Best Dusk combos, strings, and combat tactics in Brawlhalla

Discover the best combos and strings for Dusk and learn how to really take advantage of his Orb and Spear.

Updated on Nov 22, 2023
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Best Dusk combos, strings, and combat tactics in Brawlhalla

Dusk the renegade sorcerer was introduced as the first Orb legend. The high dexterity and strength stats bring out the best capabilities of his pair of weapons, and coupled with a nice set of sigs make him a fearsome opponent.

If you want to know specific combos about Dusk weapons, check out our orb combos and strings and spear combos and strings guide.

Dusk stats and best stance


Dusk stats favor strength and dexterity. Both stats are a great fit for his equipment:

The orb and the spear make excellent use of augmented damage and fast recovery time.

Dusk special tactics

Neutral game

The orb and the spear are amazing at creating space and throwing yourself at an opponent. Make use of sLight on the ground with either weapon and you can initiate a number of combos, mainly based on juggling the opponent around.


Taking the advantage can also be done by using the sigs, although they are somewhat lacking in comparison with the incredible base moveset of his weapons.

Offstage Game

Playing offstage can be done with the spear or the orb, as both weapons are great at fighting while floating in the air.


The recovery of both weapons is amazing, and they are also well suited to punish enemies that go after you. Make use of the range of the weapons to ensure that your offstage is dangerous to approach.


Edgeguarding can be done efficiently using both weapons. Both dAirs have amazing range to punish any enemy trying to get back to the stage.


Dusk signatures are not incredible, but they will do the job if needed.

About the Dusk combos

In this article we will refer to Brawlhalla’s standard vocabulary to teach you about the combos, you can find the meaning of each term here:


Light AttacksNeutral LightnLight
Side LightsLight
Down LightdLight
Air AttacksNeutral AirnAir
Side AirsAir
Down AirdAir
Signature Attacks (Heavy on the ground)Neutral SignaturenSig
Side SignaturesSig
Down SignaturedSig
RecoveryHeavy in the airRec
Ground PoundDown Heavy while in the airGP
Gravity CancelPress Dodge while in the airGC
EndingThe next attacks start closer to the ende

Dusk Best Combos, Strings and Signature Moves

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Dusk Signature Moves and special tactics

Orb nSig

Dusk puts his orb in front of him and then slams it upwards with force. This sig will hit 2 times. During the first part of the slam and during the stationary moment where the orb is floating. Useful during edgeguarding situations.

Orb sSig

Dusk slams the orb horizontally and follows up with a quick punch. The hitbox is quite distant, and you need to put some space between you and the enemy to hit the sig consistently. Use it in a grounded situation.

Orb dSig

Dusk throws the orb diagonally upwards. He then slams it down with great force. Difficult to hit, but can be used in edgeguarding situations.

Spear nSig

Dusk stabs upwards with his spear. If an enemy is hit he will twirl it around and throw him diagonally downwards with incredible force. Can be used effectively in edgeguarding situations or to catch a particularly aerial player.

Spear sSig

A rapid spear stab. If an enemy is hit Dusk will follow up with a spear vortex that will send an enemy flying horizontally. Useful when fighting an enemy on the ground, and much more reliably than the orb sSig.

Spear dSig

Dusk stabs the ground and makes the spear reappear from under the soil. Very situational and difficult to use.

Best Dusk Orb combos and strings

The orb is a string based, medium range weapon.It has great aerial juggle capabilities like scythe and gauntlets, while also having a recovery that can make you travel great diagonal distance. This combination makes them one of the best edgeguarding weapons.

sLight > dLight > gc > nSig

Variation of the standard orb opening. Useful for killing upwards.

sLight > nSig

Use this combo to deal the killing blow by chaining a sLight into an nSig. Clean and simple, can give you the knock out you need.


A very strong edgeguarding tactic, unlike other moves you risk very little while doing this sig.

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Best Dusk Spear combos and strings

The spear is a great weapon with important aerial capabilities mostly due to the excellent recovery and sAirs of the weapon. It can be played offensively, searching for gimps and juggling opponents in the air with long range dAirs and sAirs.  

sLight > dLight > gc > nSig

A variation of the basic spear combo. Use side strikes and a position manipulation attack to put the enemy in position for a devastating nSig. The hitbox can be quite finicky but if done correctly can result in a knockout.

nLight > chase Dodge> sSig

Move the enemy horizontally with a flurry of stabs and dodge, then follow up with a sSig for a devastating blow. Use it on a grounded opponent.

Same thing as the combo above, but useful when the enemy gets thrown offstage.

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Dusk is a great legend to learn if you like fast paced gameplay, but you are not too keen on a sig heavy playstyle.

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