Best Current Hearthstone Giveaways Available

Are you looking for Hearthstone giveaways? We've compiled them for you, so keep reading to discover all available giveaways as of this moment!
Best Current Hearthstone Giveaways Available

If you're a Hearthstone player, you know well how valuable card packs are, and there's nothing like receiving a Hearthstone card packs for free. Unfortunately, finding a Hearthstone giveaway contest that's actually available is much more difficult than it may seem, which is why we made things easier for you by compiling all available Hearthstone giveaways in one place - in this article!

Our Hearthstone Giveaway

If you're interested in Hearthstone giveaways, then look no further—we have one for you right below!

However, if you still wish to increase your chances of winning, you might consider joining all the other giveaways on various platforms.

Giveaways On Other Platforms

Current Hearthstone Giveaways On Twitter

You'll be surprised to know that Twitter is actually full of gaming giveaways, and sometimes, there are Hearthstone giveaways which are usually organized by Streamers and other content creators.

However, you won't be able to join the giveaway just like that - you'll need to do something simple in return and follow the official rules, such as retweeting, following, and such. In addition, some of these giveaways we’re about to reveal are Blizzard gift cards, which you can then use for Hearthstone.

In any case, these are some of the current Hearthstone giveaways on Twitter:

Twitter Handle

Giveaway Link


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway


Enter the giveaway

Current Hearthstone Giveaways On Reddit

When it comes to gaming giveaways in general, Reddit is like a gold mine, but only if you know where exactly to look for. Fortunately for you, you won't have to look for anything because you'll find all the relevant subreddits in the table below.

Keep in mind that Hearthstone giveaways on Reddit are not always available, so you'll probably have to check them out from time to time. So here are the best subreddits for gaming giveaways:

















Current Hearthstone Giveaways On Discord

Discord isn't only useful for voice and text chat with your fellow gamers, friends, or family - it can also be used for connecting with other Hearthstone players, as well as finding the Hearthstone giveaways.

Due to the high popularity of this title, there are so many Discord servers relevant to Hearthstone, and here are some of those where you might find a giveaway from time to time:

Discord Server



Join the server

Join the server

Activision Blizzard Collegiate

Join the server

Current Hearthstone Giveaways From Other Sources

There are, of course, various other places in which you may find Hearthstone giveaways. These include unofficial fan-made websites, as well as Facebook groups with thousands of members. In addition, you can even find giveaways organized by Blizzard Entertainment periodically.

Some of the unofficial sources include:



Unofficial Website

Hearthstone Top Decks

Unofficial Website


Unofficial Website

Facebook Group

The Inn: Hearthstone Group

Facebook Group

Hearthstone The Community

Facebook Group

Hearthstone World

Tips & Tricks For Finding The Hearthstone Giveaways

The first piece of advice we'd like to give to our readers is always to use common sense and logic when it comes to Hearthstone giveaways because there are many shady websites out there offering free Hearthstone card packs and other in-game goodies while asking for your login details and other sensitive data.

It's crucial to distinguish a real giveaway from the fake one if you don't wish to lose your account permanently, so if you believe that the offer you're seeing is too good to be true (like free card pack generators, for instance), it's best to avoid it completely.

Other than giveaways, did you know that you can also earn money by playing Hearthstone?

Another thing worth mentioning about Hearthstone giveaways is that you should constantly be on the lookout because speed is essential, especially since the majority of Hearthstone giveaways have an expiration date or a limited number of entries.

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