Best Spear Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

Discover the best combos, strings and tactics for the Spear and learn how to really take advantage of this weapon.
Best Spear Combos, Strings, and Tips in Brawlhalla

Spear is one of those weapons that anyone can pick up, but that doesn’t make it weak. Spear’s low skill floor and high defensive capabilities make it a very strong weapon with a low margin of error.

How to Play Spear: Tips and Tricks

Neutral game

In neutral, the main goal with Spear is to allow the opponent to fall into your hitboxes. Unlike more aggressive weapons, such as Katars or Cannon, you do not want to push your opponent into a defensive position, instead being strong from a defensive position, and baiting the opponent to attack you.

Spear Neutral Game in Brawlhalla

When playing Spear, you generally make most of your moves around DLight, NLight, NAir, and SAir. These are your safest moves (longest reaching, highest priority, option covering), and they’re extremely difficult to punish. Use this to gain advantage over cocky, over-aggressive players.

Offstage Game

Spear’s offstage is mainly built around its DAir, NAir, and Recovery. DAir is great for pogoing, whereas NAir and Recovery are used more for standard dog fighting.

Spear SAir in Brawlhalla

SAir works great for greedy corner guarders, and can also be used to take a little bit of stage from the wall. Another non-standard option that works surprisingly well is Gravity Cancel DLight. If it hits, you have true options. If you miss, you immediately snap onto stage, and its low recovery puts you in a great position to set up defensive posturing.


Spear generally gets its kills through Weapon Throws and DAirs on the wall. You can’t recover that much, so going for deep gimps is generally not recommended.

Spear Edgeguarding in Brawlhalla

Once you’re used to how DAir bounces you, you can start practicing a string known as the Egg Drop. To perform the Egg Drop, Dash Jump Fast Fall off the stage and throw your weapon straight down. Immediately after it hits the enemy, pick it up and DAir them while they are still stunned. This is a great string that can lead to early kills, and, when performed properly, can be immediately backed out of, if you don’t like the situation.

Best Spear Combos and Strings in Brawlhalla

SLight>DLight>Gravity Cancel DLight>Sair/NAir/Recovery

The bread and butter of Spear. Can be used to catch an enemy landing. Has follow-up potential, including the Halfpipe.


A less commonly used approach from Spear, but, hey, free true combos are free true combos.

NAir>Gravity Cancel NLight

You will common hit NAirs at this angle, so learning how to follow up with Gravity Cancel NLight is where damage really starts to rack up. On top of this, NLight’s fixed knockback means that the opponent is forced to reset to neutral, or suffer strings from a disadvantaged position.

Brawlhalla Combos Meaning
Light AttacksNeutral Light
Side Light
Down Light
Air Attacks
Neutral Air
Side Air
Down Air
Signature Attacks (Heavy on the ground)
Neutral Signature
Side Signature
Down Signature
Heavy in the air
Ground Pound
Down Heavy while in the air
Gravity Cancel
Press Dodge while in the air
The next attacks start closer to the end

For more specific strings and combos for legends with Spear please check out:

Spear is a great weapon for beginners and experts alike. If you want high consistency, and a grounded, turtley playstyle, then Spear is for you. If not, then you might want to check out our weapon tier list for brawlhalla. If you don’t know what legend to pick who has a cannon we recommend you to check out the best legends with Spear in Brawlhalla.

The Spear Moveset in Brawlhalla


NLight is your highest priority grounded move. Use it to poke out weapons like Bow and Axe, but be careful of its high commitment.


Spear’s mixup game is pretty intense, and it’s all based around SLight. From SLight, your best option is to read your opponent and hit them with a DLight, but NAir, SAir, Recovery, and Jump Gravity Cancel SLight all work. In theory, there are a lot more nuanced options, but it all comes with mastery.


DLight is the start of your bread and butter combo (DLight>SAir/NAir/Recovery), but also serves as your main Anti-Air. It’s low committal, so it’s also one of your main moves in neutral.


Spear NAir is one of the Holy Trinity of force fields, those being Axe, Katars, and Spear. It can be used to juggle, it has dog fighting prowess, it’s a semi-decent engage in the air, and it can be used for stuffing out recoveries. If you don’t know what move to use in a given scenario, just use NAir.


SAir is a very simple move. Its main purpose is for killing out of DLight, but it can also be from below the corner, as I said above.


DAir is pretty unique on Spear. It’s one of the few moves with the ‘pogoing’ property; that is, if it hits, it bounces you in the opposite direction. You can use this property to stay in the air and poke down at an opponent. This property is also the reason that Egg Drop is so strong.

Ground Pound

Spear Ground Pound is one of the safest Ground Pounds in the game. Below Diamond, you can practically use it as an Air Attack. It works surprisingly well for scraping the corner/wall, and can also be used deep, as it has very low recovery frames.


There’s nothing too important about Spear’s Recovery, just be wary that it only gives you vertical recovery, so you can’t go too far out from the stage.

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