Is it Possible to Kill All Zombies in Project Zomboid [Best Way to Clear Zombie Hordes]

If you are wondering if all zombies can be killed in Project Zombid, let's see if it is possible.

Updated on Jul 29, 2023
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Is it Possible to Kill All Zombies in Project Zomboid [Best Way to Clear Zombie Hordes]

Project Zomboid is a very difficult zombie apocalypse survival game and it is both possible and impossible to kill all the zombies in this game. The reason for this is that when you enter the game with normal settings in Project Zomboid, the number of zombies slowly increases. If you really want to kill all zombies, you should turn off the zombie population growth setting in Project Zomboid settings. Even in this case, it will still be very difficult to kill all zombies. If you look at it, it will take about 5-6 months, the map of the game is very large and at the same time you will need to find new weapons and you will need to consider the health and hunger status of your character.

You'll need to have the best Project Zomboid weapon to easily take out so many zombies, and it takes time to find them. You will also need to hotwire cars in Project Zomboid when you consider the size of the map. Of course, it doesn't end there, killing zombies can take quite a while, and zombie moves extremely slowly and scatter all over the map. The car is not enough to reach every single zombie because zombies spread deep into the forests where there is nothing, even in an empty part of the map where you have never been before, there may be zombies and you cannot reach these points by car, you may have to walk for days.


There may also be remaining zombies among the zombies you think you have killed. One of the zombie mechanics in Project Zomboid is that zombies can play dead. This can be very difficult and may cause your death both for normal gameplay and for such a challenge, so make sure the downed zombie is dead. Multiple zombies come together to form zombie hordes and move slowly to kill you in such situations you can die even because of a single mistake, so you must be careful when dealing with zombie hordes.

How to Turn off Zombie Spawn in Project Zomboid

If you want to kill all the zombies in Project Zomboid, you need to turn off the zombie spawn feature. If you do not turn off this feature, zombies will automatically respawn at certain times of the day and become larger groups.

  1. Select Custom Sandbox and move on.


  1. Select the map where you want to spawn.


  1. When you get to Sandbox Options, set Respawn Hours to 0 in Advanced Zombie Options.


Best Way to Clear Zombies in Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid, the best way to clear extremely large hordes is with an ambulance and a lighter. It's actually a very simple method, all you have to do is pull as many zombies as you can, to do this you have to turn on the sirens of the ambulance, after a few zombies are chasing you, you have to get out of the ambulance and throw a molotov cocktail and wait for them to ignite.


After a few zombies caught fire, you will slowly move through the city with your sirens blaring at a speed that zombies cannot catch up with you, and the zombies following you will slowly burn, and in this way, you can clear as many zombie hordes as you want with a snowball effect. The fire will do most part of the work for you, but you may want to do this a little further away from your base because the fire can spread to the houses.


It's as simple as that when you look at the fact that you can kill once human citizens of Knox Country. If you want to use more normal methods instead, the best way to repel large hordes of zombies is with shotguns as firearms, and you can kill the standing zombies with melee weapons.

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