How to Tell If You are Infected in Project Zomboid?

In Project Zomboid there are many diseases that resemble zombification, and in this article we will learn how to distinguish one from the others.

Updated on Jul 28, 2023
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How to Tell If You are Infected in Project Zomboid?

In this another Project Zomboid beginner's guide we will talk about zombification. If you have a laceration or scratch on your body, you have a 25 percent chance of getting a zombie infection, while if you are bitten, you have a 100 percent chance of turning into a zombie. We are not talking about the infection that appears in your health panel, those infections are minor infections from wounds. It is curable by disinfecting the affected wound with alcohol wipes. This zombification infection is much more sneaky and lethal than other diseases and conditions. Now let's talk about how we know if we have this zombie infection.

How to Know if You Are Infected in Project Zomboid

The symptoms of fatigue, nausea, and sadness that your character develops are indicative of a zombie infection or a normal illness. These symptoms will appear in your mood list in the top right corner also your health will start dropping over time. The sickness will kill you in about three days depending on your sandbox setting.


The lethality can vary, however, these symptoms are very similar to food poisoning and the common flu. If your character shows these symptoms but hasn't been bitten, there's no need to panic because you may have been unintentionally exposed to cold weather and are suffering from a simple cold. To get healthy again, start taking antibiotics regularly, which you can find at households or pharmacy stores, and always keep a full stomach and get plenty of sleep.

How to Cure Common Cold or Food Poisoning

In Project Zomboid if you've been exposed to cold weather or stayed out in the rain long enough you run the risk of catching a cold. These diseases can also be caused by eating rotten food and drinking tainted water. It won't kill you but it can severely reduce your speed and healing. Also, your sneaking skills will be difficult as players will cough and sneeze loud enough to attract any zombies nearby you.


You can muffle these sounds with tissue but only when equipped in your primary or secondary slot. Having the outdoorsman trait prevents you from catching a cold entirely.


You should keep yourself dry and warm. In addition, always try to be well fed, eat warm food and keep your character asleep with the help of sleeping pills until you recover. If you stay well fed and don't lose weight you can recover quickly.

How to Avoid Getting Zombie Infection

So how do you protect yourself from catching the zombie virus? Well, social distancing from zombies does work however some best clothes in Project Zomboid have skin protection properties. Also, you can use the best positive trait for beginners in Project Zomboid. The thick skin trait multiplies the chance of not being injured by a zombie attack.


It's very important to prolong your dying time as long as possible and to treat your character without giving up hope because sometimes there is a chance of survival.

If you got a laceration or scratched by a zombie the sooner you start treatment the better. To avoid zombie infection and other illnesses you actually follow more or less the same path.

There are 2 types of Project Zomboid infections. One of them appears in the health panel and the other one is the infection you get when you are bitten by a zombie. The game doesn't provide you with any extra information when you are infected by a zombie. You see the same symptoms of the disease again. However, most of the time you don't know for sure if you have a zombie infection, a normal disease, or a body sickness.


If your health panel says bitten, your chances of survival are very low it is life-threatening. If you are Scratched and Lacerated, immediately disinfect your wounds. You have a 25 percent chance of survival. Therefore, you need to constantly sterilize your wounds and replace dirty bandages with clean bandages.

Just as with normal illnesses, keeping your health full and being well fed is vital for your recovery. If you don't have a normal bandage, you can cut clean clothes to make a ripped sheet.

How to Protect Yourself Against Zombie Bites in Project Zomboid

Tailoring is one of the most important skills in Project Zomboid in my opinion, its importance in the mid-game and late-game cannot be overstated.

Leveling Tailoring is quite simple compared to other skills, but the utility and defense it provides are huge. As your tailoring level increases, so does the protection of the clothes you sew and strengthen.


In short, the patches you sew on your clothes in Project Zomboid, protect you from zombie scratches and bites. As I mentioned before, the percentage of protection increases depending on the material you use and your tailoring level.


The tools you need to do Tailoring in Project Zomboid:

  • 1 Needle
  • 1 Unit of Thread
  • 1 Pair of Scissors

We don't need to explain the needle and thread, while the scissors allow you to cut leather and denim clothes to get Denim Strips and Leather Strips.

ITEMBASE DEFENCE (Scratch/Bite/Bullet)Rarity of Clothing
Ripped Sheet

- / +1% / -
Very Common
Denim Strip

+1% / +1% / +1%
Leather Strip

+1% / +2% / +1%


Ways to Getting Rid of Zombification in Project Zomboid

If you don't like zombie infection, you can turn this setting off in the sandbox settings.


  1. In the Sandbox settings, go to the Zombie Lore setting.
  2. In the Transmission drop-down menu, change Blood + Salvia to None.

But there is another option that is more fun and realistic than this option, and that is to install the best mods for Project Zomboid.

  • They Knew Mod
  • The Only Cure - Beta MP

The Knew mode allows zombies to spawn a very rare zombie vaccine in their corpses, but as I said, these vaccines are extremely rare. Thanks to these vaccines, you can cure your zombie infection.

The Only Cure mode allows you to cut off the bitten body part. By cutting the bitten part you cure zombification. Another best feature added by this mode is that you can wear a prosthesis instead of the limb we cut off. But the work we do with this prosthesis slows down considerably.

At first, it is very important to choose the best base location to avoid being bitten by a zombie. After this step, you have to clear all the zombies around the base, and then you have to barricade your house in Project Zomboid as much as possible. You can make a good character build to clear all the zombies easily.

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