10 Best Project Zomboid Mods To Make PZ Exciting Again

Check out these 10 best Project Zomboid mods, including new textures, craftable produce sacks, medieval clothing, XP tweaks, and more!

Updated on Jan 09, 2024
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10 Best Project Zomboid Mods To Make PZ Exciting Again

1 /10

10 Years Later Cars and Wrecks

This mod introduces new textures to the game, creating a more ancient and apocalyptic atmosphere. The world and roads are now draped in vines and plants, portraying a completely desolate and apocalyptic state.

10 Years Later Cars and Wrecks Project Zomboid mod

So yeah, if you're looking to play a story reminiscent of "The Walking Dead", I believe this could just be the perfect Project Zomboid mod for you!

2 /10

Craftable Produce Sacks

This mod significantly simplifies ingredient management in Project Zomboid. It enables players to craft Produce Sacks, ideal for organizing fruits and vegetables.

Craftable Produce Sacks Mod Project Zomboid

To create a sack, you'll need a needle, thread, a sack, and up to 12 ingredients. This is especially useful for decluttering containers, ensuring a more organized storage in your cellar. 

I love this mod, but it can make you feel hungry for more Project Zomboid, so don't come after me if this will be the case!

3 /10

Yaki's Makeshift Clothing

This mod introduces over 40 new medieval clothing items, perfect for those who enjoy role-playing. You can craft diverse outfits from materials like sheets, garbage bags, and potato sacks; real gucci vibes.

Yaki's Makeshift Clothing Project Zomboid Mod

Besides the Medieval Set, the mod also includes Roman and Primitive sets, with more additions planned for future updates. An interesting feature is the ability to color your clothes by boiling various plants, adding a unique touch to your outfit.

4 /10

Ultimate XP Tweaker

This mod provides the flexibility to adjust XP multipliers for all skills in the game. Normally, only a limited number of XP multipliers can be tweaked in the game's standard settings, but with this mod, you can modify the settings for any skill. 

Ultimate XP Tweaker Project Zomboid Mod

If you find leveling up a skill like Nimble too tedious, increase its XP multiplier using this mod. Additionally, it conveniently displays the multiplier for each skill both on the character creation screen and within the game, where the skills appear.

5 /10

Stalker Armor Pack

This mod perfectly encapsulates the apocalyptic survival theme in Project Zomboid, adding an array of impressive Stalker outfits. It includes a comprehensive collection of 81 armors, 64 headpieces, and 9 gas masks.

Stalker Armor Pack Project Zomboid Mod

These outfits are distributed across various containers throughout the game's map, representing all 9 vanilla Stalker factions. This pack is a must-have for players looking to enhance their survival experience with thematic gear.

6 /10

Add Sounds Effects to Items Transfer

For those seeking a fresh audio experience in Project Zomboid, this mod is a game-changer. It introduces new sound effects that vary depending on the type of item you transfer from a container to your inventory.

Add Sounds Effects to Items Transfer Project Zomboid Mod

With 60 different sound effects included in this mod, it significantly enriches the auditory aspect of item management, making each interaction more immersive and distinct.

7 /10

Anger Plus

Now, this is my favorite Project Zomboid mod ever! At first glance, adding another mood might seem like a complication, but Anger Plus offers a realistic element to the gameplay

In a survival scenario, it's natural to experience anger and frustration. This mod reflects that by triggering anger in your character for reasons like injury from bushes, failing to jump over a fence, or breaking a weapon. The interesting part is, the angrier your character gets, the stronger they hit zombies – but there's a catch: your weapons degrade faster. In critical situations, this anger can be a lifesaver against zombies.

Anger Plus Project Zomboid Mod

However, high anger levels also lead to unhappiness and fatigue. You can manage your character's anger through activities like sleeping, reading, or exercising. 

Additionally, the mod introduces four new Project Zomboid traits, further enhancing variety and strategy that we all love in PZ.

8 /10

More Starting Locations

For players seeking variety beyond the usual spawn points in Project Zomboid, More Starting Locations is a fantastic thing. This mod introduces four new spawn locations in addition to West Point, Rosewood, Riverside, and Muldraugh. 

More Starting Locations Project Zomboid Mod

It not only offers a completely new city to start your journey in, but also includes numerous diverse spawn points within that city. This mod is especially appealing for those who want to explore new environments and are looking for a change from the standard spawn points in the game.

9 /10

Scrap Weapons and Scrap Armor

For a touch of realism in Project Zomboid, the Scrap Weapons and Scrap Armor mods are ideal. These mods add new melee weapons and armor, all crafted from scrap metal. 

Scrap Weapons and Scrap Armor Mods Project Zomboid

These are among the few mods in Project Zomboid that are truly admirable for their realistic design, perfect for players seeking an authentic survival vibes.

10 /10

Autotsar Trailers

The Autotsar Trailers mod is a fantastic addition for anyone playing Project Zomboid with friends. Unlike mods that add weapons, this one allows you to attach trailers to your car, which is incredibly useful as it lets you carry large amounts of items.

Autotsar Trailers Project Zomboid Mod

It's perfect for when you're starting out in a temporary home and planning to move to a better base location later in the game.

You can even carry your generator, which you'll need in case of a power outage in Project Zomboid in one of these trailers.

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