.






This game is as realistic and difficult as a real-life zombie apocalypse, so be careful and don't underestimate any zombie.

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